WORST SCAM IN PRAGUE!!! (Honest Guide)

WORST SCAM IN PRAGUE!!! (Honest Guide)

If you really need to change your money to get some czech crowns in cash then use an honest good place. One of them is right here on “Franz Kafka Square.” It’s at the end of the street “Kaprova.” Stop! Did you notice the two guys in the background behind me? Yeah! This one and this one! Well, little thing we know this filming of this episode will end up like this… And more of this… And some of this… So this is how we catch crooks in Prague. Come here! Come here! Quick! Quick! Start the camera! [x4] Are you guys changing money on the street? Were you just changing money with this guy? Because he was trying to give you “fake money.” Okay, we just caught this guy who was trying to cheat the tourists in front of an exchange place. He has Belarusian rubles, which are worth nothing! So, I saw him outside with a calculator… Do you understand? Is that true? You have Belarusian rubles and a calculator, yes? So what he does, his scam is that he will approach you on the street try to offer you a better rate. Never, ever do it! Now, we called the cops because this is bullshit! And he had four more people waiting
around in the area. Wait! He cheated you? Oh, he cheated you! So, you have the Belarusian rubles? Yes! Perfect! The cops are coming! Perfect, perfect! We will solve this. Yes, perfect! Awesome! You gave him one hundred euros… – Two hundred! Two hundred! – You know me. Why are you lying? Hey! She’s not lying, okay? You are cheating people on the street and you are gonna go to jail! – Yes, okay. No problem. If you cheat someone for more than 5.000 crowns you are going to jail! – Me jail? Yes, you did! – I look. You, me. Yes, you did! I saw you do that on the street. You and your other buddies are ruining the city. You dont’t understand that. – No! – This lady is lying. You understand? You are calling her a liar? Are you joking? – Shut up! Oh, you are telling me to shut up? – Yeah! So here is the story: This guy is cheating people on the street every day with his buddies. And I just told him to give the money back to the tourists. I will cover your face if you give the money back. – Not me! Will you give them the money back? – No! Then we are going to make you famous! Because you are a thief! Do you understand that? He decided not to give the money back so we are going to publish this. So first of all, you can see him and if you see him on the streets of Prague you can warn other people. You just changed this on the street? – Yes! From who? Are you laughing at it? You are laughing at cheating people? Is it the same guy? It’s the same guy? So another person walked by that this guy has cheated. Another tourist. And he was laughing at her! You saw that? He was laughing at her! And there he goes. One guy off the street. This was a heartbeating moment. I’m always nervous in these situations. You can tell, right? – What do you want? Okay, you were going to cheat the tourists. Is that correct? Your friends, all of them do it, right? Hey, come here! And where are you from? Why do you do this in a different city? Albania? Why do you come from Albania to the Czech Republic to cheat tourists? – Okay, thank you so much. No, I am not going to shake your hand! So these are… Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Tell me why! Why are you being a thief? – You’ve seen me! Bye! You are ruining my city! – Give me your name, please! Okay, I will give you my number: It’s 1-5-8. You can call it right now! – And your name? My name is “your problem.” Well, he was full of shit, obviously. I guess you get it by now. Do not change money on the street! If you do so, you are a stupid tourist and you are gonna get cheated! We can’t protect you always and everywhere, so don’t do that. Either use the good exchange places like the one right behind me. There are many of them. Or just use your card wherever you pay! Okay? Yeah! Thanks if you share this, so more people will see this guy. I think these guys deserve it. Oh, it’s a calculator. Can I see it? Can you show me? I’ll buy some from you. Come on! Can we see the Belarusian rubles you are giving to the tourists? – No, no. And do you have a calculator? Or do you do it on your phone? – No, no. Show me the rubles and I’ll go away! Show me the rubles and I’ll go away! Sir! I’ll let you go, I promise! This is my work! This is my work! Thank you! Thank you, guys! Bye! See? The guy understood it. I told him “give us the Belarusian rubles and we’ll let you go.” So you were lying, assholes. These are Belarusian rubles. First of all: These are not even the letters we use in our alphabet. This is cyrillic. Those guys are crooks. They operate on the streets of Prague in the evenings. Very close to the city hall; very close to the police station. Be extremely careful, do not change this! These are 500 (rubles) and they’re worth nothing. The guy just gave them to me. You saw that. He just gave them to me. From you he will take at least 20 euros for this. It’s nothing!

100 thoughts on “WORST SCAM IN PRAGUE!!! (Honest Guide)

  1. What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!I DONT GET IT so is this real
    Because I frickin know that this is fake wait is this America or something ok nevermind

  2. I'm confused. Why did the scammer just stay there? Simply leave the area. I am glad he was put in the cop car but weird behaviour.

  3. Roma gypsies are born crooks, you know this one time I pay for a 1 hour massage and the gypsy rip me off she told me after 15mins time is over!

  4. Why woulf anyone exchange cash? Use a credit card or even a debit card in an ATM, preferably one located inside a bank..

  5. wait people are actually this stupid? If they do get fooled then they actually deserve to get scammed imo.. let them learn from their mistakes and make them use their brain

  6. You sir are a HERO, thank you so much for doing for this because tourists just don't know better! Thank you for educating everyone!!!

  7. At 6:04 Did he just crunch 17,380 Indian Rupees? Because that is what is the status of the Indian economy as of right now

  8. I dont get it. If one of these guys cheated me like this, i promise you that id wait around till dark and follow him. I would not call police, i would beat him over and over again and then slice his throat.

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  10. The funny thing is, 1 1/2 years ago i went on a class trip to Prague and we were at a hotel (or motel) at this street and the police station is on the opposite street site. They scam people like 100m from the police station away (where he was filming). At 4:44 you can see on left side in the far back a yellow building (or next to it), that should be the police station

  11. I'm sorry but who ever is changing money on the street with a fucking gypsy deserve to be ripped off. If you do not have fucking common sense you deserve this.

  12. He is definitely not from Albania! Takes one to know one 😀 Albanians don't have an accent when they speak English or any other language for that matter. He might be from a Slavic language speaking country but not Albania.

  13. All I'm going to say is I'm from LA if I were to go there and this happen to me I would have came back and broke this guy's cheek bone

  14. I got scammed by the same way ! At Least 14 years ago same way ! Now I discovered this on YouTube ! Man this guys are really fucked up and they don’t care about police

  15. Did anyone see the guy in. Blue behind the red guy so the red guy put the money behind his back and the blue guy took it away so he can’t be caught

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