Yamasong – March of the Hollows: Bringing Back Puppetry & Practical FX

Yamasong – March of the Hollows: Bringing Back Puppetry & Practical FX

it’s nice that practical’s coming back the Ideas the one of the big [things] with Star wars the new Star wars is everyone’s like oh It’s all practical, they’re doing much more practical effects now I mean, they’re using it as a buzz word like they used to be Cg as a buzz word. So that’s exciting. They’re obviously does seem to be a Renewed interest in the old techniques. Everything is CGI. I think in this new age of Super High-tech filmmaking that a lot of these amazing old traditional forms are sort of falling away And that’s our passion at Dark Dunes, is to bring this back. When I combine the puppets with the filmmaking suddenly I’m bringing all of these disciplines together Everything from writing in the beginning and doing concept art designing characters that’s all still paper pencil type stuff to the real tangible stuff that you can feel you know, costuming a character or Sculpting the shape. or Sculpting the shape. There’s always been that tradition of puppetry, this isn’t something that happens every couple years and goes away This has been gone for hundreds of years that this tradition exists and continues to exist and I think that’s one of the huge advantages of this show or this features that you know we’re Rooting it in tradition. The style that we’re working in and the character and the store the focus on the story and everything What I like about puppet films in general is that they speak to an international audience and You will find that in almost every culture there has been a form of storytelling Through usage of puppetry or even toys This a living breathing piece of art There’s the puppets, the story everything is really artistic and it really pulls away from that Stereotype so it’s really kind of cool to be part of that and and I love the scale, too I mean to bring everything down that small is awesome You can have the film in different languages, but the way that the puppet move is a universal language in itself I’m hoping that this will Drive more of that in the future more more people thinking about it in the terms of tradition and not just novelty These practical forms puppetry, claymation, stop-motion, real makeup, suit actors. That’s what we want It’s what we love and it’s amazing to be able to bring it to an audience you

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  1. Beautiful puppets and puppetry – can't wait to see it! I was sorry to miss it in Bristol and hope it will be screening in London?

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