You asked and we answered

You asked and we answered

Hi Hollowers happy Saturday so I just
like popping quickly you’ll notice I don’t look how I normally look for
videos because Greg and I are about to have a date afternoon which was super
excited about the girls have gone out for some fun and we’re going to watch
Ford versus Ferrari and going husband drinks together however I want you to
quickly hop in because I’ve got a couple of fun things to tell you about and
welcome everyone I see you pinging up and joining so couple of things so
number one I just published an awesome storage video with lots and lots of
different ideas in it and scrapbook comm also has 10% off the entire store so
valid links on the Facebook page I’ve added links below the video
we always appreciate of course when you use our Hedgehog hot affiliate links it
really does help us and so if you go check out that video you can hop from
one of the links in the description hi Joanna and or you can just hop over from
the Facebook page hi Hilary so go check those out 10% off and 10% off all the
storage that I showed you as well because it’s all their own storage
hi Christine mister HH is also here or dr. Greger so have you call them because
you just looked at me Shelly Tina Karen everyone is here welcome and so one
thing I do want to show you because it just arrived in Mountain I was gonna do
a live later with just some printouts but even better you can see our cool
Hedgehog colors so I’m behind me and on this side we have our little edgy and
Greg’s over here working you can see him he’s doing all the fun numbers so
welcome welcome everyone and but this on Greg says which is actually a Leo’s desk
he’s stolen it for today because everyone’s taken over his desk but we
will yes Christina I will be at the Brutus Monroe Christmas party and if
you’re gonna be that I would love to see you I hope to meet lots and lots of you
there and but look what just arrived that this came this morning these are
the prototypes for our February box and we have responded to so many different
requests in this box and we’re all about I’m going to show you everything that’s
inside in a second but it’s all about a spreading love and kindness box so
there’s lots of like love you sentiments with Valentine’s Day coming up but also
once you can use for friends and things like that as well
so let’s turn it round I’m going to show you what’s going to be in
Bock so if you haven’t seen a hedgehog hollow box before I’m gonna grab one
because there is one on this desk so this is what they come this is what they
look like and then they’re always this is our November box which you can still
go and buy so inside it’s always a postcard this one was hand designed by
Laura this month’s one is actually I’ve designed it for you there’s always a
message and it tells you what’s inside on the back and they always have a
pretty sticker this month I customize them with Laura’s things and tissue
paper on here and then this is what’s in the November box if you get it so
there’s two sparkle dusts there’s shimmer powder in here and then you also
have icon art gave us a super cool code and we have a video coming up on that
and then inside there’s always envelopes different colors every month full
colored cardstock there’s patterned papers there’s your card bases in here
this one’s got a stencil and then two of the six by eight stamp sets in it which
Laura designed for us so if you know me and my peeps and you all know I’m good
friends what’s trying to turn around you know I’m good friends with Laura Kelly
she designed this box for us and they’re the first ever me and my peeps
stamps so she has checks you can buy stationery you can buy calendars bring
you all that stuff if you want to grab one of the boxes and Kristina I put a
link in the description below it’s slash shop and I’ve also
added down there a coupon code which is H H 10 now H h10 now and that’s temps in
any of the older kit so if there’s a one-off kit that you want on there you
can go grab it for 10% off and it doesn’t it’s not valued on subscriptions
and all boxes are $39.99 plus shipping and they shipped from the US not the UK
so despite the committing accent we actually live in the US and they ship it
from the US and we ship them worldwide too so you can go and grab that for 10%
off at either the one offs and then I want to show you what’s going in the
December box which you can now pre-order I’ve just put it on the website so
you’re going to have three full-size or oversize stamp sets I should say so this
this is the first one so you’ve got these really pretty heart ornaments I
mean so many things you can do lots of fun hearts to embellish with and then
you’ve got sweetie I love you forever be mine and my love and this was by popular
demand that we added these in because people wanted much bolder sentiments you
can use on the inside or the outside and so we decided to go super bold so that’s
on there and then Johanna just asked about customs in the UK that is
something we can’t control because it happens at the UK side some people get
selective customs some don’t we don’t have many people that tell us they pay
customs on it but we can’t guarantee either way then there’s this one here
which I love so this is zentangle and I love to include zentangle because one of
our design team members amber rein Davis she is a zentangle master I guess is the
answer so I love when I include those then you’ve got these two trees at the
top which you could color or embossed in lots of different ways you’ve got kiss
me you’ve got this little flourish for your corner of your cards which I love
and then you’ve got this little birdie on there as well as in he’s super cute
so that’s on there too and then this is your third stamp set so you’ve got a 6×6
background stamp on here so this is one whole stamp from here to here and then
you put love you I’m yours happy Valentine’s Day and for someone special
included on there as well so all of that then you’re also gonna get if you’re a
regular subscriber you’re going to get another stamp set so this is a little
flourish and a squiggle a bird and an and here and what I thought you could do
is that you can do be mine and I love you or anything like that and then these
also fit really nicely on the back of an envelope so I sized them so you can use
it on the back of an envelope or you can build them up into elements on your
cards I love this one on the inside if you’ve ever seen and the birthday cards
I sent out or anything I do like this little squiggle and so I loved the idea
of having that squiggle on there as well so that’s on there too and then there’s
more you’re also going to get a stencil set so this stencil set is super cool
I’m actually gonna see if Greg will hold this camera for me for a second so I can
open this he wasn’t planning on that because so
this stencils typical because it’s two parts so you have this part here if I
put it on here you can reuse it so this is the love parts you can use this on
its own but we’ve also included is this part and the reason I wanted to do that
was so you could maybe make a nice heart shape on your piece and then like what
are you doing and then you think this also fits back in just one hand it’s
harder you see how it fits back in there so you can do it like a double layered
stencil with different colors and things so I wanted it so you could do like an
ink lifting and all sorts of fun things you have the outline of your heart and
then you also have the insert of your heart so you can do multiple colors so
you have a two-step stencil you have three full size stamp sets and a mini
stamp set and you’ll still get envelopes you’ll still get cardstock colored
cardstock and it’s super special color cast that with like some pearl essence
and glitter ease and stuff in there so go to for these
subscriptions for the November and the December box they’re now there and then
also you can use the code h h ten now which is valid till midnight on Monday
and we’re right now on Saturday and I can’t look at my watch for the date but
we’re on Saturday it’s valid till Monday midnight Eastern and you can go get ten
percent off of any of the old hitch and you can put them all together to save on
shipping so it’s super super excited to see what you love what you’re going to
create that we know and we’d love to have you sign up they are limited
edition with our kit so everything that goes in a kit is not available anywhere
else they are exclusive to the Hedgehog Hollow kit so you will not get any
duplicates of stamp stencils dies and if you go I’ve just listed the October box
as a one-off which lots of you are asking about it’s now available as a
one-off which has that wonderful exclusive
interactive double dial die that’s super easy there’s videos on the channel go
check them out I can’t wait to see you go use your coupon code and also check
out that new storage video with 10% off and scrapbook home too so check all
those fun things that have a fab Saturday we’re off to watch a film
together and have a lovely afternoon if you want to follow along at check out at
the Hedgehog holo on Instagram and while you’re there you’ve got till midnight
tonight to enter to win a Cricut maker so win win win I’ll see you then bye

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  1. I’m so sad that the boxes take a month to to get to Perth Western Australia- I’ll miss Christmas for the December box!

  2. I was looking for the links mentioned but I'm only seeing links for teespring (t-shirts?). Am I missing something? Sorry for the confusion

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