WOW Galaxy background  with SHARPIE MARKERS ON YUPO PAPER- Craft Hack

WOW Galaxy background with SHARPIE MARKERS ON YUPO PAPER- Craft Hack

Hi everyone its Keren here and I just
thought of another great idea to make backgrounds I saw something on Pinterest
on how somebody use sharpies on a tile and I thought hmmm I wonder if it would
work on the Yupo paper the same way so instead of using alcohol inks I’m using
sharpies today and I’m just gonna try out this technique to see if it works I
have never done this before and I’m sure somebody has tried it in the Internet
I’m not the one I’m inventing this I just want to just I wanted to see if I
could do that this is a great way everybody has sharpies lying around and
this would be an amazing way to make a five-minute background for a card or for
like our journaling or whatever whatever you want so you’ll need a little bit of
yeah paper this is the one I have today it’s a translucent one and I just cut it
into a few pieces so I could experiment on a smaller piece of paper I have I
went all over my house to find colors of sharpies and this is basically what I
found I found black red you have different how do you call the
thicknesses there is green there is blue so you’ll need maybe the blending tool
we’ll see if we’ll use that some alcohol I have the alcohol ink blending solution
but I also have this 70% alcohol rubbing alcohol that I get out add that I got at
the dollar store and it’s a spray so that’s really fun so let’s get started
and see what comes what I can do with this I’m going to take one paper at a
time because I really don’t want to mess it all up and I’m going to work on this
just so it doesn’t stain my back my mat so let’s start with blue and I’m gonna
make circles and I see them the key to this is to make sure that you cover the
whole background you can’t just like leave spaces and done so this will take
a little bit longer to color but it will be fun to do uh-huh I’m gonna put a
little bit of red and let’s see some black we check the
sector black one there so strong alcohol so this should technically work because
is at alcohol based so I am hoping for great results and that’s a funny part
that you hope for something to happen and you don’t never know if it’s going
to be or not that you just have to kind of experiment and let’s see my let’s go
like this the way I want to look at different patterns you know so this
covers everything much faster and you could use the thinner ones also to
create like lines on top but I prefer the thicker ones are much easier to use and I want to use two too much black
because black can’t overpower things let’s get some green in here I mean this
looks weird but I really think that this might do it but you really need to cover
the key to this I think is to cover it everything I did attempt this before and
not cover everything and it didn’t come out so good so I am really hoping that
this time that I’m actually covering the whole paper it will come out now we’ll
see what happens this is the key point and to tell you the truth like it would
be really cool if I had like sharpies that are you know fluorescent colors or
like you know sharpies now come in so many different colors I only had the
most regular ones but truthfully it would be so cool and we if if we had
like them oops the other kind the ones that are like huh okay now let’s see and that starts
spraying I’m gonna start spraying with this one which is a rubbing alcohol and
let it all mix up do you want to kind of like move around I’m also going to put a
little bit of that blending solution in here because I think it’s more potent
than the alcohol whoo I love how it’s I love the
backgrounds I just wish I would have had some other colors to play around with
I’m kind of feel like I’m stuck with these like four colors that I found
everywhere and I’m not able to play with any other ones yeah I like this whoo
okay this is what I meant by don’t put too much black in it
I might have to dab out some of that black because it’s just not it’s
overpowering everything okay dab it out and let’s put some solutions
so it will get the red I love the way alcohol reacts with things and yeah I
like this I love putting this little drops into the solution and creating
these really cool backgrounds that is really fun and I’m gonna try something
else too and I’m going to try a different background soon you just have
to let this dry oh I like that it’s really really cool yeah and you could
swish it around if you really want to the nice thing about like the blue for
example is that not a blue sorry the black is that it has other colors in it
like purple I’m getting some Purple’s there as well so these are the really
nice that longer you let it sit the more it blends nicely so that’s really really
cool and I’m going to do this again one drop one drop just to get those
circles I love those circles okay so that’s a fun way five minutes it took
literally five minutes and you could combine this with regular alcohol inks
as well I’m going to put this aside on something so it dries oh it’s just so
wet I almost want to like let this like fall out a little bit
okay there’s too much alcohol in here okay so it doesn’t look as nice when you
have those things sticking out so I’m going to just go ahead again and just
put some of this to recreate those circles okay all right so you never know
what you’re gonna get with alcohol inks or with alcohol in general so that’s one
background now I want to test something else one minute I have to find this
place where to put this oh gosh so it doesn’t spill everywhere okay now I’m
gonna take another yeah poke paper but this time I’m going to use my blending
tool wait I’m sick okay let’s put this the other way around and I’m thinking
okay I’m not gonna be putting a black this time because that did not do well
now I’m thinking what if I do lines so for example I’ll do lines oh I’m running
out of markers running out that’s not good I wanted to like okay and also get
markers that’ll work it’s here silliness I might have to make
smaller backgrounds just because I’m not going to have enough market to go all
the way around okay so I’m just gonna continue creating these marks it might
not work all the way I think I’m running I don’t know why I’m running out of
marker I should have not been but maybe these are old well this is annoying when I just used how are they all running out
every single one that’s annoying yeah they’re all running out hilarious
you know when you’re trying to make a video when things don’t go the way you
want them to okay let me start here I want to be able to create these lines
and I’m going to use the blending tool see how it works well everything came out not sure I like
that damage but sure how much I like this one not so much
it’s nice it’s not amazing I like it better when I do these things when I
create these really cool patterns like that with the drips that I like much
better and I like it how the purple forms as well because you have the blue
and the red in the background so that’s more fun for me you like this better I
did not like the lines as much I’m gonna finish it up but it’s a really fun way
to use sharpies and actually I thought of another idea
instead of using sharpies how about we use highlighters so I’m going to try and
see if these work as well okay so I’m going to use not all highlighters are
alcohol-based but they can be and I just looked this up just to see that I was
doing something that made sense so I just thought let me try it with
highlighters and see how it goes so now I put the blending solution here and
it’s blending those as well and they’re just really cool so it’s really fun I
think I would like to make just just one with just highlighters hmm I really like
this let it run down a little bit oh that’s cool see I like that better
this type of this is a really cool background you see okay I like that
let’s try this again I’m gonna do maybe just highlighters so let’s take one more
Apple paper let me clean this out and let me clean the bottom now it’s clean
alcohol ink from everywhere because it tends to stain really badly
hmm okay so let’s have this a little bit of fun with the with these highlighters
I could not find a yellow highlighter believe it or not I could only find
green and or any porridge what am I saying it’s not even green I am
confusing the colors I’m all mixed up purple and pink sometimes I think I go
colorblind with these things because I’m just using color all the time so what
will happen if let’s try and like do it like this so purple and then and then
pink and then purple and one more pink let’s try this pink
because a little bit stronger I wish I had a yellow one that would have been
like that or an orange when Sir I ransacked my kids my kids drawers trying
to find highlighters and things like that and could not find a single things
I went through both my kids bedrooms and could not find anything that would be
cool enough to use don’t you know why I usually have all these things and today
I didn’t have any Haven look through all my stuff and I couldn’t find oh look
what I found I found a yellow sharpie I’m so excited
hey let’s see if it has anything ah I see all the shopping it’s not working I
thought I have a yellow sharpie but it’s not I wonder if I have any other colors too bad okay well let’s just try this
for fun I just yeah I think it’s cool I wish I could like I wish I could have like more colors oh
I’m like so annoying let’s smell so strongly like alcohol I mean I just
think it’s like just fun to create cool backgrounds so why not like you know why
not try experiment with things you already have at home I really like this
idea and then you can turn this into a hard background or use pieces of it into
to your art journaling let’s see it’s got some more alcohol here in the
corners I really like that Yahtzee
I like how its forming these circles on top of the highlighted area I just like
that mmm okay the only thing I did bring is I brought one silver alcohol ink and
I thought to add it in a few spot just to make it more exciting but those are
the alcohol things just to add a little bit of glitter to the background it’s
like a blending solution so that’s cool see it’s mixing really nicely with the
other ones yay it’s creating such a nice background I’m going to try that okay
let’s try with you okay so this one is kind of blending okay let’s leave that
to blend let’s bring the other ones that are kind of drying here oh oh look what
happened here it went on the back of the other paper okay I like that as well so
some really really cool designs came out of this nothing that I wasn’t something
that I was not expecting I knew it would work on the tile but I don’t have any
tiles so I really was excited that I could actually try it on something else
and the last one I’m going to bring is the first one I did that one is with the
darker colors the darker colored ones well let’s see how the silver looks on
this I’m sure it’s gonna look the best out of all and you know millet is dry
and show you how they look when they’re dry look at that and that’s all alcohol
ink I mean sorry let me rephrase that’s all sharpies that did this how cool is
that oh my god it’s spreading so
nicely I love it how beautiful is it you have to take pictures of this when when
I’m when it’s closer Wow this is my favorite one it looks like a galaxy
painting or something oh my god I’m in love with this let me add a little bit
of blending solution so I can mix this out oh wow okay I’ve officially created
something that I really really love in five minutes and it’s just so much okay
maybe was ten minutes because this is not fast forwarded but if I will fast
forward it then it would be five minutes but a really cool idea and just like
things that you have at home so that’s really good thank you so much for coming
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do these really cute fun backgrounds in five minutes and that will be my next
kind of set of videos that I’m doing thanks bye

11 thoughts on “WOW Galaxy background with SHARPIE MARKERS ON YUPO PAPER- Craft Hack

  1. Keren, I love how you experiment for us! This is a great little technique. What a great way to entertain my very artistic and high energy 10 yr. old friend. Thanks so much!

  2. Loved this Keren, I laughed so loud when you found your yellow marker I scared the life out of my dog! Lol. You sounded just like me! Happy, fun video xx

  3. Hello Keren. This is lovely! I love your creativeness it always inspires me. The high lighters look great. I use highlighters to tint my jars of water for a halloween apothecary scene because they are UV reactive and glow beautifully under blacklight. I am wondering if these that you made would glow under blacklight? So very cool!!

  4. I recently saw a video where someone took the sharpie ink cartridge out of the plastic and soaked them in alcohol overnight which produced alcohol inks!

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