Yagao XCMG XCT75 Mobile Truck Crane by Cranes Etc TV

Yagao XCMG XCT75 Mobile Truck Crane by Cranes Etc TV

This crane is the XCMG XCT75 and as
you might imagine that means it’s a 75 ton capacity crane. This model of it is
made by Yagao and there’s some information on the box about the real
crane, but it’s all in Chinese. Inside the box the pair of expanded polystyrene
trays are factory sealed and the model is protected by soft paper. So let’s peel
that back and see what we’ve got, and there is the crane ready to come out.
So let’s use the giant hand crane to carefully get it out of the tray,
and then we can see what else is left in the box.
There’s a fly jib and a couple of bags that include some parts and there’s a
boom axle which is not broken, it’s just loose in the box, and there’s a small
catalog of XCMG models. As you can see the model is tied up with a nice yellow
ribbon, and that’s to stop the boom moving about in the box. So let’s undo
that and also remove some other protective packaging. So the first thing
we’ll do is to put back the boom axle that was loose in the box. It’s loose
because the fly jib fits to it and it probably would have been better shipped
in one of the bags. The reeving of the big hook in the factory is not right so
we’ll snip that off and it’s good that there are a couple of choices of
hook for the model. So here we’ve had a go at properly reeving the big hook
block, but the real crane doesn’t seem to have a tying off point at the front, so
to get that european-style we’ll add a piece of chain on and then carefully
attach the hook block to it. As you can see the hook itself is not a rotating
version. The last thing to do if you want to rig it out the box is just to add on
the fly jib and that makes the whole truck fully loaded including the
counterweight. Looking underneath, the detailing is
quite good there are various tanks and components modelled and one thing you do
notice is that this is closer to a truck crane rather than an all-terrain crane.
There’s also some nice detailing in terms of graphics which are applied but
the model is a bit toy like in that it has a winding handle fitted to the winch.
In fact there are 2 winches on the model but one of them is static and
non-functional. Moving to the front there’s also plenty of detailing by the
use of graphics and that includes the weight on the door. The pulleys in the
boom head and hook are also in an older style, being solid blocks rather than
individual sheaves. There’s a plastic cab guard on the crane cab and the fly jib
is metal, but with slightly thick lattice work. One nice touch on the model is that
the main boom ram is metal. The hooks seem very large but that may
be a Chinese-style, but certainly the steering wheel in the
cab seems to be too high and too large. But if we go into the crane cab things
are very good because there’s a highly detailed console formed of graphics.
While we’re here let’s have a look at an accessory set produced by Yagao and this
is a 1:50 scale set of figures to pose with models. It comes in a simple
unmarked box and inside there are a couple of plastic formers which contain
the figures and it’s not very kind to them, because how can they breathe
trapped in between the two bits of plastic. Anyway they’re set free now and
the poses are all very similar to other figures that are produced by other
makers. They’re not quite the same though because they seem to be very slightly
larger and the detailing is not quite as good but certainly they are quite cheap
and once they’re out the box they all stand up quite nicely. Looking underneath the truck chassis and
the rear wheels are joined on common axles and it is nice to see that suspension
has been implemented. The front two axles have linked steering but
the range of movement is somewhat restricted. Let’s see how the XCT75
performs on the test track and it rolls along very nicely because it’s quite a
heavy model. If we give the front wheels a turn we can see the steering angle
that we can achieve and as you can see it’s fairly small so the angle of
steering is quite shallow. Lastly let’s bounce it up and down
and, yes, that suspension works. So now that we’re on site let’s set the
crane up and the outriggers are slightly unusual. The rear ones are two-stage and
pull out as you would expect, and the front ones are different because
they rotate out. Lowering the pads is done in the time-honoured way of unscrewing. They
are basic because there’s a visible screw thread, but the whole system is
strong enough to hold the model up wheels-free. It’s boom up time so let’s
unhook the hook and raise the boom and there’s no friction whatsoever in the
main boom ram but in this case that’s a good thing because it’s secured by a
grub screw and a key is provided to tighten it up.
As you would expect the crane can be rotated although it was very stiff on
the review model, and operating the winch makes use of the old fashioned winch
handle. It would have been better if it had been removable, but it does work very
well and the way the rope winds onto the drum is very good.
This is a telescopic crane and the sections pull out smoothly and there’s
enough friction between the sections to stop them sliding back in. Overall the
boom profile is pretty reasonable too. The locking mechanism is pretty standard
with each section locking at full extension. A couple of nice smaller
features on the model includes the opening cab door which is a sliding
design, and the doors on the truck cab also open.
A pointer is included with the model to help you get them open. If you want to go
for an extended height then there is the fly jib available and it’s slightly
unusual because the hinge section has also got an offset pin position so you
need to take that out and then reset it to join the two sections together. Once
you do that you get a nice straight fly jib. To fix the fly jib it just goes over
lugs which are on the axles in the boom head,
and because of paint thicknesses you might have to fiddle with it a bit to
get it to locate properly. The same goes for inserting a steel pin, so you might
need to clean out the holes to get those pins fully in. Another option for configuring the boom
is to put a short extension on and it’s a little bit like the fly jib because it
just clips on over tabs on the boom head. Again the paint thicknesses come into
play here so it’s not an easy fit and the same applies to the steel pins which
fix it into position, so you do need to do some work to clean out the holes to
be able to get the pins in properly. Something else you can do if you want a
realistic transport look, is to unscrew the counterweight block at the back and
that’s held in place by two little screws. For the authentic Chinese look we can
then lower the boom but bring the hook forward so that it rests on the carrier
deck and in that way it avoids the need for a
tying on point under the cab. One thing you can also do for the complete look is
to rest the main hook block on the carrier deck as well. Let’s now check the
overall size of the model by doing a dim check, and if we get the tape out, to the
top of the boom it’s 37 inches or about 94 centimetres, and with a fly jib on
it’s about 50 inches or 127 centimetres, and these measurements are reasonably
accurate in scale to the real crane. The mechanics figures by Yagao are
interesting and they are relatively low cost
meaning that overall they’re rated as good. The XCT75 is also an interesting
model and in China at least it is relatively low cost. Some aspects of the
detailing and features are very good although the winding handle at the back
spoils the look a little bit but it could be cut off. Overall though the crane has
got enough going for it to be rated as very good.

10 thoughts on “Yagao XCMG XCT75 Mobile Truck Crane by Cranes Etc TV

  1. Do you think we could have a review of your personal collection? Can only imagine how big it must be!

  2. That appears to be a decent model. I agree, the crank on the winch should be removable. It looks out of place.

  3. Hey do a model review on the kumatsu pc 1100 lc-6 by joal u can get it at Buffalo road imports they sell it at $125 the normal bucket configuration

  4. nice model. i bought the xcmg quy300, good pricing for the class of crane that it is. only problem is it is my 1st crane model but the instructions for assembly are all in chinese haha

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