Windmill Base Origami Instructions

Windmill Base Origami Instructions

hello dear friends of the folded i’m
Tavvin from Tavins Origami Instructions and today i’ll show you how to fold the
traditional windmill base it’s super easy to do – works with any quadratic
sheet and it’s the base form for a lot of traditional models like the german
horse and horseman or the spanish Pajarita and we begin with any quadratic
sheet – I use dual color paper for demonstrational purposes and we fold the
paper in both ways diagonally and unfold again – make sure to make those precise
and clear creases because all other creases depend on it just align the
edges and the corner just like this and fold away from yourself that is why I’m
turning the paper so much that is good folding style – now fold the edge towards
the center to mark a quarter basically on both sides .And then open it up again
and turn over the sheet ones and fold all corners towards the center number three just make sure everything
is nice and neat and keep folding away from yourself that is why I’m turning
the paper so much I know it’s a little confusing to follow but it gives you
better results and open it up again and turn the sheet one more time and now
again fold the edge towards the center of the paper creating quarters basically
but this time in the other direction so you get a four x four grid basically
with the middle lines missing now what we do is we push this
bottom layer here towards the center for this we open up those two sides and just
push and flatten it and because we did all the pre-creases it is very easy and
the paper wants to basically move in that direction and now we do it on the
other side to open those two flaps up a little bit and push and flatten and now
for the windmill turn those two flaps and you’re done that is your origami
windmill base it’s a model on its own and the base for a lot of cute little
easy origami it’s a very old and traditional base and if you like this uh
which I hope you did please let me know in the comments also what I could
improve and if you want to get notified whenever I upload something new which
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you very much for watching see you next time bye bye

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  1. Thank you for this straight forward video. I do not follow 2D instructions well…which is why I've never learned to knit. 🙂 Your video rescued me from disappointing my 4 yr old.

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