1. Amo con todo mi corazón su canal, su energía, su luz y proyectos. Las felicito chicas, tienen un trabajo extraordinario.

  2. Can you do a DIY on how to make your own custom baskets or bins for built-in closets? I'm renting and old house in San Francisco and there's all these built in cabinets / closets and I want to be able to use them, but need to figure out a way to make baskets that fit their odd dimensions. Any insight you can share is appreciated!

  3. Do you guys think you could do a recreating urban outfitters decor? I was browsing there website and it's like £100 for a pouf :O

  4. I am obsessed with your videos. I haven't found any channel that does DIYs like this and it is THE BESTTTTTTT. My new favorite channel for sure. Love you guys!!!

  5. Does this remind anyone else of camping cookware? Super cute, but it totes reminds me of the cups we used when we went camping as a kid 🙂

  6. I HAD TO PAUSE THE VIDEO TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU BECAUSE THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLY. I’m from Australia and these kind of things are expensive to buy so you’ve saved me big bucks haha 😂
    I really love you both lovely ladies and it’s really rare to find such inspiring ladies like yourselves. I would love to meet you one day and do a collaboration I’m not on YouTube but I’m serious about interior design and diy. I did a short course that cost me barely anything which was amazing but now I can’t afford to do another course so I’m hoping to do some diy’s and sell at markets so I can afford to study and do something I’m so passionate about.
    Thank you for inspiration and all you do.
    The wedding was beautiful I loved the theme! That’s what I want one day. I’m all things bohemian and rustic and also eclectic.
    Hope that you have a lovely day or night not sure on the time difference aha
    Love Han

  7. Really Loved this one I will be trying the peppercorn one. I didn't know you could bake modeling clay to harden it.

  8. Das ist ja genial! Die Pfeffer-Methode werde ich auf jeden Fall nachmachen. Danke für die Inspiration. 👌🏼

  9. Do you guys ever sell any of your DIYs? Some of these things are so cute I would buy it. Maybe something you guys may do in the future? 🤞🏼

  10. I have this random hook on my ceiling in my room and I’ve been searching for a planter to put in it…. that method looks soooo easy and quick! Definitely will be trying

  11. Made two pieces just like this right after watching this video. I can’t believe I haven’t let these girls completely run my life yet because they are fantastic. Every diy is completely worth watching. Whether that be for the item itself or the awesome skills I can learn while watching!

  12. Love these. So easy and cute. (Just need to be careful of your language Kelsey, at 5:54, as the FR#GGing is actually a swear word, not a replacement like "freaking". I smirked, but some parents might think it a bit rude for their kids … 😉 )

  13. I would suggest the only thing that is missing from that adorable planter is a drain hole! Plants need some drain holes to release excess water; if you leave them sitting in water they start to rot!

  14. Love what you girls do, but ceramics should be handles by profession ceramic artists. All of those ways are not food safe, so I hope no one gets the wrong idea and tries to apply those techniques inside a mug, bowl, etc for the intended use of holding beverages/food. Support your local ceramic/pottery artists!

  15. Ooh that peppercorn method would look amazing with a couple sprinkles of metallic gold or rose gold then glaze. It would really update it but also keep the speckled effect 👌

  16. Have u ever thought of cutting your hair short in the back long in the front that would look so good on you.
    I think a new style on you would look awesome.
    Love the diy…..ladies
    The other girl that made the bowl, forgot to mention temperatures an how long in oven.

  17. First of all….obsessed. Second, I would LOVE to see a video on how to make a faux tortoise shell look in resin. there really doesnt seem to be alot of information out there on it and I think it involves a bit of experimentation. Would really appreciate if you guys could be the scientists here! Tortoise shell is here to stay and is SO on trend right now as statement earrings.

  18. I’m so gonna make the speckled mug and hanging plant pot for my mom-in-law and Granny-in-law. I don’t really know what to call them lol. They’re amazing and very special women so I always try to make something for them every year around Christmas time, so they have something made with love. ❤️

  19. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I am definitely going to try these. YES! Loving your videos, just discovered them and I am OBSESSED!

  20. Ive used that stone paint on planters and its actually looks like stone and really cute ..I'm def gonna try doing this effect with it

  21. How to you guys keep your succulents and plants alive in all of their cute pots when none of the ones you DIY have drainage holes???

  22. I found a 3 foot vase on the corner for free. It is from Japan and doesn’t match my boho vibe. I think out of all these techniques, the stone spray paint will work best for the vase. Thank you for your tips!

  23. First love love your channel. I would love it if you could come up with some DIY plant holders/hangers that can save space and yet look stylish ;D

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