You have to try this easy but WOW! craft for the Holidays

You have to try this easy but WOW! craft for the Holidays

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow so
today I’m super excited I’ve got a fun Christmas tutorial for you plus lots of
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afterwards because we have a giveaway going on so let’s get started with our
project you can see here I have a board this is just one from a big box store
it’s um mix the media the jelly beans to 12 by 15 as always there will be a
supply list in the links below this videos will you check out the blog post
you can check that out too and I have pre-made
this beautiful joy in a mason jar so this is an SVG file from makers gonna
learn and if you haven’t found out before about makers gonna learn it’s
awesome it’s owned by my good friend Hannah Bell he has thousands of
different fonts which is one of the ones I use here this is the holiday cheer
font and the mason jar is the full regular mason jar – the leaves layer I
had to write that down to make sure I tell you the right thing and we just
added the joy in here and cut it out on our Cricut makeup and I just want right
here a black vinyl we’re gonna pop it on here and I’m gonna show you how to
create a beautiful 3d piece it’s actually something I saw in a really
high-end home decor catalog and I’m like I’m not spending $150 on that I can make
that at home and that’s what exactly what I’m going to show you how to do so
check that out check out makers going on we have an awesome coupon to save $40 on
his annual membership again check out the links below for how to do that you
want to go to makers gonna learn calm /join and then you can use our exclusive
coupon and he’s also giving us a $25 Amazon gift card to give away to one
lucky reader over on the blog so once you watch this video you’ll want to hop
on over there to enter that giveaway I’m gonna give you a code word during this
video that you’re gonna need to enter the giveaway so that’s gonna be the way
that comment to get an extra entry so all I’m
doing is I’m copy a piece of transfer tape now I only have strong transfer
take probably not what I generally use on this project but it happened to be
all I had in my stash for this one but it’s gonna grip it super easily so I’m
just going to peel this back what I like to do when I’m peeling back is you see
how I bend my paper here that I pre we did it just makes everything release
super super easily and nicely job that and now we’re going to position it on to
our board like so and I get a little bit up just like this and then I’m gonna
take a scraper I’m just gonna really kind of scrape this on particulars it’s
strong transfer tape make sure I really get in the groove where the wood panels
change I want everything to stay really nice it’s nice and easy and now we’re
gonna peel off our transfer tape and I like to start off with my craft pick
this is one of those five dollar tools that you will use every single day in
your craft room I’m just making sure that I’m following all the contours of
the wood in here and healing back if you need to grab your scraper as you peel
back and it’ll just help make sure everything stays in place you see on
those little pieces there it just makes life easier and again I’m just bending
my transfer paper back so I’m just going to yeah a lot of this we’re gonna cover
up at the top but it’s not like to make sure I have a nice finish on my please
again I’m just gonna hold my scraper on here and you see it just helps
everything lay down and do the same on my oh I’m having to do my U at the same
time and it’s gonna press down on my word again cuz the wood slightly contour
so it goes up and down a little bit I just like to and coming thank you sure I’m following
that would and there we go so we’re just gonna press down make sure everything’s
on this so you can see already that’s coming together it’s actually not in the
wood feathers not stained or anything on it so and it’s a little harder to see
now I have my new glue gun for my good friend Alina Lily it’s super super cute
over here in teal I did do review the other day you can check it out in that
top right hand corner it’s got a fine detail tip which means you can do all
sorts of different things on it I currently have a color glue stick in
there I’m just gonna go with it because you’re not gonna see it and but what you
need is one stem of flowers whatever you love so this one’s got pinecones some
foliage on it some gold foliage it’s got point setters
or poinsettias as we would say and what I’m gonna do first of all isn’t either
take my wire cutters again super funky wire cutters here and I’m going to cut
below my stem and I want so maybe like half an inch you can see I just have
that little bit underneath I can see from the side and I’m gonna do that on
all of my flowers so it gives me something to glue too it also gives me
the option of some added dimension and right now all of these holiday stems
wherever you go whatever big-box store is your preference and they’re all on
sale too so you can get some really pretty ones and you can go with whatever
color scheme you go I’m also going to pull off the leaves because that’s just
cutting slightly underneath the drinks I might want to cut some of those joints
apart we’ll work that out as we lay out our piece there’s so many things you can
do with these foliage stems I love making wreaths we’ve got some tutorials
coming up on those all sorts of different things
but we’re going to use all the different pieces on here so I’m just pulling my
leaves off first of all and so you can see I’ve got a nice set of foliage to
start off with so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m just going to start
putting down some glue and I need a glue stick to help
so you can see it’s blue but as I say you’re not gonna see it afterwards so
I’m just going to put some dabs of glue down and I’m gonna start pressing in my
foliage just like this so I want to make a little bit of a base layer like this
without burning myself normally I have little silicone tips I put on my fingers
so I don’t burn myself but I forgot to pick them up so I’m just you can see
I’ve just got a little bit of like a dome going on this glue gun is
completely cordless so it’s really nice for projects like this and if you need
to you might need to add extra dabs of glue to hold things in and so I’m just
really creating a base of foliage and I’m gonna leave myself a few spare in
case I want to pop some in afterwards too so don’t use all of that but you
also want to make sure you have a nice kind of foundation to work on – yeah and
you see how it just covers that a little bit at the top of my jar space and
you’ve got up to two minutes working time with that cordless glue gun – so I
just pop it back on the base when I’m not going and then I find it never gets
cold on me so I’m just gonna hold all that in place for it to dry for a second
and then we’re going to start adding in our flowers so you can work out where
you want to put a flower of course they’re nice and bold flowers and you
can curl them there’s little bits of wire in this you can really curl them
for however you want them to look I’m probably gonna put two or three in my
piece just like so I really want it to look like they’re coming out of your
piece there I think I probably also put put a pine cone underneath here with
some of that foliage coming out so I like to lay it out my piece and then
I’ll glue it in place afterwards I just find that that’s an easier way for me to
work you might have a different way of working you know whatever works for you
I’m gonna cut this pine cone off of this one and don’t do it with scissors you
really do want to use wire cutters for the
kind of thing so I really like how that’s kind of coming out and
everything’s arranged so now you want to glue everything in place and I always
start with whatever’s at the back so I’m going to take this piece here I also
have a little blast mat over to the side here so I can work on it and it’s easy
to get any kind of glue stains and things off of it again I’ll link up all
my favorite little hacks and tools for you afterwards and I’ll link up the
options for the colored glue because sometimes on a project colored glue is
really nice because if you’re going to see that glue it adds the project rather
than it just being kind of that white lump that might be sitting there
otherwise so I’m just gonna hold this in for it to dry and then we’ll work on our
next one and then again I’m gonna do that on the back of here so I cover my
stem I also tend to put a little bit on the flower itself because it doesn’t
always sit exactly do you think you can of course go back and necessary I’m
gonna give it a nice press down for a second you’ll feel it kind of changed
temperature under your finger very very quickly and you know that that’s when
you are dry I mean hot glue does not take long so if you’re using hot glue
please be careful of course it can burn there are some really great little
finger holders and covers and things I usually have from Sizzix was city of me
not to bring those down but we’re doing okay here I’m also gonna do this one I’m
just gonna tuck it under I wanted to put my flower down first to know where to
tuck it again just press and hold and what I’m pressing and holding I’ll quite
often start my next one I need another glue stick as you can see you can do
this one-handed so again once done now I’m pretty generous with my glue because
I know I’m not gonna see it and I definitely don’t want it falling apart
when it’s on the world this is also suitable to go outdoors idea to use a
permanent vinyl so if I wanted to put this as a porch decoration or something
like that you can do that as well and they love this as I say I saw this
in a really high-end deckle store in our local town and I said that’s gorgeous
I’m gonna go buy it and then it was like it was a hundred and nearly one hundred
and fifty dollars I mean it was crazy I don’t think it was handmade it’s just
the kind of store that it was I was like we can make that home so there are so
many different things when you see all these gorgeous things whether it’s
Pottery Barn or you know these high-end stores a lot of this stuff you can make
at home and for pennies on the dollar I mean this whole thing cost me less than
$10 to make I mean it’s amazing I think my stem was like 3 or 4 on sale and then
my panel here was another like 5 on sale so you really can do a lot with a little
so pointy bit on the top is press and hold don’t burn yourself if you need to
grab the end of the scissor that works really well too and then we’re gonna add
this extra one in just for some extra detail I’m also putting some glue on the
side of this pinecone because it’s doesn’t have anything else to grip on to
put under this leaf so it hides that stem and then you can choose if you want
to add any other foliage or not so you’ve still got tons of foliage over
here you might want to add an extra one just down here yeah we’ll do that and I’m just kind of positioning the
leaves there like so and I love the 3d texture that you get with this project
as well so it’s not just a flat board or panel that you’re putting on your wall
you’re really and adding something interesting people are gonna see that
they’re gonna go over they’re gonna go WOW where did you get that so get that
piece of dick you can say well I made it and you can make one too you want to
sign up for the maker’s gonna learn and your subscription there’s classes in
there that you get you get thousands of SVG files fonts
there’s summits in there that you get access to as a member and a much better
rate than anything else we always come and teach at Tanner summits as well and
you’ve got all sorts of fun things I’m just putting another glue stick in here and then we’re just gonna pull off any
tails there’s not really very many tails on this anyway and there you have it so
you can see this is our finished project isn’t that super super cute and the code
word you’re going to want is joy so hop on over to the blog post below go enter
to win that $25 gift card there’s lots of ways to add extra entries so check
out all of those check out tanners subscription use our exclusive coupon
code below to save $40 makers gonna learn calm /join and use the code and I
will see you again for another tip trick or tutorial tomorrow so be sure you’ve
hit that subscribe button rang the bell and given us a thumbs up I’ll see you
then bye

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