Why I make Paper Crane Origami Earrings – documentary

Hey guys, it’s Kat Today, I wanted to share a slightly different kind of video for you. I’ve been making these earrings I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed them, but they’re paper crane earrings And so I started an etsy store about a month or two ago Because lots of people were like, “You should make them and start an Etsy store!” Thank you so much to the people who have already bought these earrings and have left me amazing reviews. I really appreciate them. My friend Rachel offered to make a documentary for me on these earrings and on my Etsy store And so here it is check it out… One … two … three … four … 🎼🎶🎵 I do remember folding origami when I was a kid and growing up in Japan. For me it’s my heritage. My grandmother really loved origami. Her room had all these beautifully handcrafted things so even though I don’t remember ever doing origami with her, I know that she was very good with her hands. She really is truly a creative person. The Crane is really the standard for origami. It’s not the easiest to fold, but it’s still the standard, and it really means a lot to Japanese people because in a way it’s almost like the national bird. I don’t know if you’ve heard the story, but in Hiroshima after the nuclear bomb there was a little girl who was ten years old and dying of Leukemia and she made her goal to fold a thousand of these cranes. It gave her hope that she would get better. It’s such a beautiful story of hope. Ever since then it’s become a very famous story throughout the world. Paper cranes symbolize hope and peace, and I love that. I didn’t really think to make jewelry until the last couple of years. I love music, and I love touring. I love playing shows. And now the things are getting more and more digital I’ve been selling less and less CD’s at shows, and so I’ve been trying to be creative in making tangible things. I think I saw some paper crane earrings at a Japanese festival a few years ago and I was just so inspired by them it was so beautiful and wondered how I could maybe make something that was unique to me and to my background so I decided to Make picks out a Vinyl records So I’d go to thrift stores And I was looking for vinyl and that’s when I found beautiful sheet music as soon as I saw this tiny paper I envisioned these musically inspired Japanese paper crane earrings Even though paper crane earrings are not necessarily original, it’s nice that I can personalize it into something that is of me and to take a passion that I have, and a hobby that I’ve always had, and to turn it into something that other people can enjoy is really special to me. Yay! Thanks for watching this far. If you liked this video make sure you give it a like or thumbs up and share it with other origami enthusiasts or other earring loving type people. Also, if you’re interested in my Etsy store, there is a link below. You can go check that out. Thanks again for watching. There’s a new music video coming really really soon. I’m so excited. It’s going to be my very first single off the new album Yay, so anyway. I’ll be back soon with some more deets on that. Yeah! Bye guys!

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