Why Do Ships Float?

Why Do Ships Float?

Hey guys! Hey there, Squid! How’s it going? TGS: Mmmph. I’m kinda cranky right now. Jessi: Oh no. No one wants that. What’s
bothering you? TGS: Cruise ships. Jessi: Cruise ships? TGS: Yeah, cruise ships. You know, those giant
boats that you people sail around in. There’s been one floating above me all day, and I
can’t get any sleep! I mean, it’s huge! And noisy! It’s like
a floating city! So, instead of sleeping, I’ve just been
bobbing awake, staring at it, and wondering. How does a giant ship like that float on the
water? I mean, heavy things sink in water, right?
Like when someone up there tosses a rock into the ocean — which happens, you know — it
sinks. So why does that heavy ship get to float? Jessi: The reason a big, heavy ship like that
can float has to do with its shape. Whether an object sinks or floats to begin
with has a lot to do with something called displacement. Displacement is when an object displaces,
or pushes aside, water. So, like, when you drop an ice cube into an already-full glass
of water, some water spills out. TGS: That’s displacement? Jessi: That’s right — the amount of water
that spills out is actually equal to the amount of space the ice cube takes up! Or think about when you take a bath. TGS: Hold up. Wait. What’s a bath? Jessi: Well, up here, we like to clean ourselves
up by soaking in a tub full of nice warm, soapy water. TGS: That sounds gross! Do that mean that
humans just walk around all day getting dirty? If you spent all of your time in the water
like me, you’d never get dirty in the first place. Jessi: Well, not everyone’s the same, right?
I know some of the people watching here know what a bath is. TGS: Mmmrph, okay. Jessi: So, say you fill the bathtub up — all
the way to the top. And then you climb in. Now there’s water on the floor. Lots of
water. The amount of water equal to the amount of space that you took up! Now, one of the secrets to an object being
able to float, is that it has to displace enough water so that the water it pushes aside
weighs as much as it does. Alright, so, say you’re in the tub and you
want to do an experiment. You can bring in a small bowl, and some rocks from your rock
collection. If you put the bowl in the water, it’ll
float. Because the bottom of the bowl is displacing some water. And the amount of water that it’s
pushing aside weighs the same as the bowl. Now, drop a little rock in there. Add another, and another. The bowl is getting heavier, so it’s sinking
a little bit each time. But even though the bowl is heavier, it’s
also displacing more water — so the amount of water that it’s pushing aside still weighs
the same as the bowl. TGS: So what does that mean for the cruise
ship? Why doesn’t it sink? Jessi: Well, ships are designed to displace
as much water as possible. They’re realllly wide, and their bottoms
tend stretch down really far, so they push aside a lot of water. Plus, a ship has lots of empty space inside
it — a lot of it is hollow — which helps to keep it light, compared to the huge amount
of water that it’s displacing. And voila… it floats. TGS: OK, OK. So that giant, noisy party over
my head right now is displacing enough water that it can float. Well, you people may be noisy, but the fact
that you figured out how to build giant metal things that float… that’s pretty clever,
I’ll give you that. Jessi: Yeah, and I don’t know about you, but
some of my favorite things tend to clever and noisy. Thanks for joining Squid and me,
learning about displacement. See you next time! TGS: Bon voyage!

95 thoughts on “Why Do Ships Float?

  1. This is new information. We learned something about surface area, and how when it's equally distributed it doesn't sink. Or something. It was third grade, I'm not sure.

  2. New SciShow Squids question:
    What's a bath?

    This could actually be quite interesting/entertaining to watch – especially if it goes really in-depth into the science… of taking a bath.

  3. My favorite thing about this show is Jessi. Her very existence is teaching my 5-year-old that she can be good at science.

  4. I love the idea of simplifying science for kids, and I like Jessi. But, characters like this squid are just irritating, and kinda insulting to kids intelligence… Unless this is supposed to appeal to 2 year olds?!

  5. 17 year old…just learned that it's water displacement and not a property of surface tension like I thought that makes things float from a video designed for first graders. Not sure whether to be confused, pleased, or upset xD

  6. Love the video, it was very informative and conveyed decently for it's target audience!! But just got to say anyone else think of Kim Possble when looking at the host lol

  7. I don't care this is for kids I can never understand some of the stuff they teach it to me.

  8. So, you want to implement knowledge and science in children, and you use an animated giant squid, which: can speak English, ask questions and communicate with humans with Skype, for it?

    You are mixing the real with the unreal and giving it to children as if it were the same. It is dishonest.

  9. Anyone. Could a boat be twice as wide underwater than above the sea line

                                 –————–  ==============================Waterline===

  10. The information is well explained, however the host is quite annoying. She's too perky, talks too fast and is generally hard to take. Sorry, I don't think I could stand to show this to my first graders.

  11. Hiya, Squid 😉
    Layla here, an' ya sure do sound like me: we both have those a li'l weird accents (both Texes, lol) an' can be odd and goofy at times, an' we sure have had such situations like yers with the ship (mine with drunken people near mah window when ah was li'l).
    Sorry 'bout yer situation an' ah sure would give a reasonin' fer it: they might have had a disco in there an' couldn't notice ya… maybe… just mah hypothesis.
    An' also, how 'bout ya together with Jessie discussin' electricity (mainly why water is a good conductor of electricity), that would be real cool!
    Fer the haters: Ya guys have never seen a real squid or what? Yeah it is a kids show (ah'm 14), but, please, if ya're hypersensitive, ya can just skip those eps with Squid, or just unsubscribe! It is just their idea, 'kay? Sorry, if ah've been harsh, but ah just dun get why so much hate?
    Back to ya, buddy. Was just tryin' to defend ya from those, that cringe at ya… the way, marked with an asterisk is the kindest ah could think of… Sorry again.

  12. "Some of my favorite things are both clever and noisy" 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D. I like to masturbate too ^-^ It's fun as a girl. idk about guys doh.

  13. this video is really helping me with my science project for school thx plz do more vids and keep up the good work

  14. i bet you'll like this video lol ok why does any word for example ''rock'' turn black or darker when you add a * ??? like thiws -_- : frick
    and now it does and u can see the 's i put too of em **….* them *hello stranger*
    O-O UM….WTF !!!!

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