13 thoughts on “William Shih (Harvard) Part 1: Nanofabrication via DNA Origami

  1. I hope these discoveries never become applicable within the military industrial complex once the technology matures.


    Useg Diaz-Granados

  2.  Dr Shih seems to assume that the audience are exclusively biologists . This is interdiscplinary topic and i am really having hard time understanding Bio, DNA jargon, 

  3. This is really super work and very beautiful too.  I'm sure that there will be lots of applications and that a very wonderful future can be engineered.  Many thanks to you and the people who helped you.

  4. what classes do you have to take as an undergrade to go into this field? Also what engineering major will lead to this field?

  5. God bless our great great president of the United States Donald J Trump
    The scientist who designed the Nano picture of the United States new who was the greatest nation on the Earth

  6. Do you use a ligase to ligate the sticky ends after letting the structures assemble? I imagine this would considerably improve stability and strength.

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