zardosi work on blouse | aari work for beginners | aari work blouse designs | hand embroidery | 203

zardosi work on blouse | aari work for beginners | aari work blouse designs | hand embroidery | 203

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bell icon and never miss the new video Hi! Welcome to Dhivya Arts & Crafts Today how to stitch zardosi work motif using hand embroidery so far we did motif using aari work so those feel i know chain stitch using zari thread but i don’t know aari. this video to motivate, you can do this type of work that is what i am going to teach you for this need shewing thread going to use gold color zardosi so i choose that related color next needle. this needle size is Number 7 Number 7 with crewels format holes will be big but it is look like very thin i will show you. have look. Number 7 and crewels if you buy this , it is very easy to work zardosi stitch then aari needle and glue. That is enough finally zardosi so many varieties. this is one of them thick, thin, medium sizes available in zardosi now we are going to use big size. it will look very grand this kind of zardosi using in grand choli dresses and grand kurtis it is very easy to handle for beginners Also many colors available. now we are going to use gold color going to do motifs Many people do not know how to draw so we have one important tool to draw nothing else, A circle scale it is available at all stationary shops purpose is going to do chandbali type motifs surrounded a stone which is placed in center using glue almost you know that. it is depends on chandbali motifs size so now we choose big size like this, place the scale around stones I draw only one outer circle. i draw another circles. this one is motifs base. no need to draw extra using this drawing let see how to do motifs i knotted this zari thread in edge going to do chain stitch using this thread no worries , if it is highlighted or not. because it is just knowing to stitch zardosi at the right height no other purpose so it is highlighted or not. it may be big or small this chain stitch like a outline only we can do zardosi in aari method but still those who not trying embroidery also can do this this video gives lot of confident you can knot here. already i posted video how to knot in aari we can do outer chain here so we can stop here with knot going to fill zardosi here before that we should mark height like this keep press here you can get approximate height on the same level we can cut more pieces before, we should show like embossed. for this going to fix zardosi in between line we can cut zardosi in approximate size to show embossed should be in inner side so no need size measurements at end point insert the needle and pull needle from bottom like this pull tightly and stitch over zardosi very easy but need some patience. it will take time but it’s look grand like this you can continue from end point like this do not consider about gap because we will design in top using zardosi finished here we can start from this chain stitch after insert the needle into zardosi hold this thread in one finger. and pull down in another side after insert the needle from bottom i will show again take zardosi like this insert the needle next to previous one and pull down like this, we can fill over the center zardosi so finished here after complete here next , start here first keep zardosi around center stone like this circle and stitch here also we can stitch three side like wise we will do stitch around stones for this, we can take big size zardosi we will fix around the stone we can stitch at end point after, we can stitch opposite side also very easy if you do with patience so we can stitch like this continuously keep finger like this and stitch around stones like this so we stitched around stones. we can knot here to complete. here we can design multiple method like using running chain stone or using half bead we can stick here now we will stick half bead like this we can stick half bead pearl always after glue leave it two minute to dry after that you can stick stone or pearls. here we can stick small size pearl like this we can stick 6 pearls in upper side after dry we can fix zardosi around this pearls like wise we will do and complete and knot here so today we saw easily how to do beautiful zardosi motif using this method you can do multiple motifs anywhere in blouse we can do this from basic stitches so far we learned regularly i will post different types of craft share to your friends, like this video and subscribe our channel

35 thoughts on “zardosi work on blouse | aari work for beginners | aari work blouse designs | hand embroidery | 203

  1. 3days before you have done drop shape design aari and one day before the same design, even colour also same in that channel.. Now this design.

  2. அருமை ஆரி எம்ப்ராய்டரிக்கு விலை எப்படி நிர்ணயிக்க வேண்டும்
    விலை பத்தி சொல்லிக் கொடுக்கவும்

  3. Hai mam,superb design mam,& thanks a lot for doing free hand embroidery,without aari work ,and please post this type of embroidery works with normal needle mam,

  4. Hello Dhivya mam all your art works are 👌. Can you please tell me can we do the zardosi work on stiched blouses. How pl explain.

  5. Epdi mam Zaria thread la podringa. Enaku idea illa. Seeing Ur first vedio. Epdi Zaria thread out la varudhu with knot. Pl tel me

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  7. mam zardosi epdi select pandrathu. normal stichingla small size zardosi oosila nulaiyamatangathu athuku tips sollunga

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