Your AMAZING Questions Answered | Pottery Q&A Part 1

Your AMAZING Questions Answered | Pottery Q&A Part 1

problem solved this is kind of a cool of
you I like this yeah so work for now all
right let’s get down to business here hey thanks for all the questions
everybody I’m gonna go through the questions today
maybe throw some things along the way maybe finish some of the questions
tomorrow but we’ll start with a few right now we’ll see what happens and
thank you by the way it was really cool to see everyone’s questions I’m excited
to answer all of them first question and this person is typically one of the
earlier commenter so I appreciate it foxy B Congrats on 5k I’m 250 K now yeah
that’d be awesome wouldn’t it could you make a Miami Vice color swatch
white pink and light blue mug is that challenge
hmm to answer your question I like watching clay being worked in you work
color more than anyone else it’s a real dry feel you make a lot of
unique things Thanks thank you very much Miami Vice yeah I know that’s a show I
now I kind of want to look it up and see what it is
white pink and light blue a mug okay I don’t think I’ve got two handles because
doing the clerk clay and pulling the clay kind of makes it messy so I do a
lot of tumblers and cups but I’m always looking to try some new things I
appreciate you pushing me let’s see what else this stand can do here question
number two from NIN’s er bean and then zorbing I think Congrats may I add mason
stains to any light colored clay I only see info and porcelain yeah you can add
everything honestly there is an image on my Instagram of a piece I’m gonna look
at it real quick so that piece there that was a twist on where it was a white
you know plain clay blue gray and yellow I believe but that was the stoneware and
so you don’t get the same brightness or vividness but you can definitely add
Mason stains to a stoneware I wouldn’t add it to like a earthenware or like a
red earthenware or like a brown chocolate stoneware because you wouldn’t
get the colors that you want to get from it but you know if the clay fires white
or white ish you can Mayson scenes to it you know get some
differences you skip more for your money and it is expensive if you’re using a
porcelain that’s a good question I think these are all gonna be good questions I
can’t leave I still have this this is an old scrap block so I’m finished using it
yet but I couldn’t bear to throw it away question number three congratulations
are the clay balls pinch pot or formed with a mold it looks so smooth oh oh oh
so yeah that was at school that’s where I work the ones in the video when I was
when I was freaking out about 5000 subscribers actually a student teacher
recently which is kind of weird cuz I feel like I’m only like just barely
started teaching but a student teacher of mine had did this project with my
students I was like a texture study I mean they made a bunch of spheres never
Hollow actually they weren’t they weren’t for him all he did bunch of
pinch pots and they scored them together and they kind of paddled them and then a
lot of kids chose to either burnish them or do relief carving or do impressing we
burnish some with like the with like a small glass double some of them are
pretty good at stuff making a really smooth sphere it gets it pretty well for
the first time doing it thanks for the question I actually need
to throw about seven eight it’s eight cups or my tennis girls their season’s
over and every year for the seniors I make them a piece of pottery so I think
people and the school colors are red white and blue so I think we’ll use the
red use the blue plane porcelain oh hey this is one of my students
okay can I save this out loud we’ll say hunter congrats man
I’m happy that you got five K and I personally love the cool part of the
color spectrum blue purples I’m excited to come back to class and get to work
yeah so like so you like the blue and purple
so I guess that really a question that I asked that’s right about colors okay
cool maybe we’ll do some some cool I have a
purple actually I mixed up today maybe we’ll do some blue purples as well
thanks hunter for the question or for the comment oh you don’t
so typically the tumblers that you see me throwing these videos the twisted
ones are about a pound and a half of clay so I’m gonna wedge up some of this
stuff cut it prepare it and then throw some twisted tumblers I think I’ll do
some kind of like Rando rip and wedge for this one answer another question for
you have you ever added glass in any way to your ceramics and how did that go
oh by June Baker yes I totally have haven’t done a lot of it it’s a little
bit up in high school we just threw glass in I mean for me I don’t have I
don’t have work that I make that I would want to put glass in that makes sense I
know you can do like glass coasters or you know glass play chapel I have old
troughs or valleys and the plates to kind of show some glass but there’s
programs you can follow to make it like really precise make the glass melt
properly or you can just throw a glass in you know that’s I’m thinking of an
old story now so Jean Baker you know when you have a piece of pottery that
gets way too wide and then you know you’re new and you’re like oh I could
totally save this and then I’m used take all three sides you go mm-hmm oh this is
so cool it’s like a wavy pot you know everyone makes one of those when they’re
still throwing it’s so cool and then your teacher is like yeah it’s not that
cool I had one of those and I wanted to kind of mimic Duchamp’s urinal piece if
you know the piece it was called fountain actually by Duchamp and so like
I put a bunch of thick yellow glass in there I was a stupid high school boy and
it melted yellow it was like yellow glass and this kind of like urinal
shaped white piece that pooled at the bottom so yeah I think so I’ve used some
glass before it’s cool it’s cool if you have a use for it I typically don’t all
right intermission swipes there right

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  1. How do you estimate the weight of clay that you would use for a piece? Does the weight fraction of the colored clays translate well to the colors that will be expressed in the final piece?

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