World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

Icecrown. A monument to our suffering. The veil between life and death… where a usurper sits on a Frozen Throne. But no king rules forever. You are unfit to wear this crown… …to wield so much power. That power… will be your prison. This world is a prison. And I will set us all… …free.

100 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

  1. 33k dislikes in 4.3mil views is pretty massive. Warlords of Dreanor, widely regarded as the worst expansion, has 4.6k dislikes in 28mil views.

    That helmet meant a lot to a lot of people, it turns out. You’d think a company that thrives on nostalgia media would recognize that. This trailer is completely tone deaf.

  2. Oh nice we have a superman now in the wow universe. I like how she makes it a fight dodging his attacks than just simply waving her hand and the lich king cant even move probably should have lead with that lol now she will give us 2 years to gather our strength to kill her rather than just killing us all now lol guess season 8 got writers found work at blizzard gg

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  4. I have a few question, first where is frost mourne, second is that arthas, third wtf is going on,

    Ps: I never play Wow just Warcraft 3 so.. excuse my poor knowledge

  5. oh look another cinematic about sylvanas, she so kewl, much badass, would be cool if writers could stop fantasizing about clapping undead elfs cheeks and start focus on story and char development with whole picture in mind

  6. Never have i been more proud to be horde! The day Sylvanas leaves or dies my soul will leave with her! #LongLiveTheRuthlessQueen

  7. Another great work of Sylvanus Fanfiction by the creative writing team, your target demographic has more than just 12 year old goth girls you know?

  8. And so you are destroy a Symbol of Warcraft 3 and get "rid" of the Past :s I dont like this. It feels like Warcraft 3 get deleted with this nonsense

  9. I would prefer a permanent TBC server (like there is vanilla now) maybe just with updated graphics. I gave up on WoW when MoP came out and gave it another chance on WoD (which had some really great stuff), but nothing really captured the overall perfection that was TBC. It had great lore and PvE, the best talent builds with lots of flexibility for fun builds (Shockadin anyone? Restokin? I truly loved those!), the best PvP so far (2vs2 arenas were the best, BGs were simple and awesome) and still had the challenge that made vanilla great: you sometimes had to walk through difficult world places to get to your dungeons and raids, summoning stone fights, farming that freaking reputation to get the Netherwing Drake and still the best looking gear so far – T6/S3. Those were the times…

  10. I quit WoW during cataclysm, WotLK was the pinnaclefle for me. Now on the sidelines thinking. Why do all the horde leaders either die or go bad?
    If they get this China situation they're tangled up in maybe I'll try out classic but until then. Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our time

  11. I don’t like people who say that Lich King should have won because he is more powerful then Sylvanas. Why do people forget Bolvar doesn’t have Frostmourne. When Arthas was the Lich King his main source of power was from the souls trapped inside Frostmourne. Yes the crown gives him a lot of power but without Frostmourne he is weaker. And even Bolvar knew he couldn’t defeat her that’s why he let the Lich King take control in the fight when his eyes turned blue. And I don’t know why two powerful necromancers fight each other by throwing rocks at one another.

  12. Ouch, 33k dislikes in 4 days… That is more than all of the other WoW cinematics combined which has been out for years, some over a decade…

  13. BFA = MOP | Shadowlands = WOD. In MOP we saw Garrosh becoming evil and then captured, manages to run and opens a portal to Draenor, In BFA Sylvanas becomes evil, gets "cornered" in Orgrimmar (Btw she can defeat anyone at this point, obviously has she just pooped all over one of the most powerful entities and army of Warcraft), decides to leave and opens up a portal to another dimension. Sounds familiar? Maybe the biggest difference is that we fight Sylvanas in WOD 2.0 not in MOP 2.0.

  14. Wow I see the Lich King got the John Connor, Luke Skywalker, Night King treatment… my condolences WOW fans… now it's your turn for your franchise to get hit by modern feminism.

  15. Lore experts tell me: is Sylvanas Windrunner the Banshee powerful enough to singlehandedly wipe out a small undead army without a scratch, then utterly overpower the Lich King (even if he is conflicted in that role) again without a scratch?

  16. is the shadowlands map gonna be modified Northrend, like how WOD modified TBC map? lol. I hope not. nah, idc one way or another.

  17. Lol not for my life my children or wife I don’t betray my God he will give back everything you take from me one of the laws I shall not kill as much as you think you can you simply cannot it is written it is said it is done

  18. Kind of strange a being (Sylvanas) that got its power from the lich king was able to destroy its source. I kind of feel the lich kind should have been able to recapture and control her.

  19. This is disappointing, it feels almost like a retcon of the lore, remember in Halls Of Reflection? Sylvannas stated that trial by combat against the Lich King would be fuetial, she even fought him and failed. Now she can Over power him? (I know that was Arthas but even so he helmed the same power) Shadowlands has some explaining to do.

  20. looks really good. but it does bother me she could just walk into the lich kings home solo. and pwn him.
    like come on……

  21. I do not understand most of the hate in this comment section. Most of them Just don't follow the lore and are blinded my Nostalgia…

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