YELLING ABOUT PUPPETS FOR 18 MINUTES | Dark Crystal: AoR, Art, and… Larp? | LH EP 082

YELLING ABOUT PUPPETS FOR 18 MINUTES | Dark Crystal: AoR, Art, and… Larp? | LH EP 082

From the very beginning We have always sought to reach out to one
another. And storytellers found a new forum for personal
expression. Wondrous new tools will help us learn to bridge
the gaps between us. Good morrow, nerds! My name is Cheyenne, my friends call me Az,
and as a child my personal standards of beauty were set by puppets. Welcome to the Larp House. So, as anyone who has ever met me will know,
I am a big fan of Brian Froud. And Jim Henson. And anything they touch. From the storybooks to the Storyteller mini
series, from the Labyrinth to The Dark Crystal. And for the record, the reason that The Dark
Crystal wasn’t in another video I made called “Videos that created me,” was because I was
planning on doing MORE of those videos and I wanted to space out the EXTREMELY ridiculously
important ones so that I would have one in every video. The Dark Crystal was gonna be the whole star
of another one. Anyway, I saw The Dark Crystal at an extremely
important age. I was isolated often as a child, I was very
strange, I was very loved, but very strange. I cared very deeply about art and atmosphere,
more than thrills and games. So I would always prefer to go to themed restaurants
over… Chuck-E-Cheese. It’s become an inside joke that six-year-old
me would… Would be begging to go to themed restaurants
by going ” ThE AMBIANCE, MOTHER. THE ATmoSPHERE.” And I was just… A little.. Art… Goblin. Basically, I wanted to explore other worlds. So when I saw those rare and unique beautiful
fantasy movies like The Last Unicorn, or the Neverending Story, Legend, Labyrinth, and
the Dark Crystal, … My tiny soul just … lEFT MY BODY. I’m pretty sure those movies changed the shape
of my bRAIN. I could not have loved a human baby as much
as I loved those movies. Every other kid my age was TERRIFIED of the
puppets in The Dark Crystal I straight-up wanted to BE THEM. I thought that Kira was the most beautiful
thing that I had ever seen in my entire life. And let me tell you, it’s a WEIRD LIFE when
your beauty standards were set by a weird little faun cow fairy puppet with wings. #Am I a MAAAAN or am I a muppet, (am I a muppet)# It’s been a weird life. That insatiable need to create and experience
other worlds eventually brought me to LARP. I am a LARPer. In part, because of what these movies DID
TO ME. And I spend a WEIRD amount of time thinking
about how to make these fantasy worlds more real. I had my formal education in illustration,
concept art, and themed design. I learned from Douglas Anderson School of
the Arts, OTIS College of Art and Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and
Stan Winston School of Character Arts. I never actually graduated from anything even
though I’ve been to art schools for over ten years, because I kept just learning what I
wanted and moving on to the next thing that I wanted to learn. And absolute art monster. And something that I have always wanted to
bring to immersive experiences is… Puppets. Not like sock puppets, no, I mean Dark Crystal
puppets. Labyrinth puppets. Jurassic Park puppets. Guillermo Del Toro puppets. Why? Because I don’t want my fantasy creatures
that I create and inhabit and interact with to be limited by what make-up and a costume
can do to a human body. Because most of us are not operating with
a blockbuster budget, we have very little control over the landscapes we play in. Our venue options are pretty limited. But you know what we can control? Mother. Fluffing. Puppets. Anyone can make them, and with a little ingenuity,
you can use them to make your fantasy universes tangible. Puppets are freedom. When I heard that a prequel to The Dark Crystal
was coming to Netflix, I… immediately fell into the sunken place muttering things about
my hopes and dreams for like, maybe three weeks, I don’t know. I couldn’t even handle hype-posting about
it. It was… too important. If the show had been a failure, that would
have meant something really final and sad about all of these art forms that I’ve spent
my entire life loving. Singing: And I just can’t handle that kind
of disappointment right now! But for once, I didn’t need to worry, turns
out. I cried at the opening scene and I didn’t
stop crying for ten episodes. I got pretty dehydrated actually. I have CRIPPLING ADHD and I did not take my
eyes off that screen once. Not even the second or third times that I
watched the series. I’m gonna be that fan, oh boy, oh… Yes. I am. The story somehow very human, it’s both intense
and uncomfortable to watch, but also impossible to look away from. And the world… This must be the most beautiful fantasy world
I have ever seen in my whole life. Every single piece of it is sculpted, created,
or synthesized by artists who have a lifetime of love for the work that they’re doing. And it shows. Both the Henson and the Froud families really
went all-in. They called the banners to create a dream
team of people for this project. Seeing this now has done to me what the original
Dark Crystal did to the lil’ baby chaos fairy all those years ago. I’m having the opposite of a panic attack. A manic attack. “hyperventilates” I feel like I wanna throw up and eat at the
same time. I feel this need to create my art and to just… CONSUME anything that blocks that from happening. I am resurrected. My essence has returned to Thra. The Crystal of Truth is healed. The Darkening has left my body. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. #medieval tavern music# My name is Nox, and I am a professional… Creator? Artist? It’s been a, an ongoing thing for me to try
to NOT define that too heavily. But I build sets and props for television,
film, TV… In my real life, as I like to refer to it,
I am an avid LARPer. And I build puppets. I did go to Columbia College, in Chicago,
so I have an actual art degree, but I don’t feel like that makes you an artist. And I don’t feel like it’s in any way shape
or form necessary. Started out very young, I would take over
my parent’s garage and turn it into haunted houses. So I would build monsters, and um, creatures
out of paper mache and balloons, and then I started to wonder, how could I make these
things move? But continued on and kind of carried my love
of fantasy and dungeons and dragons, the things that I used to do when I was a kid to kind
of escape, that were looked down on, have kind of come to fruition these days. And I think that for me at least, the culmination
of all that imagination kind of ends with LARP. I started out with Vampire LARP. Which is a different beast all together. I enjoyed my time with Vampire. Currently, though, in Southern California,
I have played through- I THINK, and I can’t be certain, with the exception of just a handful,
I think I’ve hit all the major larps that are in the area. If anyone knows of any more, let me know,
I wanna go. But I’ve started to branch out and go to as
many LARPs as possible within the United States, and I’m looking to explore new and different
LARPs as far out as I can find. I also am working on my personal space, which
is a LARP streaming tavern, called the Scabby Rooster. I named it the Scabby Rooster because that
was the absolute worst name that I could come up with, that followed traditional tavern
naming convention. I wrote the worst tavern that I could possibly
imagine, in a fantasy world, and it needed a name. And this was the place that other taverns
looked to to understand what a health code violation was, in a time when they didn’t
have health code violations. That morphed into something that I took to
a LARP. And I did that, and friends kind of came along
on that journey with me, and we started to create this kind of back story. All these people came together and they formed
this tavern, and we’ve built it. And now we’re building it physically here
in Los Angeles, with the hope that this space would become a meeting ground for LARPers,
from all areas, from all countries, who are in Los Angeles, who wanna come and either
stream with us or come do maybe a parlor larp, in an actual tavern space… So that we can bring people in, and bring
them into an immersive fully realized fantasy tavern. And have you involved in small little stories,
puzzles, games, and then maybe- you know, stick around. And then we’re gonna go to a local LARP. And if you’re not able to do that… If you’re not able to come to Southern California,
you can find us online. And you can join us there. You can look at Twitter, the book of faces,
Instagram, TikTok, you can look at… um, most bathroom walls, uh… don’t look at Yelp. DON’T look at Yelp. We’re… not on Yelp. (Fabienne off-camera: SAY TWITCH DOT TV SLASH
SCABBY ROOSETER AGAIN.) You can kind of LARP along with us or explore
LARP, even if it’s something that you don’t understand- you can learn about it while we’re
doing it. We’re trying to build an immersive space that
allows people to come in and be imaginative and bring LARP into a setting that can be
shared while being livestreamed. Which is not as easy as it seems. Does it seem easy? I don’t know. It’s not easy. I feel like LARP is a collaborative art form. I think that if you are a LARPer and you want
to get more out of LARP, and you don’t feel like you’re quite hitting your stride, um- The best thing that you can do is find ways
to contribute more. As soon as you start finding ways to contribute
and ‘make your own game,’ you’re able to enrich not only others and their story experience,
but your own. So, for me, I’d like to start finding ways
to bring new and innovative elements into LARP. Now I know other LARPS have done certain things,
I just wanna see where the envelope can be pushed further. So I’m hoping to bring more collaborative
puppetry work into immersive, interactive environments. I wanna find creators who are doing the same
thing. And find out what works for them and what
doesn’t. Because a lot of the problems that I keep
running into, I know people have probably already solved. And I’d like to maybe come with some solutions
for them. (Az offscreen: What do you think of the new
Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix?) Yeah… So, how did this all start. I…. *Sigh* Wow. I am a child of a time period where magic
was in very short supply. Certain films in the cultural zeitgeist bubbled
up and I think caused, really just…. ….Permanent damage. On whatever normality anyone ever expected
out of me as a person. So I was drawn in to movies like The Dark
Crystal, and Labyrinth, and Willow, and The Last Unicorn, Legend, and maybe also we can
blame Terry Gilliam because Time Bandits and other movies that kind of pushed the boundaries
of magical realism and fantasy at that time period kinda came about. I could on, here. But there’s a time period. I was glued to these things. And I wore out VHS copies- yes VHS copies-
of these films and just started to imagine, like, what would come next. And I’ve imagined versions of The Dark Crystal
time and time again. And I have had like NO hope, at all- And I
don’t know why. Because it’s always been in the rumor house. But I’ve had no hope that The Dark Crystal
would actually see a sequel, or a prequel, or anything like that. We’re in this era now of streaming services
where they NEED content. It is the Wild West and people are up in arms
fighting each other to try to create amazing things that are gonna draw niche groups to
their streaming services. And this created this perfect environment
that allowed it to happen. It’s gonna create a culture, that is going
to allow people to start questioning things. How much do we need to use CGI? How much of what we expect out of a film has
to be done in a way that is ‘technologically advanced.’ NOT to say that Age of Resistance is not technologically
advanced. It is… Amazing. BUT they use these practical effects. They use this physicality. They use everything that made Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal, and they don’t take the conceit of, ‘Well, you know what, we can do it all
CGI now. Or we could just make it an animated cartoon.’ It would not feel like The Dark Crystal. It would not feel like the world of the Dark
Crystal. Because there’s a physicality to the puppets
that Henson made with his team. And… They did it again. And they did it in an era that has been devoid
of that sort of magic for quite a while. You’re watching the puppets and you know that
they’re puppets but then you forget that they’re puppets. Then in the back of your head you’re like,
‘These are puppets and people are puppetting them,’ and this… Is blowing my freakin mind. Because they’re moving just like living creatures
would. And they don’t feel human. And it takes so many of the conceits and the
horrid things about our own world, and puts it on spotlight. Like, the story of Age of Resistance is timely
and timeless. And they absolutely in my mind created a modern
epic in a new way, that is not regurgitated. It doesn’t feel unnecessary. Which is so rare in sequels today. First and foremost I’m inspired. And it’s like… burning inside of me to start
doing the things that I have so often put to the side. Here in LA there’s a beautiful puppet culture. Bob Baker Marionette has a theater troupe. And if you’re not familiar with them I highly
recommend you look it up here on the internet. They are… Extreme artists. They’re individuals who are just out there
doing things in the realm of puppetry. And now I’m seeing this, like… It’s a resurgence. And if you have any interest, and you LARP,
I would recommend you find ways to incorporate puppetry into your LARP. Because I’m definitely going to be doing that. And I would love to find people who are interested
in taking that journey with me, and people who are interested in creating in that way. And making it happen as soon as possible. So what does this do for me? What does Age of Resistance do? What does the idea of being able to do these
things do for me? Currently, it lights a fire underneath me. And inside of me. To make these things happen quickly. What I’m hoping right now is that there’s
an entire generation of kids sitting infront of their TVs, like I did what I watched Dark
Crystal, and are imagining how they might be able to make a pile of trash next to them
move. This new series is what happens when artists
get the budget and the creative freedom that they need. This is the magic of practical effects. So many artists that I have spoken to have
said the same thing: That this has lit a creative fire under them. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a masterpiece. A masterpiece that I have been waiting my
entire life to see. And every second spent waiting was worth it. Oh no I promised myself I’d never cry while
I was wearin’ cow ears… *SNIFFLE* ohhhhh nooo That’s all I have for you this episode nerds,
except actually to say that I have joined TikTok now… So, um… Pray for me. Thank you. I mean, you can follow me if you want. That would be cool of you. Don’t let me try to navigate TikTok alone
aaah If you have any questions, comments, emotional
outbursts, if you would like to join the Adventuring Party on Patreon or support this channel in
any other way, links for all of that will be in the description of this video. And as always, thank you so much for liking
us, subscribing to us, and creating with us. (music) #There will come a soldier, who carries a
mighty sword. He will tear your cities down, O lei O Lai
O Lord, O Lei, O Lai, O Lei, O Lord, He will tear
your cities down, O lei O Lai O Lord.#

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    I mention this because HBO's upcoming His Dark Materials show (coming out Nov 3rd!!!) actually made extensive use of puppeteering while on set for the daemons. Despite the final daemons being rendered in CGI, hearing the actors talk about the relationship between themselves and the puppeteers, and how crucial that was to portraying their character – seeing as it's the character's relationship with their own soul – just highlighted for me the importance of practical effects and their presence on set. The actors would have never been able to have that dialogue if the daemons were just CGI, or if the puppeteers were not allowed their own artistic freedom.

    Sorry to go on a long rant about HDM – your love for The Dark Crystal reminds me a lot of my love for these books. If you're interested in a compelling fantasy adventure with a varied cast of incredible characters – and the most kickass female protagonist – then I'd highly recommend His Dark Materials.

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    Instant watch. I love your energy!

  39. i was bought up on these films and themes to the extent i make puppets weapons and props for larp since the early 90's, eventually doing it for a living. I was recently having a huge creative block, really not feeling passion for making things anymore….then age of resistance happened, and the fire is back in me. I agree completely, there really needs to be more puppets in larp! also, the making of stuff is brilliant-heres a little extra feature i just watched, its a lot of fun 🙂 –

  40. 2:03–2:24 Story of my life. My dad got a subscription to the disney channel before I was 2 years old and taped the dark crystal which premiered on it in 2000 sometime, and somehow thought it was a brilliant idea to show it to his toddler (me) who loved it and watched it over and over and over. Trying to explain my love for the dark crystal to those who a) thought it was incredibly scary or b) had never heard of it before, was frustrating and I don't understand how people cannot see the beauty in the puppets, especially Kira, who my older sister and I idolised and would run around pretending to be gelfling with beautiful wings.

  41. finally put on dark crystal and in the first scene with jen and master i was like you have got to be kidding me with that voice ''actor'' dubb for tHE MAIN CHARACTER??

  42. I totally did NOT sob while watching this. I want to visit the scabby rooster and create with wonderful people like this SO SO SO BAD!!! ToT

  43. I just watched age of resistance twice already, and I just can't stop watching it, and I really need more of it!!!
    Which is why I'm gonna be doing my own review of the show in just a few weeks/ probably a month on my show FNO (Favorite Netflix Originals)

  44. Problem I got is… my world and folks are not ready, to LARP or watch me LARP.
    They're already not really going with me in Dark Crystal binge watching adventure.
    And problem I have is…. I always felt ready to assume getting deep into LARPing, and leave them all behind.
    So… I've been sticking with "not-LARPing" since a decade, now.
    But… don't push me.
    Or I might patiently close that one door that is my current life, to open a new one, and start weaving a costume and a puppet to life.
    Fire in our hearts.

  45. The dark crystal is sooooo inspirational…I have been nonstop watching it and really digging into it since the age of Resistance came out.. I'm up till 1 almost every night either sketching, sculpting, watching or really digging into to process on how they made the puppets.. I will never sleep and I'm okay with that. I'm gonna do this some day

  46. As a Kid, my mother tried to show me the Augsburger Puppenkiste and I was terrified of the puppets. From there on I always had an uncomfortable feeling, when I saw any kind of puppet but mainly Marionettes. But then, the Labyrinth and later the dark Crystal crossed my way and I fell in love with these movies. It didn't cure my little "Phobia" but gave me a wired fascination for puppets. It's like: "Yes you are such a beautiful and stunning Puppet but stay away from me and don't touch me please!"

    No need to say that I freaked out when I heard about the Netflix series….in a good way. 😀

  47. I love this video so much, it inspires me. As a purson with learning disabilities I fell in love with dark fantasy world's because they make me feel more human.

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