Wire Modeling with Copper & Brass tubing Tesla Gator IFV Tank: part 1

Wire Modeling with Copper & Brass tubing Tesla Gator IFV Tank: part 1

Some of you may recognize this Tesla
tank rendering that I did about a year and a half ago if you haven’t seen it
linked above here in the right I’m gonna continue to design and develop this
vehicle as an infantry fighting vehicle sort of in the vein of this Stryker
right that you see right here and in this video we’re gonna start to build a
wire model of the Tesla Gator IFV my name is Eric Strebel I’m an industrial
designer welcome to my channel about product design and making I hope that
you like and joy and become a subscriber I want to let you know that my sponsor
PCB way is having a special right now $5 for up to ten boards maximum two layers
thick 24-hour turnaround time this is for new customers check it out in the
link below alright so to build a wire model like
this you need some sort of a plan and to make a plan you need a drawing so we’re
gonna do a top view and a side view isometric view which is a good idea no
matter what kind of a model you’re building I’m definitely drawing
inspiration from these rock crawlers if you haven’t seen any of those videos
super badass lots of that on YouTube go check that shit out this vehicle have a
crew of two two three a driver or some sort of tank commander possibly a gunner
depending upon how things go and probably some troop-carrying
capabilities in the back as well to know exactly how many of those are gonna fit
but we’ll see it has this side entry which is going to give the TC some
ability to see out maybe talk to his troops as they walk up alongside of him
control that sort of things a little different layout and then of course
troupe an entry in the back so we’re gonna put this drawing together and this
is gonna allow us to build the model to the scale that we want and get it built
in the correct proportions and the size all that stuff so it’s finishing up the
top details here now I’ve also gone ahead and done rendering which I will
release separately of this vehicle it’s also drawing inspiration from the
American alligator as you can see here to the right so look for that video very
soon let’s talk about these plans and how you get them and how you get it to
the right size I know that my vehicle is five and a half meters length I’ll
figure that out from other vehicles that are in the same category so that gets us
550 centimeters in length we translate that out into the top view with the same
grid 1/2 meter grid that’s 103 meters meaning you can still push it out of an
airplane and airdrop it somewhere anywhere on the planet alright so how
did I get this I need to put this grid on top of here and to figure out this
grid I need to know the size that I want to build this thing and I need to figure
out a scale to build it at I’ve settled on a 114th scale alright so one point
114th is 0.07 one multiplier if you multiply this 550 over here on the right
times 0.75 centimeters right and so that’s the size grid that I lay on top
of my image to get the correct scale and then I can output it at that size you
see my guy here as well hundred and eighty centimeters tall
roughly my size for the Americans that’s about five foot ten
and so you can easily figure out how big your human is next to your vehicle and
in the top view as well all right so when I go to output this at the printer
though there is a certain amount of bleed so you’ll see here yeah the lines
don’t go all the way to the edge of the paper so you have to take that into
account when you go to print they printed this at 101 percent so one
percent enlargement to make sure that I can keep the actual size of the vehicle
all right so for this vehicle we’re gonna build out of three thirty-second
and 1/16 inch brass tubing and some copper wire he has stock in a country
that has not fully embraced the metric system it’s interesting much of the
packaging actually has the metric conversion next to the silly fraction
man I’m cursed anyway let’s just kind of follow along I’m not gonna talk too much
in this video here because it’s all about sort of watching and putting
everything together I’m gonna roll up the brass wheels first get those things
going hop on the roll bender get all the
circles turned enjoy you you and that’s how I start the wire model
build of this Tesla Gator IFV so the super cool thing about using this
technique is you can design and build the vehicle or the object the inside and
the outside at the same time very fantastic if you liked the video give it
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13 thoughts on “Wire Modeling with Copper & Brass tubing Tesla Gator IFV Tank: part 1

  1. Great video. Next time lose that hip hop music with the fast hi-hat sound. It drives me insane. That's just my vote!

  2. Did you bought the tiny bender/roller thingy? Or another unreleased DIY Project?
    Do you have drawings of it?

    Something like this could help me a lot to make the Bezel part around Clockdials and the Glasscover 🙂

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