Why Your Boomerang Plane Unreturnable? #XTT

Why Your Boomerang Plane Unreturnable? #XTT

Hello friends There are many people who still cannot fold the correct plane are still struggling in the first version, Today I will show you where the problem is Maybe it should be in the case that your plane can’t working well Have you looked here? This is the version pro Here! You can see The plane that i have done is very symmetrical, proportional, well balanced This is pro version! If you fold well like this Ability to play successfully is very high I will let you take a closer look at the plane flat surface like no folds When I held my hands, I squeezed 2 wings together the back side was very flat and tightly close If you do exactly like this Then surely Your plane will return Now I will try You can see , a little swindy outdoor As you can see, the wind can cause trouble, if I fold it properly and correctly A little notice that when I leave it free, the wings don’t spread out too much If we can make the fold trongly stable then the best flying ability is raising As you can see, if I fold it properly, even though strongly wind, the plane can still return, Although it was a bit difficult to catch The point I want to emphasize is that the folding is accurate and the aircraft will definitely come back If you want to fold this version, please see the link above the video Say goodbye to you guys and see you at the next version Currently it is version 33 soon I will release many more others version See you at those version again, Have a nice day!!

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  1. Cậu ơi không dịch được phụ đề nha, chỉ dịch được phần mô tả thôi , cậu mở dịch phụ đề thì chị mới dịch được nhé hehe☺

  2. So let me talk about this vid so every vid he throws the airplane he actually changes the direction so if want to throw the airplane just look at his hand and focus on the direction on where is he going

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