why we live in mexico and not in the united states (part 2)

Welcome back Tangerineys. If you’re new to our channel, my name is Maddie, this is Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels. We’ve been travelling through Mexico for going on 2 years now, travelling and living in Mexico across the country and over time, we’ve realized that there are some things that we really prefer about our life in Mexico over our former life in the U.S. Yeah, almost a year ago, we made a video of this part one and although we covered a lot of things in that video. There are things we’ve learned since then and also things we forgot to mention. Yeah, that’s one of the great things about travel – the more you do it the more you learn about yourself, about other people. I mean heck, that’s why we’re still on this big grand adventure. Yes. So, today we’re in Puerto Morelos and we’re going to be running some errands – taking you along with us and telling you all about this kind of thing. Laska, do you like the car ride? [Laska talking] [Laska talking] And in case you didn’t see the last video that we posted on this topic, we’re going to recap a few of the things that we mentioned in there. But if by the end of this video, you’re like, “I cannot believe they didn’t mention this!” Well, it’s probably in that video, so we recommend watching that once you’re done with this one. Yeah. So, some of the things we mentioned were that it’s less materialistic – the cost of living, the diverse nature across Mexico and some things regarding like the culture here and the way people act; like not being on their phones all the time when people are hanging out. Our first errand of the day is not on this list, but it is a big perk of living in Mexico and that is the full-service laundry here. You can get your laundry washed and dried and nicely folded for you, all for a reasonable price. So, we’re on our way to drop off our laundry. Stay, stay. The first one on our list is something I’m surprised we didn’t mention in the first video that we made on this topic, but it’s that we’re in very close proximity to the U.S, so, that’s a huge benefit of living in Mexico – is that no matter where you are in the country, it’s a relatively short flight to get back to the U.S. In some places, it’s not too far of a drive, so that’s a huge benefit. We can go back and visit our families across the country and it’s not a overnight flight like it is from the U.S to Europe or Mexico to Europe. Let’s be honest, you really like this lavandería because it’s basically your last name without an “E.” [Laughter] So, it was about 34 pounds of laundry and our total is 195 pesos ($10.04 USD). Tomorrow it’s going to be ready for us – tomorrow evening and they’re going to wash it, they’re going to dry it, they’re going to fold it neatly and bundle it up for us. It is the cutest thing ever when we’re driving around Centro of Puerto Morelos. We’ve encouraged Laska to be like… (mimicking Laska). We’ve encouraged Laska to be like (mimicking Laska). To the people around here. She talks to everyone. She talks to everyone – she makes everyone laugh. So you guys need to watch this… Laska. Roh, roh, roh, roh, roh. [Laska talking] [Laska talking] Let’s go get some breakfast! Hello! Hello! Good morning! How are you guys? Good, thank you! Hi, Laska! Lask, dear. Greet me. Come here. Come here! Greet me. How are you? She always gets so happy to see you, her ears just go right back! Will you keep it on? Yes. So we’re recording… Come on over here. Sorry. [Laughter] So, we’re recording a video today, but this is Ivett, the owner of Lola & Moya. Hi, hi, nice to meet you, everyone! And she just moved into this new place. She has really cool stuff going on inside there. It’s just down the street from her old restaurant. Jordan, you say cool stuff – cool stuff though. It’s way more than cool stuff. I think. We’ve got… These are from, you said Nayarit? Yeah, they’re made by ethnic people, Huichol people. Okay. So yeah, we’ve got them all the way from there. Amazing. And we’ll have to show you guys the incredible mural that’s going up inside and let’s not even get started on the food! Actually. Yes. Let’s get started on the food. I’m hungry. [Laughter] Okay! But without further delay, why else do we prefer our lives in Mexico over our lives in the U.S? So, the U.S is one of two countries in the world that taxes its citizens, regardless of where on earth you live. (There are actually 4 other countries that tax on worldwide income; North Korea, Libya, The Philippians and Eritrea.) But one thing you can do is if you live outside of the country for a certain period of time. Well then, you get a tax deduction on about your first hundred and ten thousand dollars in income. You still have to pay what they call self-employment tax. Assuming you’re set up as a self proprietor (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership) for your businesses. So that’s 16% taxes which includes Social Security and Medicare. But to sum it up, you get big tax savings if you live outside of the U.S. If you guys are coming to Puerto Morelos, I highly recommend Lola & Moya and not only for the food but I think this is the best coffee in town. I get this iced latte every single time I come and it never disappoints. If you like bananas, try the banana coffee. It’s delicious! The next reason we have is cost of travel. We mentioned the cost of living in our last video, And of course, that’s many people’s reason why they want to come to Mexico because it’s much cheaper than living in the U.S or Definitely cheaper than living in Europe but travel is also much cheaper within the country. With the caveat that we’re talking about – plane travel or by bus, even taxis, like taking taxis is significantly cheaper. Where travel in Mexico is not cheaper and if you’re driving a car like we are because you’re still having to pay for registration back in the U.S. To our understanding, you have to have U.S insurance as well as Mexico insurance. You’re also paying for gas, which is more expensive than the U.S, Tolls across the country, maintenance of course. Like there are a lot of costs and they add up. So, the great thing is you can travel by bus, you can travel by plane, and the tickets within Mexico are dirt cheap. Travel is also cheaper once you get to your destination. So, you’re going to be spending way less than if you were going to another U.S city. So, what did you get? Like always – like every time we come here; three, four to five times a week… I get Enchiladas Verdes because the green sauce is amazing! Yeah, the green sauce is so good. I get something that doesn’t come with it, but I ask for it every time because it makes
it so much better. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! And you get it with egg. It’s interesting, like breakfast enchiladas. Well, I’ve always considered enchiladas a dinner food, but in Mexico, they’re always on the breakfast menu. And as we were driving to breakfast, we realized we never updated you guys on what happened with the car battery situation. And if you didn’t see that video, basically, we went for regular maintenance at a Toyota dealership in Cancun and they told us the secondary battery, Not the hybrid battery, was going bad and that’s the one that starts a car and although Prius C’s exist in Mexico, the configurations for some of the parts are different between Mexico and the United States so they couldn’t use one of those batteries that they have for my car and they let us know that it would be impossible for them to order one. I’m not sure why. They told us that at the time. I would think you’d be able to go to a Toyota dealership anywhere in the world and get your battery replaced. Because it wasn’t like an authorized retailer. It’s like straight-up a Toyota dealership. So, we mentioned this in a video, tons of people reached out to help us out with this so that we didn’t have to drive all the way from Quintana Roo back to like Texas or something, to a U.S Toyota dealership and all the solutions were complicated, to say the least. But after we mentioned that in the video, the most miraculous thing happened. The Toyota dealership reached back out to us and what was formerly impossible was now possible for some reason. Yeah, so, you know, we don’t know if someone from corporate or something, with some power there, saw our video and was like, “Hey guys, figured this out.” Or if a bunch of people called the dealership and they’re like, “Okay, we need to figure this out because they sent their army.” Which we didn’t. We didn’t ask anyone to call or do anything. But thank you, guys. Thank you to everyone who helped who call dealerships all across Mexico. It’s amazing because we really did not want to have to drive, I mean, 45, 50, 60, 70 hours drive back to the U.S to get a battery on a battery that was bad. So, ultimately we went back to the dealership. They put the new one in that they somehow mysteriously got the correct one for my car and it was free. I was truly afraid to ask why it was free or like what happened exactly, in case it was like oh, this was a mistake. This is $5,000. It wouldn’t be that much. So, that’s the solution. It was free. So our battery is fixed. Hooray! We won’t be stranded in the desert somewhere. The next reason that we have is that Mexicans are very accepting of foreigners. Before traveling through the country, I had a little bit of a thought that maybe Mexicans would have some type of animosity towards us especially as people coming from the U.S because of the political environment, and because of the fact that it’s kind of not the same when Mexicans come to the U.S. I think many people, not everyone but many people have this like, “Learn to speak English” or like “There are these people invading” or you know, something like that. But it’s not that – it’s not that way in Mexico. People are welcoming, hospitable, patient; when it comes to us and our terrible butchering of Spanish sometimes (like we are doing our best to learn the language) but people are so patient with that. No one has ever said like “Learn to speak Spanish” or like they haven’t gotten frustrated, which I think is such a… It’s just one great feature or one great personality trait that many Mexicans have. Contrasting that to when we went to Peru. When we went to Peru, like our interactions with people were fine. We didn’t feel like that. I never got the impression that people didn’t like us there, necessarily. Yeah But we made two videos there and in the comments people were so mean. We’ve never turned off comments on a video but we almost did on those videos because it was just one after another of mean comments – like some of the worst comments we’ve ever gotten on our channel to date were on those two videos. In Peru, we tried tons of typical food. And of course, we couldn’t try everything. We were only there for like a week, but we tried the food. We tried to experience the culture just like we do in Mexico and whatever we did it was wrong. To Peruvians who were commenting, it was the wrong typical food that we tried, the wrong place, the wrong price, the wrong time of year. It was all wrong! Whereas, in Mexico, we go… I get the impression that Mexicans are just happy that we’re trying to experience their culture, and eat the food, and learn more about it, and When we do try something, they’ll be like, oh if you like this then you should go here or you should try this. So, we always feel like we’re welcomed in the culture here. And then it’s like “oh you did this, next time you come back you should do this” – like really positive, and helpful, and I really appreciate that. Yeah, me too. And I think that’s one of the big reasons why we’ve stayed here, among the many others. My hair is getting so long. I need a haircut really badly. So, we found this place where I’m going to try to get that done and something along the same lines as the last one we just mentioned where foreigners are very welcomed in our everyday lives. Or us, as foreigners, are welcomed in our everyday lives. Also, Mexico’s immigration policies are very friendly as well. If you have a U.S Passport and you look up what countries you can go to; visa-free, most of them you’re going to get 30, 60, if you’re lucky, maybe 90 days in the country. And I don’t know if there’s a single other country that’ll give you 180 days visa-free upon arrival. So, Mexico you get here, they write 180 on the little slip of paper you get. You get 180 days in the country and then you can do it over again if you leave. So super friendly towards foreigners – not only in your everyday life but also in terms of immigration. Hello! How are you? I’m good, and you guys? Very good. I need a haircut… Where did you learn English? Listening to rap music. Really? The bad words first. [Laughter] So this place is called Barbería del Puerto. I can’t say that, how do you say it? (Maddie pronouncing it well for Jordan). Barbería, I’m going to have to work on that one. But his name’s Franco. I think he did a really good job. This is probably the best haircut I’ve gotten in town. So I’m very happy with it and it’s a great location over on the beach side here. Another reason why we live in Mexico and not in the United States is that today’s digital world allows us to. And if we were trying this 20 years ago, maybe even 10 years ago, we probably would have had a much more difficult time working abroad – working online. But now that we can work online, we have that location freedom that allows us to live pretty much anywhere with an internet connection. Another reason that I personally I am glad that we’re living in Mexico and not the United States is that there is one of the biggest political divides. Right now, like the political environment is so tense in the U.S. You can’t even say the name of the current president – he who shall not be named, on our channel, because if you even say the name, people jump to conclusions about whether you support or don’t support and what your beliefs are. That’s why Jordan and I remain totally apolitical on this channel and in our life in general. I want to stay out of it when it comes to politics and it’s uncomfortable like, at the last election, I knew people who lost friends, who now don’t talk to family members… [Jordan laughing] Like it’s just insane, over the current president and political beliefs. So, I’m glad we’re living in Mexico, so we don’t have to deal with that and I’m sure if we were Mexicans, there would be the same type of thing because politics are very dividing. But I’m glad that we can just stay the heck out of it. Like we’re not in the country, I don’t have to listen to that stuff. I don’t have to hear about campaigning. It’s just… we don’t have to worry about it. Yeah, thank goodness! Now that we’re coming on to election season pretty soon here, If you see political ads on our videos, we don’t get to choose what ads go on there – that’s YouTube and Google. We’ve had people unsubscribe because they didn’t like the ads we were serving them, But we have nothing to do with it. Next reason why we live in Mexico and not in the U.S… I’m personally a bit of a Economics nerd and I don’t like where the U.S economy is headed. It seems like no matter who’s in charge, every year the National debt increase and the yearly deficits increase, and with my knowledge of history, when a country has this much debt and the U.S is the most indebted nation in the history of the world, it doesn’t end well. So, I think we’re serving ourselves well to kind of internationalize ourselves; become familiar with another culture, become familiar with another language, and be able to build a business that allows us to be anywhere and just be pretty much more mobile. Along these same lines, without delving into a very complicated subject too much, I think the dollar is going to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency, and if I’m right, the value of the dollar is going to decrease a lot, which could create a lot of social unrest and instability in the U.S – in which case, it would be good to be elsewhere. And speaking of internationalizing yourselves, one of the best ways you can do that is by learning the language. And for us, Spanish seemed like the logical choice, Before we had even really made the decision to travel in Mexico because there are so many Spanish-speaking countries that we could have chosen from. Mexico just happened to win our hearts over once we started traveling here. But if you want to learn Spanish so that you have the freedom to move to different countries, we recommend Rocket Languages. And you can sign up for a no-credit-card-required free trial and see what you think of it and see how great of a course it is; all-inclusive. So, you can just head to TangerineSpanish.com and it will take you right to the page on rocket languages where you can sign up for a free trial. If you do end up purchasing rocket languages, we get a portion of the sale because we’re affiliates, which helps us continue producing videos just like this one. This isn’t exactly a reason why we live in Mexico and not the U.S But we did find out after moving here that with our airline, Delta, if we have a foreign address it’s easier to get status and get free upgrades and stuff when we’re flying and that’s because some of the requirements of status are removed if you have a foreign address. Earlier in this video, we mentioned making videos in Peru and the comments we got on those videos. Well, we did really enjoy our time there and we are actually going back. We have flights booked to Lima but this time we decided to go to Cusco instead. So, we’re super excited for this trip coming up. If you follow us on Patreon or on Facebook, you already know this so, wink wink, head over there. That’s the benefits of following us on social media, you get other fun goodies like live videos, and Instagram stories, and shenanigans! Our specialty [Laughter] But I’m stoked for Cusco! Me too. I just hope we can handle the altitude because that would be the highest altitude that I have ever experienced or probably you as well. Right. Yeah. That either of us has ever experienced in our lives. So, why else are we living in Mexico and not the U.S? Well, to rewind to before we were leaving the U.S for Mexico originally in January of 2018, There were a lot of things about Society and the culture of the US that neither of us really liked. There were a lot of things that I just wasn’t settled with – many of which we mentioned in the last video like we prefer living in Mexico because people aren’t glued to their phone. If you go out to dinner with someone, they are present, they are with you to have a conversation and enjoy your company. Whereas that’s not the case in the U.S. But another aspect of society that’s changed over the very recent past is that the U.S is becoming so rooted in fear and Trying to… The powers that be – media, social media, the news, government, whatever, trying to make you afraid of things so that you are afraid of Mexico, you’re afraid to say something that’s not within the parameters of the allowable Opinions of political correctness. You’re afraid to say the president’s name or, you know, endure the wrath of people. Yes, so, I mean, I won’t even go there right now just on that topic. I don’t like – we won’t say the name because it’s too polarizing. Yeah, but the whole society is becoming fear-based and I think that’s a really dangerous dynamic because when people are afraid of whatever, like shootings for instance. They’ll give up almost everything. They’ll give up everything – you’re inclined to give up your freedoms and just out of fear, because you want to be safe. So you’ll sell your soul to the devil essentially for that safety or even a false sense of safety. So, I think that’s a very dangerous dynamic; speaking of safety and danger – dangerous dynamic. And yeah, that’s very well said. Thanks, I do what I can. So along the same lines of fear, the U.S seems to be headed in an unsafe direction, like just 20 years ago – you didn’t see mass shootings, now they’re happening all the time. This kind of reminds me of what we were talking about when it comes to food in the in part one of this video, that we don’t know what it is, but lots of people are intolerant to the food and developing food allergies that didn’t exist 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago. Yeah, and it’s becoming rampant throughout society and… And I was One of those people. My health was in shambles when we were leaving the US which we talked about at length in the other video so I won’t dwell on it too much here, but I could hardly eat anything because my body was rejecting everything I put in my mouth and causing a reaction. Then, we come here to Mexico and all of a sudden I can eat like normal foods again as in fruits and vegetables and grains, and legumes, and all that good stuff, without having these reactions. Even to this day, I go back to the US and if I’m there for more than I’d say like a week, maybe, I’ll start getting a lot of those reactions again. And that’s with eating organic when I can and trying to go natural and not processed. Yeah, so we were saying in that video that something about the food is messed up! We don’t know what is, but there’s something that’s messed up! Well with all these shootings, there’s something that’s messed up! For them to be happening all the time. What the heck happened to society that went from there not being any to happening all the time?!? So yeah, there’s something fishy with that and we can speculate as to what that might be. But I mean, it’s just trending in a scary direction, that’s for sure. Mm-hmm, and that’s not the case in Mexico. So on both of these point points, I can eat the food here, it’s more natural, it vibes better with my body compared to the US. And I mean there are dangers in Mexico, which we talked about in our last video, was it? I don’t know, they all run together these days. We’ll link that right here. There are dangers here, but I don’t think there is like random and widespread acts of violence that just pop up out of nowhere for no reason. Laska, what do you like about living in Mexico? Taking naps, okay. (Both laughs) Surprise, surprise! We’re back at Blue Morelos because they won us over with these delicious Mezcal Margaritas! And the food is pretty good, too. Their chicken Paprika Tacos are like mmm… They’ve got fresh garlic in there – can’t resist that. I really like the food here too! It’s very good! And and they even have one… if we could be so cool this day… If we could be so cool as this one day, there’s a taco on here called the Trisha Taco, which is Trisha as in My Trish Advisor, Trisha. She also has a burger named after her at the burger underground. Like I don’t know how she does this! Trisha. Tell, tell. What are your secrets? I’m so cool. I want Tangerine Taco! [Laughter] That would be awesome! But actually, this leads us into the next reason why we love living in Mexico and prefer it over at the U.S really – because of the food and the food culture. All the different regions that we visit in Mexico, and even within states, and even within states; like cities within states. The food culture is so complex and has lots of history to it. And Honestly, before coming to Mexico, I knew I was going to like Mexican food because I knew I liked tacos. I knew I like burritos, and quesadillas are pretty good, too. True Mexican food. [Laughter] But I quickly found out that that’s far from the complete list of Mexican foods. That’s just really like scratching the surface – if it’s even actually the surface of Mexican food. Yeah, totally. But the more we travel and the more stuff that we try, it like blows my mind constantly. Just when we were back in Oaxaca, we tried was it Tejate? Yeah, it’s called Tejate and that’s something that’s a drink that’s been… not developed. I would say developed or it’s been around for a long time. Yeah. Been around for a really long time – passed from the indigenous people and integrated into the Mexican culture. And I mean that there’s a little bit of that in the U.S but the U.S is young compared to Mexico in many ways. Very young! And I think in the food – in the food culture especially and so I feel very lucky to be traveling through this country and having the opportunity to try all these – to us sometimes, strange things but awesome all the same. I feel like we unintentionally saved the best for last but truly it’s kind of hard to pick the best thing. Like what’s the reason why we like living in Mexico over the U.S? There’s no way, no possible way I could think of that, but there’s also no way to do this one justice and that is the history and culture of Mexico. And that’s everything from like what? The ancient ruins, the indigenous culture, traditions, Traditions, holidays, parades, and festivals, and traditional dances, and of course the food. That is a huge part of the culture. But I just didn’t have that growing up in Arizona – which of the U.S is one of the youngest States used to be Mexico also. There’s not typical food there. There are not traditional styles of dance, like the traditions are borrowed traditions in the culture which is okay, and that’s often how traditions and customs come about. Do you remember looking up foods that were traditional of Arizona? Yeah. Yeah, that was hilarious. It was like salsa. Salsa [Laughter] Cheese crisps… if you’re from Arizona, that actually is a pretty typical Arizonan food. But it’s funny, salsa and like some Navajo soup. Chimichanga. Chimichanga, yeah. That’s something we’ve never seen in Mexico, but yeah, I… I vastly prefer Mexico in all of these departments because there’s just… it’s vibrant, and rich, and filled with… Just… it’s hard to put into words. Mm-hmm. Have you even mentioned the people in this video? No! How? Please hold. Please hold…what have we done? And we could not end this video without mentioning the people of Mexico. This is one of the best things about living here is that we’re surrounded by some of the most hard-working people that I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. They’re all so loving, helpful, kind, welcoming, hospitable… and I mean we could list off 20 or 30 traits – great traits that the vast majority of Mexicans have, so I feel so lucky to be around people like these who Your example, you were saying people will just invite you into their home after knowing you for five minutes and you’re just part of the family after that. So here’s an example of how Mexicans generally just go above and beyond to try to be helpful and make you feel more comfortable in the country. One time we were trying to order gas for our house and we’re calling into this automated system to order it and we couldn’t understand hardly a word of it. We’re calling over and over and over, trying to understand one or two more words each time that we called. It was so frustrating. It was so hard to hear over the phone and it’s just like the robot voice of the automated system. So, finally we contacted our neighbor at the time and we were like – hey, can you please help us order this, we cannot figure it out. And without us asking him to do this, he took it upon himself to call in, order it, set up the appointment, and get them to come out for us just because we were… He even came over when they got there. Oh, yeah, and he even came over to make sure that it all went smoothly. So that’s a type of thing that happens on a very regular basis here in Mexico. So the people, for sure, are one of the biggest reasons why we prefer living in Mexico over the U.S! Before you guys go, please check out the end screen where we link part one of this video and if you enjoy our videos, please subscribe to our channel because we release videos just about every week about our travels through Mexico and around the world. Oh! One more thing… [Bell Ringing] Gong that bell! So you are the first to be notified the next time we release a new video and we will see you soon!

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