Woodturning Art Fill Cracks And Voids With Crushed Stone and CA Glue

hey Woody’s wood pops here so you want
to see what happened to that oak burl that we turned in the last episode you
remember the one that had all the cracks and the voids in it that nasty looking
over oh that Hurricane Irma left me stick around in this episode we’re gonna
fix it right up in this episode of expressions in wood
we’re going to take that oak burl that we turned in the last episode the one
that hurricane Irma dropped on me and we’re going to fix all of those cracks
and those voids using crushed stone inlay and then at the end of the episode
I’m gonna reveal one of my secret techniques to turn that ordinary piece
into an extraordinary work of art maybe maybe not you have to stick around and
see in any case please subscribe click the little bell down there so that you
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alright alright alright let’s go you
here we are you got this nasty old burl here and the first thing we’ve got to do to
it is we got to protect the wood from the CA glue so the first thing we’re
going to do is we’re going to put a coat of sanding sealer CA sealer on it which
of course is my solution of of shellac and denatured alcohol so that’s what
we’re gonna do first here and we’re just we’re just going to start inside here this thing all protected up everything
looks good so we have enough sanding sealer
protectant on there fry the phase one is complete I’m gonna go clean my brush and
we’ll be back later okay I’m back for Phase two and in Phase two we’re going
to clean out all of the voids and all of the cracks that we’re gonna fill with
crushed stone inlay because as you recall we covered the whole piece with
the solution of shellac and denatured alcohol to protect the wood from
staining by the CA glue so now I want to go back in all those areas where I’m
going to lay in the stone I want to clean the shellac out as you can see I’m using my Dremel and
the bit in the Dremel is in the long gated burr tool this is the first bit I
use when I want to clean out the larger voids in this area right here I’m
preparing the outside of the rim for my secret technique that we’ll use at the
end so make sure you stick around and see what that is as you probably noticed I switched from
the BRR bit in my dremel to a smaller carbide tip bit so that I may get into
the smaller cracks the next thing I’m going to switch to is my nsk presto
because it takes smaller bits till I can get into the even smaller cracks and
finally I’ll end up with a sharp point carbide bit so that I can add a little
eye candy here be sure and stick around and see what that is Oh what was that that was a little gecko
we’re gonna take a little gecko and we’re gonna put him right on the side of
this piece I’m gonna take the image from a sheet that I printed out that I’ve
researched on the internet and I’m just going to use a piece of tracing paper
and a simple pencil and transfer this image onto the side of my bowl watch and
see how I do it you Wow a little crystal gecko on the side
of our piece how intriguing I’ll ride all right all right we’re
ready to go this is wood pops we’re getting ready to inlay this piece I know
the nose has got to go huh that was a little much you can’t have fun doing
this my bother right I’ve got my safety glasses on because you never know when
this stuff might come up in your face so the other thing is when you’re using
superglue CA glue especially very thin you want to protect your eyes you don’t
want this splashing up in your eyes so as a precaution the other thing is you
want to make sure you have all your ventilation wide-open
you got your fans going your doors open and as soon as I’m done recording this
intro here that’s what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna stop and I’m gonna open my
doors and turn my fans on so this is the last time I’ll speak to you unless I’m
doing a void unless I’m doing a voiceover getting my Boyd’s and my
voices mixed up it’s what happens when you get to be an old man okay so let’s
get started here we’re gonna start with this void right
here on the bottom and the first thing we’re gonna use is some man-made
turquoise as in all my projects I’ll be using the star bond super thin CA glue
and I’ll be using the stick fast activator remember to go easy on the
activator because it can cause cloudy and bubbling I’m gonna sprinkle in a
little tiny bit of the blue man-made gold stone remember my motto less is
more at this point right here I’m going to
use crushed stone that’s about the size of a grain of salt I’m going to sprinkle
it in because I want it to fall in and around the larger pieces that I’ve
already added to fill in all the little voids see how it filled those cracks in nicely this is a little bit different than
doing a bowl grimm inlay on a bowl it stays in place this you got to be
careful because the glue will run out over the side of the rounded part of
your piece so you got to be real careful notice the size of the crushed stone
that I’m using as this sequence progresses as I get further and further
along in this I keep reducing the size of the crushed stone all the way down to
just below the size of table salt it’s almost powdery in form this is so
that you can fill in all the small little cracks and get everything nice
and even now we have to address
this big void right here I hope that’s not too close where it’s
blurry so we have two options to go with this void one we can just highlight the
cracks around it and we can leave the void because this some really nice
character you can see that some great character there or we can fill that in
since this is a video on filling cracks and voids I’m gonna fill that in I’m
going to show you how to do it okay hang on don’t go anywhere because we’re gonna
get right to that void if you haven’t subscribed yet this would be a good
opportunity for you to pop down there hit the subscribe button and ring the
little bell I’m going to use this piece of black heavy-duty duct tape put it on
the inside of the bowl make sure the edges are all pressed down nice and
tight so the glue doesn’t leak through then I’m going to apply my crushed stone
to the outside and I’m gonna sprinkle them right in
there and it’ll stick to the duct tape but you don’t worry about that because
we’re gonna sand that out anyway so that won’t matter we just want to get a nice
layer right in there then I’m gonna take some smaller pieces and fill them in and then I’m gonna take some of this
powder and I’m layering it all in there I want
to cover that first layer of turquoise and I’m going to tap it now see that all
settling okay so here’s what we’ve got now we have
this beautiful inclusion right here in the wood you can see it it’s got this
beautiful bark it’s got all of this really nice character so at this point
in time what I’m going to do is I’m going to combine the mineral inlay with
the beauty of the inclusion by not filling it all up I’m just gonna have a
little bit of crushed stone in there and the crushed stone is not going to be
sanded it’s not going to be smooth it’s gonna be rough just like you see it people are gonna look at that and
they’re gonna say wow was that in the wood and you’re gonna say that’s my
secret so we’re gonna seal that in with CA glue and that inclusion is done what
do you think you like it you don’t like it please let me know in the comments I
would appreciate it you know what let’s make this pop shall
we we’re gonna make this pop you know what
I mean when I say pop don’t you remember Emeril Lagasse the famous chef he used
to say BAM when he put something in unusual okay here we go BAM see that that’s a little secret you get that for
free Wow that is freaking awesome Boyd’s and cracks I’ve got some more inclusions over here
I’m gonna fill these oh wait a minute what’s this uh we have a little gecko
sneaking on this we need to take care of let’s deal with that gecko next shall we
I’m gonna fill this little gecko in with this green Goldstone I’m also going to
use a little bit of pale green a few shite as some highlights and then I’m
going to use some black jet out on his fingers and toes of his little feet at
this point in time you just use your artistic imagination and do what you
like – this little gecko alrighty okay as you can see I filled all the
voids and cracks on this piece and we’re ready to start sanding I’m gonna power
sand each one of these spots that we inlaid I’m going to use 80 grit
sandpaper I’m gonna make sure my spindles locked at stationary and at the
same time I’m gonna be removing any tool marks that I can find I stopped the
lathe and locked my spindle and with my power drill and my sanding disc ice and
each piece of the inlaid burl separately making sure that I sand away all of the
glue in the excess proud mineral inlay also make sure that I sand away any tool
marks I do this all the way around once I have sanded the piece all the way
around all the tool marks are removed all the mineral inlay that is proud of
the borough has been removed and I’m ready to go on and Sam the whole piece
while it’s moving at this point I’ll switch to my right angle sander and I’ll
put on two sanding pads as cushions the piece has been completely sanded
with 80 grit paper it’s ready to move on to the 100 grit all the way through 1000
grit using my right angle sander Wow look how great it looks when I apply a
little bit of denatured alcohol you can see what we’re gonna look like here and
this is only sanded to 80 grit I’m gonna go ahead and finish sanding
the piece all the way through 1000 grit off-camera I’ll be back shortly
don’t go away you want to stick around and see what my surprise secret fixes on
this burl left by Hurricane Emma okay I’ve sanded all the way through 800 grit
and now I’m going to switch over and use my a belong pads by America and I’m
going to sand from 1000 through 4000 each individual little spot of mineral
inlay then we’re going to switch over to the Beall system and we’re going to buff
the whole piece with the Tripoli the white diamond and then the wax and then
we’ll be ready to go over and do this secret technique that I promised we are finished polishing and it is so
weak check it out for my bonus technique we’re gonna use
some walnuts shavings which came off of my bandsaw we’re gonna use some medium
thick star bond and we’re going to use some super thin star bond and we’re
gonna use a little stick fast we’re also going to use my dremel with the bar tool we’re gonna be adding some faux bark
here if you recall in the earlier part of the video I chopped up the edge of
the bowl here to make it rough the first thing I’m going to do now is I’m gonna
put a little bit of thin CA glue then a layer of medium thick CA glue then I’m
going to add a little bit of the walnut shavings then I’m gonna move a little
bit further along the rim of the bowl to the next area and I’m gonna rinse and
repeat that and I’m gonna go all the way around to where the bark already exists
watch and see how I do it as you can see here I’ve got a nice
layer of faux bark along this edge we’re gonna let that dry just a second and
then I’m gonna get my stick fast out and I’m gonna shoot a little bit on there
then the next thing I’m gonna do is take a little brush a little stiff brush and
I’m going to brush that excess shavings off I’m going to use my Dremel and the burr
tool to knock the top off of this faux bark to make it look more realistic it’s
just a matter of feel and sight what looks best to you okay check it out there it’s looking
pretty good almost looks like real bark by the time
we’re done you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real bark and the
faux bark the next thing we’re going to do here is we’re gonna put some lights
in on see that light tchen we’re gonna add some of that to our faux bark we’re
gonna duplicate our lighting with some crushed few shite which is kind of a
pale green it also has a little shimmer to it so it almost looks exactly like
that pale green legend you see there on the real bark one last little bit of super thin CA
glue here to set everything up that looks pretty good
Wow what do you think next that looks like real bark nobody will be able to
tell the difference well that wraps up that episode of
expressions in 1 I hope you liked it be sure and tell me down in the comments
what you thought if you haven’t subscribed please do so right there and
the next video is up right over there be sure and check it out thanks a lot

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