Yule Treats and Crafts || weekly vlog [CC]

Yule Treats and Crafts || weekly vlog [CC]

Hi, everyone! My name is Camille, and today
is December 20th, which means that it is the first day of Yule, which is the pagan
holiday that Christmas is based off of! This morning, I read the Yule section of
the Sabbats Almanac, and it just inspired me to make some crafts and
stuff! Today I’m working on making some edible and biodegradable Christmas
decorations that I can hang out in the woods that are right next to my
apartment so that the birds and squirrels can have Christmas too. Right
now I have some dried fruit circles. I just popped some popcorn, and I’m gonna
do a stereotypical garland–I’ve never done a popcorn garland before–and I have
some pine cones, and I’m gonna put peanut butter on them so that I can stick
sunflower seeds and these are seeds from the oranges that I dried and I just
baked these along with it! So it’s just gonna be a fun-happy-Christmas-bird
-squirrel time! This is actually from the little mandarin orange that I ate for
breakfast this morning, and it just peeled in this perfect little spiral, so
I thought that that would be perfect to include! And if any of them don’t turn out
in circles that you can put on strings, then you can just eat it! It is day two of Yule. Today has just
been a day of cleaning and relaxing. Today is the 21st, so today’s the Winter
Solstice. It’s supposed to be the shortest day of the year, and I just
celebrated by cleaning and relaxing because Yule is all about reflecting
on the previous year and setting yourself up for success for the next
year. I just had the best cup of tea! I just had this cup of Tulsi masala chai
tea buy Organic0 India, and this is some of the best black tea that I’ve ever had
in my whole life! I also finished a book today–where did I put it? where did it go? Today I finished reading Jimmy the
Terrorist by Ohmair Ahmad, I believe is his name. This is about oppression and
the negative effects that will inevitably ensue on both sides. It
follows this poor little kid Jamaal. He lives in a small Muslim community in India,
which is primarily Hindu. I will leave my full Goodreads review linked in the
description box, so if you’re curious about hearing my more detailed thoughts,
you can go check that out! I cleaned the kitchen sinks today. I cleaned the
Kitty’s litter box today. I did lots of cleaning, and so now I’m just set down
with some toast–some cheese toast–and some tomato soup, and I’m about to watch
trollhunters by Guillermo del Toro because I like Guillermo del Toro. So
after I finished my food, I decided that I wanted to keep watching Trollhunters,
so I kept it playing and finished this dreamcatcher! I’ve had this dream catcher
in progress for months! It’s been so long since I have continued working on
it. It’s inspired by the lunar Chronicles, so
it’s silver, black, red, and purple, and of course, I had help from kitty.
She’s so helpful with crafts. she loves the string! Hello! It is the third day ofYule, and I
just went for a run! I have exercised every day of Yule so
far. For the first two days, I did yoga, and today it was 70 degrees outside, so I
went for a run! First of all, I’m glad that it was 70 degrees because then it
was a good weather for running because with asthma–or at least my asthma–cold
weather specifically makes it even worse. For some people
warm weather makes it worse, but for me cold weather makes it worse, so
especially this time of the year, I usually avoid running. Woo! I just feel so
good about myself and about the new year having exercised for three days in a row.
I know that’s not a lot for some people, but that’s a lot for me XD I want exercise
to be a regular part of my routine in 2018, and as I said yesterday, Yule is a
time for reflection and setting yourself up for success in the coming year.
Psychology has proven that if you have a goal, the longer you set it off does
not increase the probability that you’re gonna do it, even for little things like
the dishes. If you don’t clean up the dishes as soon as you make them dirty,
waiting until after you finish your meal or waiting until the next day does not
increase the probability that you’re going to do it at all.
So go ahead and get things done ๐Ÿ˜€ and so that’s why I want to get a head start on
my resolutions now because going ahead and making them a regular thing before
the new year even starts will increase the chances that I’ll be able to uphold
them after new year begins. To reward myself, I’m going to be making a little
recipe treat drink from the Sabbats Almanac for Yule. it’s called
Nürnberg mocha, I believe? It’s called Nurnberger mocha! it’s named after a
mountain, oh no–it’s named after a town in Germany,
and near that town is like the only mountain in the world that’s named after
a witch. Milk, sugar, cocoa powder, black pepper, coffee, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom,
and nutmeg! This tastes like a chocolate cake and a spice cake
had a liquid baby, and I’m okay with that

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  1. That dream catcher is super pretty and I loved the idea to decorate your little woods. That drink sounds YUMMY. Good luck with your low waste life. Itโ€™s super hard but also exciting to make those changes in my opinion cause i always feel like a little inventor coming up with creative no waste methods. Thanks for making his great little Yule Vlog!

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