Why Yeshua Is Ruler And Savior

After that, Peter says that Yeshua is Ruler
and Savior. That is, He is not only the Messiah in the
sense of being the deliverer, a sacrifice for sins. He is also God’s chosen ruler over mankind; Christ has authority. And why did God make Him Ruler and Savior? Verse 31 says… it says it is so that Israel would do
t’shuvah (Hebrew for repent). Stop and think: so that WHO would repent did
God make Yeshua Savior? Israel! So once again the Two-Covenant Theology that
the Law of Moses is for Israel and Christ is for
gentiles is shot down in flames. In fact, notice something I’ve mentioned
a couple of times; Peter has so far shown no interest in gentiles (as relates
to Christ and the Gospel). In fact it’s gonna take a particular incident
that is recorded in Acts chapter 10 before God gets the
message across to a reluctant Peter that Yeshua is for all peoples, not just Jews.

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