Zone 42 – Épisode 6 – The Puppets (Sub: EN)

Ah it’s worst than I thought,
it’s a bloody mess in here… Oh ! Hello dear guests.
Don’t pay attention… Last week, we had a quite tense session
behind closed doors. Hector had the great idea
to give the team.. Hector had the great idea to give
the team a box that.. A scooter! A box that puts lots of oil on the fire ! Fire burns the ass ! Ho, let’s remain polite, ok !? Anyway, they split Hector took this opportunity to enter
surreptitiously in the lab, while Doc was asleep, to.. To give him a crisp ! What did he really do to him ? Will the others come back ? Does Doc really like crisps ? All these answers and more
in this episode called “The Puppets”. My head hurts. Where’s the sugar ? The sugar ? Where. Is. The sugar ? Bloody hell, what’s that fucking mess ? Ah you see ? Hector…Yeah, it always surprises a bit the first time.Tell me, you’re way more talkative usually, no ? Usually, I’m a bit less tied. But that’s a question of staging !
It’s for the ambiance. What do you want ? Ho I see ! You.. You want to know my evil plans, don’t you ? I don’t have many. I just told myself that it’d be better if I tied you. You bet. Oh, he’s grumpy !? He isn’t happy !? It’s funny, hey ? I have a feeling that
you don’t like me that much.. Seriously, if you want to bloody kill me,
do it, but do it now… Shut up, I think we have visitors… Nice to meet you guys ! The ventriloquist ! Hector ? Sorry for the welcome, hey !
I didn’t think you’d come so soon. But why is he tied ? So he doesn’t move. Ah yeah.. makes sense ! That the guy who wants to kill us, Wallace ! Oh now, the big words. A problem Stan ? They know what you are Stan. Hey dude, dude, dude ?!
What’s wrong ? Stan, it’s us !
It’s US, STAN ! We’re going to die and it’s my fault. I’m sorry guys. Ho, cool down. It’s ok we’ll find a way to untie ourselves. Yeah, you got an idea ?! I’ve been searching. I’m going to find. We just need to bloody hurry before
the other one comes back… What’s going on ? How did you do that ? 5D technics. Meaning ? Decontract, Dislocate, Deblock,
and Discharge. There are 4 D’s. Bullshit. -Yes.
-No. -Yes !
-We don’t give a crap ! Wallace, detach us now ! Ah there’s the 5th D: Detach ! Where is « Thingamajig » ? I don’t know, he’s not here, so hurry up ! You need help maybe ? Nah thanks. Ok, it’s alright ! Thanks !
Two seconds ! Ok.. you wanna play dumb. Fucking hell ! Where are they ? The real question is :
“Where are we ?”. -In the lab !
-No -Yes
-No -Yes !
-Hang on, you’ll see. Do you recognize ? You humiliated me here, didn’t you ? How do you do that ?! I do what I want..Where are you ? I’m fucking scared ! Why am I saying everything I think about ?!I didn’t get anything !What’s going on there ? I don’t know !? Ok, fill that paper, it will give you access
to the site and enable you to fill the form. Unless you didn’t reply to the mail ? He didn’t reply to the mail… We’ll need to take a new appointment,
it will take days. Oh ?! Are you listening to me ? What the hell am I doing here ? Do you think you are different
from the others Wallace ? You’re like everyone else ! You think you can do anything
you want in life ? Well.. yeah. Well.. No ! You do like everyone else, you shut up and you suffer ! And in the end, you die. Hoping somebody will miss you. Wallace ! We need you ! Where are you ? Get out of here ! Where are you, asshole ? Bloody hell.. I didn’t think I’d say this to you one day.
But you really need to explain this to us. Wallace, what the hell are you doing ? Untie me ! -I need to finish something first.
-What ?! Wow , wow! No, Wallace ! He’s right, put this down, pal. -He’s dangerous.
-Yeah, but no ! No, Wallace ! Please. You saved us ! It’s already good, no ? Is it true ? Yes, Wallace… You saved us ! So cool ! Come on, untie us now ! Bim ! A big bat blow in his bloody face ! And we ended up there. -All of this in your head ?
-Yeah ! Ho bravo, splendid ! -Is he aware of what we say now ?
-No.. -So we’re going to have to kill him ?
-Well, no. What ? It’s not in Zone 42’s rules. -And have you got news from them ?
-No. So, we kind of do whatever we want, no ? Yeah, but ? But ? Within the boundaries of the law, ok ?! Ok, I have a solution ! The room at the back. Let’s go with that. Perfect. And speaking about « us »… I’m listening. Do we pretend to be a team
or you still want to stop ? We carry on. But under certain conditions. We tell each other everything. No secrets. Mandatory snack breaks during the missions. Last thing.. We call Mathilde and she comes
have a drink with us. Works for me. Is the Handball team frenzy necessary here ? Come on, play the game ?! -Hey !?
-No. -But you don’t even know what I’m going to say !
-Yes, I know what you’re going to say, but no. What ?! No battle cry. Let’s get out of here then, if it’s like that…

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