Winged Origami heart

Winged Origami heart

The Winged Heart by Francis Ow who has given his kind permission I recommend two-color origami paper (10 cm or larger) The difficulty is low intermediate but with a little patience also a beginner can fold this I use a big sheet to show but as a smaller sheet is also ok fold in the middle the same in the other direction corner to corner and edge to edge fold bottom edge to the center line, so that the sheet is divided into quarters On the other side, the same thing Open reverse one of the outer folds so that a quater is red fold along the old crease from mountainfold make a valleyfold turn model Fold the lower edge pointed From the bottom up there the point is at the intersection of two fold lines the other side also with a 45 ° angle fold smoothing turn model again the outer sides fold inwards the edge to the center line also on the other side not too far below fold the model looks like this now Now the hard part pull over the top layer fold along this line dragging the paper with such a large piece of it is a little harder smaller paper is easier push in the fold Reverse the two folds now from mountainfolds to valleyfolds similar as before smooth again Here make a new fold in the top fold a new crease by flatening, the others were only reversed and the same thing on the right reverse the fold all aligned , and above the new fold again the movement to reproduce fold and unfold small spikes again 45 ° a new fold between these two points, over there also take the paper and place the edges up the same step as before open on both sides press that point uowards flatten this fold is turned make the spikes precise the other side of the same way once more to see on the back you can already see the heart still there is something missing turn fold little spikes again the known 45 ° fold spikes back you can adjust the folds as you like with more creases, the heart becomes rounder to keep it easy – I make only 3 folds per side the heart is ready, now to the wings we do a Zik-Zak fold with the wings (like a Achordion) eg either 4 or 8 folds (the more the better) always back and forth, edge to edge always calm and patient and done and that could even be the final model (perhaps add tape) good, especially with small paper now turn all the crease around to make a total of 8 set to exactly the edges together Here we see a mountain fold put together the layers this makes it easier and more accurate and repeat with the other folds reverse the crease and fold edge on edge and thus arises a fold in the middle of the edges one more time this edge to the next edge and make a crease fold also the last on in half push the wings together bend and shape and that’s the Winged Heart! I hope it is in time for Valentine’s Day a lot of fun, until next time

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  1. @pointtop123 Schön,dass es dir gefällt in den nächsten Wochen mache ich die Anleitung auch auf Deutsch

  2. @tavin15 Tja, meine Internetzeit ist auf 5% seines ursprünglichen Volumens von 2008 zusammen geschrumpft, aber ich bin immer noch hier. (c;

  3. @tavin15 I'd say the whole model was rather easy to fold, like really pretty darn easy, it's just that it's hard to show it on camera and make the viewers see how easy it is, but it's not a hard fold to do.

  4. I think you should subtitle your tutorials… Because people like me, who isn't English or don't know English too good it's easier reading than hearing.

  5. hello, I think it is not necessary to really understand what it says, you just have to watch what he do – origami don't need any word, when the tutorial is well done (like here ;))

  6. haha i didnt expect to make this one so easily, because i dont have paper with different colors on both siders.
    i taped 2 X16cm squares together and folded those, and im actually very satisfied with the results.
    it looks like a nice brooch 😀

  7. Tavin Tavin Tavin
    All that accent you be havin'
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    With your pretty hands
    And tasteful dress shirts
    That appear to hide such a dessert
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    You may be Irish or German or even French
    But it didn't matter when we made love in a trench 
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    But even so, our love is forever, b*tch

    *disclaimer: simply a joke

  8. i watched the video then tried it exactly 45 times and all i got was the plain stupid hear next time please do the easy way o do it its cute but i want to actually do he wings 2 so please make an easy way

  9. What I did was: make a heart, then I made separate from that was a paper fan, then I used tape and taped them together. There's the easy way.

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