Wild Card & Suppressed Pistol (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Wild Card & Suppressed Pistol (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the skin Wild Card with a Suppressed Pistol, from Fortnite. Today’s video is sponsored by Squarespace The platform I use to create websites. Check out the end of this video where I will not only tell you more about it, But you will also get a voucher where you get free trial and also 10% off your first purchase. Now, let’s create Wild Card from Fortnite and this was one of the these skins where I got so many comments, which just said: Create this card! I know it’s out there probably about 4 weeks now, so it’s not one of the newest skins, but one of the most fascinating ones. Looks a bit like a hitman I think like a killer. In the white suit or in the bright grey suit and with the unique mask with either the heart or well all the symbols from a regular card game. And it was so interesting this guy and I thought this would be a great match for this channel and I hope you will really like it and appreciate it (we do appreciate it). because this is a really easy skin to create if someone of you is thinking about creating for the very first time one of the Fortnite skins I have made in the past. Well, you don’t have to start with let’s say a Ragnarok or… …any of the complicated skins you can just start with this one. You only need I think four different colors. We have white. We just added the grey. Then later we have some black and silver. Yeah, that’s it. And if you want to go with a Pistol I created, the Suppressed Pistol then you may need some brown and ochre, but well this depends on how much details you want to spend on this creation. Now this is what it looks from the side. I’m using a knife or my scalpel to get the legs into shape. It should really look like as if it is the suit with all the tiny folds and dents. And that’s it for the details on the legs. Almost finished. And now we can create the front part, the chest. There are a few more details because he’s wearing this vest underneath the jacket and we have five tiny buttons. They are also white and they are easy to attach if you use a scalpel, for example. You can see a part of the shirt, as well. This is the tie, the tiny black tie. I’ll try to get this really nice, because this draws your attention when you look at a really bright and clean skin. Everything which is disturbing like the black tie for example or later the red heart in the face of the mask. This just draws the attention. Yeah. So, this somehow I felt like being a tailor because I was cutting the clay the very thin layer with my scissors, for example. Now let’s fill in this piece, as well. It already looks so interesting. This piece. This skin. I know that it can be changed There was this challenge, the high stakes challenge. Is that right? I missed that one in Fortnite, so I’m not really sure. I know that you could get all the four different masks for this skin. Adding some more folds to the clothing. This is where the elbow would be. And we will cut away and this will be the connection part where you can see some parts of the white shirt and we will add the gloves, the black gloves later. For the black of the shoes I even used the transparent polish, but you will see that in a minute. Now, this is the collar, right? So, that’s it for all the difficult details on this creation. It took me maybe three and a half hours to create this guy compared to Ragnarok or Ravage which took over ten hours to create. So this helps like being on vacation, somehow. For the next week I have prepared or I will prepare some different games so there won’t be any Fortnite, but of course as season 6 is starting right now and probably when you watch this video it had already started, let me know what I should create from season six. This will be one of the videos which is coming the week after next week. Now we are focusing on the shoes. Now you are wondering which games I will create next week. Well one of the games isn’t even released yet, and I’m excited about it, to come out. It will come in October. These are the details on the shoes. Also not many details. You can even skip on these tiny shoe laces, but you can leave them out, of course. And this is some more fabric from the trousers. This guy already looks so handsome You wouldn’t believe that he’s a killer. Yeah, I should come up with a story about this guy. I think for the next skin I will ask the community, I will ask you again because you had so crazy ideas, which I enjoyed. And right now I have as I told you or not many ideas for this guy. Probably he is called Tom and he spent his childhood in… …the tiny village and then he came to a big town with all the casinos and he started gambling. You wouldn’t believe it and he became really good at cheating with cards. And later on… …yeah what happened later on? Maybe his wife was kidnapped or even killed and he’s looking for revenge. The tiny white nose which you can’t see because it’s under the mask, which is also not that difficult to create. Just make sure that you see where the eyes, the eyes and the nose is located. We are cutting the hole for the two tiny eyes, which are just black, so not really complicated. There is even some kind of protection on the back side of the head and all the stripes to connect these mask pieces into main position. And there are some more buttons on the left arm and also on the right. And now as the skin is finished all we have to create the drawing on the mask, but let’s focus on the silver on the metal suitcase with a handcuff attached to it. And at the corners, there are these protection pieces out of metal. It looks so typical for a gangster movie. In this suitcase there’s probably a lot of money or gambling cards. This paper clip was quite useful for the handle of the suitcase and we put it right into his hand. I made tiny holes in the suitcase itself, so we will be able to just stick it onto the paper clip piece after oven hardening. So this is the handcuff, which is open. And now, the Suppressed Pistol. I always thought this pistol is called silenced pistol, but that’s not right, right? This is probably some wood. So this is why I mix in some bright brown and some ochre and now all the details on the pistol. I tried to spend some extra time on these tiny details, because they are quite important. If the suit isn’t so detailed everyone will look at the weapon and the suitcase. So, this is the attachment for the silence mechanism. For this tiny tube. And we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Wild Card, blank Wild Card, because there’s no drawing in this game on the mask. We can assemble the Suppressed Pistol with some superglue. Just stick it onto the top and put it into his right hand. And now on the left hand let’s add this suitcase, the silver one. Let me know what you think is inside this suitcase. I really want to know. Some transparent polish for the shoes because this handsome guy should have some shining shoes, of course. Also the other one and now this is the last working step I’m taking. This red, tiny, tiny fine red pen, to draw the heart onto the mask. You can go with any sign you would like to create, but I thought the heart looks so perfect for this handsome guy, for Tom. Start creating this skin by yourself, because it was really easy. Look at that. And I guess that’s it Wild Card! I really hope you enjoyed this video of Wild Card. Let me now tell you more about today’s sponsor Squarespace, the platform I use to create websites. I wish I had found Squarespace earlier. You can create a beautiful website or even an online store with an award-winning template on this all-in-one platform and what I love about it there is nothing to install, patch or upgrade ever. If you want to get started Squarespace offers a unique domain experience that’s fully transparent and simple to set up and already used by many many different people, YouTubers musicians, designers, artists, even restaurants and more! Go to squarespace.com/clayclaim to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase. Check that out. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching. Guys, take care! Have a great weekend! Bye! Oh, no! He has a Suppressed Pistol! Because there’s no noise.

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