You Cannot Wear These — LÜT #55

You Cannot Wear These — LÜT #55

Hop out of bed for some eggs Bunny Side up
and then wage backyard garden warfare with the Pollinator Beebomb.
Because it’s episode 55 of LÜT. Emerge from the shadows and learn to harness
them with the Shadow Puppets Mug, and once you’ve mastered hand manipulation take a
crack at a full-body challenge on an inflatable obstacle course from N-Flatables. You can
rent them for parties, festivals or just because they’re awesome and they have everything
from Hidden Temple Courses to Robo-Rampage. After you’ve had a whale of a time use these
Whale Knives to prepare dinner, but if you find a spider in the salad bust out this Spider
Catching Gun to keep it from scrabbling away. Speaking of scrabble, why not add some alphabetic
flair to your living room with the Scrabble Light Set which you can use to spell whatever
you want. Mark wherever you’ve been on Earth with
the Scratch Map and watch as your travels change the world, or at least the color of
the world map. If you get thirsty on your journeys grab a Zing Water Bottle which features
a built-in fruit press so you can add some fruity zest to whatever you’re drinking.
But no matter what you do, Donut Forget Sticky Notes.
Do not be afraid to learn some Japanese with the Jinmenken Haunted School Escape Board
Game. The Jinmenken is a Japanese monster dog with a human face, and you need your character
to collect various items around the school before he catches you.
If you end up in the school cafeteria, take a break from running for your life and enjoy
a personalized chocolate pizza made from Belgian chocolate. Select from one of six different
flavors and personalize the message plaque in the middle, making it a great item to bring
to somebody’s birthday. And since it’s their birthday, you might
as well give them the never ending birthday card which once opened plays a birthday jingle
continuously for at least 3 hours — even if it’s ripped up, submerged under water,
or set on fire. After all that annoying music, the adults
might wanna sink into a Gin and Titonic and then trick their brains into perceiving fluid
motion with the busy body optical illusion toy. Based on a zoetrope, the Busy Body lets
you pose a number of mannequins placed around a mirror and then create your own real life
animated GIF by giving it a spin. When they’ve run so much they’ve worn
out their shoes, grab a pair of these sneaker soaps which come in styles from Adidas Superstar
soaps to Air Jordans. Then when you get sick of the air, head to
the ocean with deep sea sand art, an interactive piece of art that has undersea mountains that
form before your very eyes. Open your eyes underwater after attaching
the GoFish cam and get high quality footage of anything caught on your fishing line. It
has night vision and can connect to your phone so you can see what’s down there, but if
you don’t check the footage, then the fish both is and isn’t caught, just like this
Schrodinger Cat Mug.  But to be sure your dinner does exist, sign
up for the Carnivore Club which sends you a box of artisanal meat every month, like
South African dried meats or Canadian maple jerky.
Eat your meat inside the Gazebox, a re-sealable cover that can act as both a gazebo, and a
carport. Now that you have a garage, it’s time to
buy a home — a spaceship home. Made by Noem, the spaceship home is built from three modules,
is eco-friendly, and is largely automated, so if you ever wanted to live in a spaceship,
this is probably your best chance. Though it is missing something ah yes an Inflatable
Bath Tub. Just make sure you place it far away from your Frankenstein Light Switch.
Because if I let you get electrocuted, people are going to say I’m Cold Hearted Pluto.
And as always – thanks for watching!

99 thoughts on “You Cannot Wear These — LÜT #55

  1. All I could picture at the beginning was Dan and Phil doing the obstacle corse in their dinosaur and lion outfits

  2. If you're lucky enough to have a 3D printer, you could print that frankenstein light switch, search it up on thingiverse I have a switch and they're really nice 😏

  3. That water and sand thing has been around for well over 40 years. My parents have one, the water is gone, but the colored sand still moves.

  4. I actually found something worse than the card that plays for hours. I gave a relative a candle that played happy birthday figuring that it would only play once, but it played for literally 3 days after being soaked in water and smashed.

  5. The fish camera is a shiet idea like i had a monster bite and was fighting(i would shiet myself if it wasnt a shark or king fish) and it snapped my line so there wouldve went the camera…

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