Winter Scenes with the  Snow Front Set Make One Simple Change and  Get Two Card Variations!

Winter Scenes with the Snow Front Set Make One Simple Change and Get Two Card Variations!

Hi stamping friends! Melissa Kerman here
with Melissa’s Crafting Treehouse. Today I have a simple project for you
made with the Snow Front stamp set. In this video you’ll learn a simple trick
for creating two different cards with the same exact cardstock and layering
with one simple change. So this was one of my three club and free card kit
projects for November/December 2019 and I showed people how to make the focal
piece in two different ways so they had some choice about how to make their card.
Now to start with off-camera I have die cut one of my stitched rectangle dies
for my focal piece. Now I’m going to start by showing you the simpler of the
two card layouts and I’ve got my blueberry bushel ink there. I’ve inked it
up and stamped it off once on my scratch paper and I’m gonna stamp that mountain,
and then I’m gonna go back in and ink it up again and I’m gonna stamp off twice
and then do my second mountain, and then I’m gonna go ahead and use my third and
my fourth inking to create even more of a scene with mountains in the background.
Each time I stamp it the ink gets a little bit lighter which makes those
mountains look more in the background and of course the darker mountains in
the foreground. Now this blueberry bushel ink is very
dark and sometimes when I stamped it and I use second inking it was really too
dark and I think that was a function of how juicy the ink pad was. So you may
want to test out your stamping of the mountain on your scratch paper and you
may want to start with third inking for that first mountain and then do third
fourth fifth and sixth instead just so that your mountains don’t overshadow the
tree. So now I’m stamping the tree in early espresso ink and I’ve stamped it
in such a way that the branches sort of straddle that one darkest mountain on
the left. And now I’m coming in with my real red ink and stamping a little
cardinal on branch of the tree now I found when I
stamped these birds that I had to stamp them a little bit lower than I actually
anticipated in order to actually have them touch the branch and make it look
like the bird had landed and wasn’t coming in for a landing. So that might be
something you’d like to play around with ahead of time on your scratch paper to
make sure that you get the bird where you want it. Now you may be happy with
how having the bird flying in and coming in for a landing
but I really wanted my birds to actually be standing or sitting or whatever birds
do, on the branch branches themselves. So now I’m gonna stamp my ground image in
the gray granite ink just below the tree and I actually like it to overlap the
very bottom of the tree just a bit again so the tree doesn’t look like it’s
flying above the ground and then I’m gonna take this second image which I can
play around with at the very bottom to create a little bit more of a different
kind of ground, doing first, second, and third inking. And that’s pretty much it
for that focal piece. Now for this next focal piece I’ve used quite a number of
images, more than in the last one, so it’s a little bit more complicated to build
but it’s still really easy. So I’m gonna start with stamping my little cabin
there because to me that’s sort of the anchor point for the scene. So I’ve
stamped that cabin in early espresso ink. And next, I’m going to be stamping my
evergreen trees. Now in this stamp set there are five images that are evergreen
trees, in different shapes and sizes. I’m using mossy meadow ink for these and I’m
going to start with the biggest of the images and do one image fully inked up
there and to the right. And now I’ve got one of my smaller evergreen trees that
I’m going to stamp next. You may be able to see there that I have more than one
stamp mounted to each block, so I’m just turning it over, when I want to use the
other side. And now I’ve inked up that one long sort
of series of trees, if you will, stamped it off and then I’m gonna stamp
that a few times with stamped off ink. And again the stamping off allows me to
get some dimension and depth to the forest scene that I’m creating so some
of the trees look like they’re in the background and some in the foreground.
And I just keep kind of coming in with each of the different evergreen trees
the different shapes and sizes to create my scene. So on the left there I’ve used
three out of my four evergreen trees to sort of create the forest scene and
frame the focal piece on the left side. Now I’m using my gray granite ink with
that small ground image, using full ink and a couple select spots and now I’ve
turned that image over just to have some variation in the shapes created on the
ground. And I’m using first and second inking and third inking in some cases.
And last but not least with this image I’m going to come in and do some ground
at the very bottom of the cardstock to create a place for my deer to stand and
a little bit of ground under the trees on the left as well. And now I’m using my
soft suede ink to stamp the little pair of deer right there. Now I could have
stopped here and made a card with this as you see I have done right here. This
one uses puff paint as well and I’ve got a little snowman there on the left. But,
my vision for this card was that I was going to provide a second alternative
for stamping the focal piece but I wanted to be able to use the exact same
card layering and cardstock and that original version had some blue in it. So
I decided to stamp some of the mountains in the blueberry bushel ink on this
focal piece also to see if it would then work with the same card layering. So here
I’ve stamped off my blueberry bushel on my scratch paper stamped it on to my
focal piece, and now I’m stamping it again for my second inked image and then
third inking the mountain in the background. So to
finish off these cards I’m going to dry emboss a piece of seaside spray using my
subtle embossing folder and of course I’ve done one for each of the cards and
I’m orienting it so that the lines are horizontal or with the landscape
orientation. And I’m just going to go ahead and attach that piece to my
blueberry bushel card base and I’ve got dimensionals on the backside of my early
espresso cardstock piece and now I’m just going to attach my focal piece to
my early espresso piece and then I’ll go ahead and attach my assembled focal
piece to the card. So as you can see with this one simple change of adding the
blue mountains to my stamped images I was able to use the same card layering
for both of these cards and provide a couple of alternatives for how to stamp
and create two different cards instead of just one. I hope you’ve enjoyed my
projects today. To learn more about my clubs and free card kit program click on
the link in the video description below. If you enjoyed this video please give it
a thumbs up share it with friends and subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks
so much for spending some time with me today and happy crafting!

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  1. I LOVE this video, Melissa! I really like the “scene building” stamp sets and your video has helped give me several different ideas to use them even more! Such fun! The simplicity of the scenes just ooze peace n’ serenity! I LOVE THAT! TFS n’ HAPPY STAMPIN’ n’ CREATIN’! :-))

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