Wolverine vs Black Panther – Epic gadget Battle Challenge

Wolverine vs Black Panther – Epic gadget Battle Challenge

how you do Chad wild clay and you guys
loved the last verses series you’ve been commenting like crazy to do Wolverine
versus Black Panther we’re gonna have a face-to-face battle to see who would win
and whose weapons are better let’s do it ready so I was already dead but you just
kept going that’s what you can do with these superheroes right dad you can’t I
over over again well speaking of that who do you think would win Wolverine or
Black Panther I’m not gonna pretend to be an expert on Black Panther plan I
know he doesn’t have that skeleton made of adamantium is that true yes okay I
think actually I think in the films they might call it by radium vibranium
vibranium he doesn’t have that awesome metal skeleton yes
black man that does not have that but the Black Panther does have a suit that
is resistant to metal resistant to metal it is the kinetic impact of anything
hitting him you want to rethink that statement you look good
ah that absorbs kinetic energy pretty much rendering him bulletproof
bulletproof yeah well Wolverines got that what else
don’t bull bruised not bulletproof he’ll he’ll get hit by a bullet and bottom you
feel heal from it apart hey you look like Wolverine actually you looked
exactly like him doesn’t doesn’t everybody leave a comment below and just
until he looks like Wolverine just think I could change the facial hair to look
more like well yeah yeah yeah I love you guys but what Justin says
kind of part your job here alright yeah who’s that in my contract yeah was shoot
okay alright so you’ll be the Wolverine I’m gonna be the Black Panther we’re
gonna face off at the end of this video we’re gonna have a fist to fist fight
see who wins first we’re gonna see though whose weapons are better thought
of ha a lot of claw tigerstyle kung that’s a real thing yeah yeah you didn’t
you didn’t just make that up right out oh hey well we’re the first weapons
today uh well Stu we gotta do the claws versus paws right oh you actually
literally brought your claws with I just have to bow they’re part of who I am
oh yeah they’re in here that’s why I’m better why are they just cooking yeah
you were holding them like this just to make you feel more comfortable I know
that’s like a trigger so no I’m watching out for triggers because this is your claws the claw Freezone but paws paws
are like huge claws are scary well getting scared well I’m gonna say that
Black Panthers paws are gonna be green floor better have a good argument Chad
wild clay here’s why because convinced me the Black Panthers claws contain
anti-metal so anything he touches her scraper though he can just like dissolve
through metal so I think he could probably like dissolve right through
Wolverines claws maybe I was just any metal or and
and adamantium yeah I guess these guys let me know down below could Black
Panthers claws because they’re they have that anti-metal property could they
defeat Wolverines claws you guys have to let us know you guys know more about
this than we do so fill us in and then we’ll go outside and decide at our own
way as well that’s right we have another verse battle for you today but today we
are in the new location balcony but we used to film down here in the lovely
pool area and now we are up here yeah as you guys may have noticed in our last
couple of videos our neighbors are given this kind of a hard time about recording
down there by the pool we said no more filming by the pool because number one
no one ever uses the pool so we don’t want you use it okay and you don’t have
your own livelihood you got to poop on other people slightly yes like fine
we’ll record in our balcony you’re not gonna stop us me yeah then just do not
quit you gotta be everywhere back will claw speed up help me out here
Panther this is gonna get edited no adamantium adamantium plies the guy
doesn’t even know what his own blades are made out of ho I happen to know for
a fact that these are longer than yours Panther yeah I got my claws which are
have anti metal in them so when I claw into metal it actually
just like tears right through check these babies out I got four claws one
for each finger none the thumb though cuz I gotta give you guys a thumbs oh
give this video a big thumbs up if you like my claws
thanks Pete Oh what doesn’t even matter what there cuz I’ll just cut right
through that a bad deal okay I’ve got mr. soda ninja right here with the old
gray mustache so I’m taking out sensei sort of ninja with my black panther
claws and bees gonna be down here she’s gonna catch
they’re about the ledge but don’t tell anybody
guffy climbing – she’s a little ninja timing over the little edge like this
look at the Black Panther Claw don’t let me down now who are you defeating Wolverine mutants
soda ninja is your view this patio is only big enough for one you I will bring
you know I’m gonna buddy of yours so I don’t want to see you hurt yourself at
these I would recommend you use these instead because these are gonna dig
right into your knuckles they already did yeah look at your knuckles so
Wolverine you got to upgrade your claws all right do these claws it’s only to
make you guys feel better though yeah yeah yeah
I want you guys to be scared by the blood you marry the ninja I did I sure
did and all right so Romulans met your match that was round number one guys we’ve got
round number two for weapons but before we get some more weapons first let’s
talk about who won round one he always decides who you are she’s the ninja and don’t serve her she’s dangerous guys
don’t mess with her okay so between the soda ninjas of these two you knocked
your opponents down into the ground I did one over in what are you doing
there what what what that what you’re you’re you’re petting of watermelon
youko big your hair with your cloths that’s pretty creepy dude you are curry
another creepy Wolverine here so your marine you puncture it but I don’t think
you quite defeated you’re a ninja he was he was still standing after eyes yes don’t go anywhere guys because we
are doing a weapon number two right now he’s not over yet he can still come back
and win this thing but I think I’m gonna win this how do yeah we haven’t finished this
battle yeah Justin no we gotta see who wins round two here settle this what’s
your weapon of choice for round two well I’ve heard a rumor that he doesn’t
only use the claws that come out of his hands but he also has knowledge of
swordplay yes very skilled at the katana so you’re just interesting why would he
ever need to use a sword that seems odd to me but maybe you guys can tell us
yeah comments what this scenario was I would required
I would guess like a long time ago like back away swords were used as he’s been
alive for so long maybe he was trying to keep his daggers kind of concealed you
know I want people to know about that they’ll let us know they’re the experts
I heard a rumor that Black Panther had vibranium energy daggers oh you mean
those purple daggers yeah yeah the legs are awesome they look pretty cool yeah I
think they’re gonna beat your katana that’s for sure okay yeah because
they’re purple because there’s nothing to do with it judgement is the energy is
there your sword doesn’t have any energy it’s
just a regular blade bull no maybe it’s just a decoy for like the real stuff
that comes out of my hand oh well we’ll find out alright alright
let’s do it all right first round was amazing I
thoroughly enjoyed it I hope you guys did too and I am ready for round two
how bout you I’m a good fighter stop all right what means going first because oh yeah
who’s your opponent tomato who – that ain’t no tomato whatever it is it looked
like it was like coming right at me bullring you would hit a little music
this small she beats us you know I asked you because I I thought she said can you
show me your boobs again so I can see it oh no it’s like early mark Mardi Gras
pit yeah Wolverine’s gone wild I am you know mutants gone wild and you get your
GoPro going you OH peace bro they’re pretty even to me they’re just
slightly different lengths that’s how that works would I do
Sylvester Wolverine yeah I was meant for this role I was made to play Logan’s
Sylvester Stallone has Wolverine I’d be kind of funny action you want to meet my
foe huh what the Pho that’s that’s pho everybody that is a Vietnamese soup I
wasn’t swearing YouTube on captions I was not swearing yes this guy oh look at
the size are you guys here you’re here I’m here he’s really scared of my black
panther energy daggers he’s gonna get a chop chop I don’t chop give him some
good energy oh I’ll give him some energy right through his furs Chad’s in a
watermelon ninja dojo this is not this isn’t a balcony and then backflip Curt
Parker over the edge into the pool and then we get yelled at and what that
alone at all times we’re not bitter at all demur cool
except for one well you know who you are yes oh yeah yeah we’re coming for you
now just kidding yeah you guys remember in the last video I was telling about
how one of them said there’s people here gunning after you right
nice be enough they’re gonna they’re gonna after me I don’t know if you’ve
got big guns me what are you doing you guys don’t realize this but V does this
every time an issue they’re bees are slow-mo ninja she’s some would say she’s
our slow-mo pro slow-mo pro pro oh are you kicked bumping my face I know what
you’re doing that’s one way to do it faceball anybody care for some
watermelon juice name energy takers disco daggers disturb
daggers sorry this guy won’t see it tumble lies there got one eye right down
here he was just middle section check out
this middle section that’s pretty good it’s covered in cat hair we actually
have cats that hang out on the best check out his bottom rope this rope did
not leave that seat he has he turn to be lazy no like a school watermelon I guess
that was pretty good why don’t you guys give me a kick bomb okay B that was a
pretty awesome slice I’m Wolverine fart but my slice was pretty amazing – who do
you think won you did get like two slices on your watermelon in job yes
thank you but I really like buried the way he iced it off and then he picked it
up with that I was pretty cool how he picked it up my gosh just covered he
like really took ownership that he took my advice from the last round he is
killing her welcome to round three we are gonna
start round three with a trivial question from B we are ready you guys
are both Marvel characters I decide to ask you about another Marvel cure oh
just our Marvel knowledge here Justin what do you know about your friend all
right let’s see everything okay Jessica Jones who is she married to Luke Cage I’ve been interaction very well I’m
lucky guess obviously Green what um well he won the
trivia but round three is not over yet we have to do a fist to fist battle are
you ready congratulations to Wolverine the winner
of today’s person humming have you guys thought you would win let me know down
below in the comments and you guys need to let me know who should battle Matt
down below don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up hit that Bell symbol
down below and click right here if you haven’t seen this video where we slice
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stuff right third eye her channel it’s super dope all right
kick bump for Wolverine out

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