100 thoughts on “Will Anime Improve or Destroy Your Art? | Sculpting Asuka in 3D [Evangelion]

  1. All I have to say here is that "Good habits are easier to break than bad ones" Learn to do it properly then stylise and simplify. Drawing Anime with a firm grasp on anatomy is easier to do than drawing realism with only half formed skills.

  2. Very interesting video and a beautiful sculpt!
    I think getting too comfortable with any particular art style can become a crutch. It reminds me of the "CalArt" style that became ubiquitous with popular animation in the past few years (thin arms and legs that look more like skin-colored tubes, big heads, bulging and often overlapping eyes with a large bean-shaped mouth with vertical lines showing one row of teeth. Think Adventure Time. Gravity Falls. Steven Universe. Star vs. The Forces of Evil etc..)

    If you take the time to learn anatomy and learn in more traditional terms, then you can abstract-away until your own design theme and motifs emerge, but far too many people pick up a particular "art style" because it acts as a shortcut. Many feel like they do not need to understand the underlying principles of body proportions and ratios before jumping in. And while they might work for a short while, so many people I know fall into a rut and feel boxed in by their own limitations because they tried to skip ahead rather than learn the fundamentals.

  3. A common misunderstanding that almost nobody considers (specially teachers at school) is that they think that Anime style is simplistic and therefore they don't consider it "artistic enough" when that is non accurate at all…
    The best mangaka out there have a very deep understanding or anatomy, and some of the most revered manga and anime have a extremely detailed and pretty accurate anatomy, despite being stylized enough to not be realistic (specially the face), obviously like with every style of art, there are more "stylized versions" that aren't anatomically correct but after all that's their own style.

    I keep saying, if teachers at schools don't like anime and keep saying the same nonsense, they shouldn't teach cartoon either… Well after all, thanks to art school teachers I ended up studying computer science, working as a software developer in python (coincidence blender? XD) and with that money I'm buying tools and paying courses to become a 3D artist myself (while doing game development on my free times)

  4. Heres the Menu:
    Futura Organic Anime Style
    Theandric Civic Anime Style
    Marvel/DC Comic Style
    Walt Disney Animatic Style
    Graffiti/Urban Style
    Hanna Barbara Jazz Action Style
    Warner Brothers Squash Style
    Canadian Vivid Cut Out Style

  5. People use the word Art with abandon these days. Anime is a style that is predefined. Anyone doing anime is not creating art, they are reproducing a style using a certain technique to achieve that style, whether it's inking or sculpting or both. I can find endless examples from YouTubers creating anime and guess what?…it all looks the same! Some do it better but it still looks the same. Most of their fans are kids and young adults. People also like to think the practice of a technique is art, but it is more akin to "commercial art" They are really talented technicians with an artistic flair in the world of media. A lot of media technicians like to think they are artists because it makes them feel good…They hang-out with like-minded people doing the same. These tribes perpetuate the myth that they are artists and when they become large enough to critique others they become self-fulfilling experts amongst their own tribe. They get status, they feel legitimized. Most people creating "digital art" are self-delusional "artists" who work for "the man" and will bend over backward to create whatever "the man" wants. The game and movie industry have created positions that have the word "artist" in the title and their employees actually think they are. They have their names in credits amongst hundreds of others but when they die no one will remember them as Artists. Are these people talented? …Hell Yeah! Should they get paid well? …Yes! Are they peers of DaVinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh or Pollock? …Hell No!

  6. I learned to draw anime for the sake of drawing anime because I like it. I literally dont care what anyone says my art makes me happy and I’m proud that my friends enjoy it thats all that really matters.

  7. Bro ok what exactly did you do at 5:35 you didn't parent the bones with the mesh you didnt apply weights nothing and your model automatically was able to be posed D: out of all the years of modeling in blender ive never seen that what happened

  8. Really good advice! I would love to see you doing a self portrait of yourself in your style. It would probably look so cool! 😄

  9. Problem is the tendancy to represent female characters as oversexualized 13yo teenagers.
    I can't tell if it's really inherent to the art style itself, but the pattern is reproduced in this very video.

  10. I like Anime, and i have Dream to make Music Video using Anime Girl + Dubsteo and make They Fight…
    I inspired by VNGNC, he made Music Video Car Race and the Result so GOOD…

  11. Anatomy and structure are still essential in anime style art. If someone's anime art is bad, it is not the fault of anime style. It is simply his skill is bad.

  12. I remember when Blender was a bastard off shoot, now it's got more features than Max or Maya and 2.8 makes it easy for me to go from Max to Blender without having to relearn industry standard buttonology.

  13. As an artist who work in the collectible Anime statues industry, the answer is way more simple, why are you learning Anime in the first place? If you wanna work in the anime industry then yes you need to study it. Is traditional art important, yes because is the foundation how anime is created, you need to understand what kind of shapes anime is simplifying, in anime faces are the hardest thing to learn and is the part of the body that is stylised. But the rest of the body knowing traditional anatomy is extremely important

  14. I've been wondering this for a while and it's driving me nuts. At 1:10 you create a mirror modifier for the eye and it automatically creates a new one. Blender does not do that for me. How are you (from my perspective) skipping steps? When I mirror eyes I have to use the eyedropper to select the head object before it mirrors anything. You don't. Why? It makes me wonder what else works differently for you and is pretty discouraging.

  15. You shouldn't start doing anime/stylized styles before learning proper anatomy or else you will learn wrong proportions and will have a harder time doing realistic characters.

  16. Anime is inspired by Disney design, this is basicaly like anything besides photorealistic drawings are bad. Reading manga there are many unice art styles that become iconic and instantily recognizable.

  17. Practice however u want but if u work in 3D for film or AAA games rn they mainly have us doing realistic work, & since a lot of characters are motion capture, there's a ton of 3D environment work & also FX. There are stylized projects such as Pixar style 3D cartoons and furry animal type characters like Zootopia & other films & shows directed at kids. I worked on one with mermaids where the eyes were large like a hybrid anime/ realism. But yea in my experience ur better off studying realism bc even stylized char aren't flat. This "anime sculpt" u did is basically a realistic figure w/ big eyes & idealized body. I will tell u be careful putting overly sexualized females in your portfolio bc it's ok in Asia but in US/ UK u risk offending the hiring officers. At some studios it's considered misogynistic & inappropriate

  18. It's always a mystery to me how you sculpt in blender barely touching the mouse to add objects, extrude,rotate pan and zoom etc…

  19. If funimation and 2 other licensors said it would be a good idea to make a crossover CGI 3D anime movie with all characters from popular animes and have the people who animated scoob animate it XD

  20. Takes >1 week to finish realistic sculpt with anxiety and totally not enjoying the process. Viewers skimming at your art for <few seconds and say eh its okay

  21. Biggest lesson for people, not just artists, is to avoid being a purist at anything, it's an unnecessary limitation that you force on yourself. You will never know if you want something if you have never experienced it. So it's about being open to experiences. Exploring your horizons is not about finding what you want but a way of knowing what you don't want. Never stop exploring until you are dead.

  22. You need to start realistically, then imitate as wide a range of styles as possible. Eventually your own style will emerge, but you need to go through the intermediate steps.

  23. i think anime usually is what prompts people to start drawing, its the reason i started. then most people branch off and start developing their own style, also i hate realism, humans are ugly XD

  24. Dont try to do style… Focus on mastering the tool you use or want to be good at. Ask yoursel do you want do do traditional or digital. Do you want to do your art for money or you dont need/want to.
    Focus on fundamental abilities.

  25. Hey men love your channel. Trying to hype myself into learning Blender (7 year Cinema 4D user 🙂 ).
    Couple of questions:
    1. Did you do retopology?
    2. UVs?

  26. Its only helped my stuff, I pull things from anime and superhero comic book art before comics began circling the toilet bowl.

  27. You did a pretty okay job on her sexy body and plug suit, but DUDE, it's properly pronounced Mong-guh, and you pronounced Evangelion wrong, watch the actual anime and listen for how they pronounce it or ask a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanatic how Evangelion is properly pronounced, then redo this video!

    By the way, I don't use a computer to create anything, just to remove red-eye from photos, I draw for real, ON PAPER… with a mechanical pencil and other TRADITIONAL mediums of drawing and coloring, which makes me a Traditional Illustration Anime/Manga Artist, so FUCK OFF GRAPHIC DESIGNERS AND WANNABE ARTIST'S!

  28. problem is some people (beginners generally) think drawing "anime" means you don't need fundamentals at all.. you still need a great knowledge of actual anatomy, shapes, value, to achieve great stylisation. just like you said, simplification is not as easy as it seems..

  29. Outside of hair and face, mang is very hung up on fairly accurate human anatomy and consistency. They still have to use the methods most of us are thought in school.

  30. Thank you for making this video my younger sister is always looking for ways to improve her art. This video not only informed her of other ways to improve but actually caused her to download Blender and give 3d modelling a go obviously she is new to it but I look forward to seeing where she takes it. I will also try my hand at Blender it will be a while before I produce anything remotely good but I look forward to learning

  31. It's always weird how to tell when I understand real human anatomy.

    I've been studying it a lot and have seen my drawings improve a lot.
    But there's days where it looks like I forgot everything, then the next day it comes back.

  32. I want to learn realism but don’t know how , that’s why I learn anime style is much more well…
    One of my friend art teacher really kind he respect any of artstyle as long the student done well & happy with it, need more people like these no “Anime is bad for you blah blah” , yeah it’s bad but said it with much better way

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