Your Origami Folds January 2015: “Stella Pitti” by Francesco Mancini

Your Origami Folds January 2015: “Stella Pitti” by Francesco Mancini

Sara Adams: “Hi and welcome to your origami folds, January 2015. This is another video in my series where I show photos of models you’ve folded… And this time around, it’s all about “Stella Pitti” designed by Franceso Mancini. Thanks so much for all of your submissions, it was wonderful, again, to see what you do with the models… Maybe varying them, choosing special paper, or displaying them in such gorgeous ways. I just, umm, love to be able to connect with you like this, And hope you enjoy it too. So now I’m just going to turn on the music, and let you see all of the wonderful submissions you’ve sent.” [music plays] And after having seen all of those wonderful photos, don’t you want to be part of the next Your Origami Folds too? If so, simply send a photo to [email protected] folding the model “You are Always in my Heart” designed by Andrey Lukyanov… And the deadline is February 14th, 2015, exactly Valentine’s day. I look forward to seeing your fold, And, as always, happy folding. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Your Origami Folds January 2015: “Stella Pitti” by Francesco Mancini

  1. What beautiful papers and presentations. So honored to be included alongside such amazing folders. And Sara–your next tutorial (You are always in my heart) is so much more clearer than the diagrams from the recent Origami Internet Olympiad. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos,

  2. Nicely done everybody! I hope you enjoyed this project. Thanks to you and Sara for showing this beautiful photos. Here: you can see how I used Stella Pitti this Christmas.

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