Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Bonsai is an art form that requires years of training
and centuries of dedication. At the 2012 international
bonsai convention, a tree was on sale for 100 million yen, just under a million dollars. And many more of these trees are considered completely priceless. So what is it that makes
bonsai so expensive? Bonsai is the art of
dwarfing a regular tree to create a perfect miniature
representation of nature in a small pot. It has a long history. Originating in China, the practice of creating tiny trees and landscapes appeared as
far back as the sixth century. The tree’s growth is restricted by years of pruning, wiring,
repotting, and grafting, and the plants need to be checked on and often watered every day. The skills required to grow these trees plays a huge part in their value. They’re often bent and twisted into shape, positioned around rocks, or even placed with other trees
to simulate a tiny forest. Many of these techniques
require years to master, and any errors made can result in permanently
ruining the shape or even killing a plant that
has been growing for centuries. Chiako Yamamoto is a
fourth-generation bonsai master based in central Japan. She’s been creating and selling bonsai for the last 51 years, and one of the hardest skills to master when growing these plants is patience. The time and devotion
this process requires is unlike almost any
other form of artwork. While the work is almost
a form of sculpture, the plants are living things and will always react in their own way. The extraordinary time
this process takes means that just aren’t that many trees around. Some of the most valuable
bonsai are over 800 years old, and so the supply isn’t going
to increase anytime soon. Other factors can contribute to the cost. The bonsai pots and the
tools used are often handmade and can cost thousands
of dollars themselves. Certain types of tree
are also harder to grow or require certain techniques
and may fetch a higher price. But, more than anything,
these trees are works of art valued for their beauty and
the vision of the artist.

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  1. 単なる鉢植えなのに高いと言う連中は、絵画や彫刻を絵の具の塊、石の塊なのに高い、とでも言うつもりだろうか?

  2. Hah shows how little i know about bonsai trees, i thought bonsai was a specific type of tree. I see now they are dwarf trees of many kinds.

  3. It's worthless if the buyers can only buy enough to cover food and necessities,only the can affords over hyped that product that obsessed people put their everyday efforts to.

  4. In some ways, it's a selfless artform. Knowing that she will never see the final product on somthing she starts to create today. Instead, she is leaving it in the hands of future generations to finish what she started.

  5. Okay ,
    Let's buy these instead of the branded shoes and dresses.
    Let's buy from artists like her who grow these plants for years with great patience

  6. I starting learning the art about 30 years ago and quickly realized that at age thirty six I wouldn't raise anything resembling a "specimen" tree in my lifetime even if I lived to age 90 – unless I bought one. It sorts of puts a damper on the enthusiasm. Anyway, I have a lot of enjoyment in messing around with and growing my bonsai forest – although honestly most of my efforts are serious crap that I wouldn't dream of showing to a serious collector.

  7. I despise people who say shit like "wtf so expensive who would buy that" or "lmao that's tok expensive for a…. " like if you can'r afford it just walk away, no need to degrade other people's work with your poor ass comments.

  8. kho than cho mu gia ngu dot lao dong nhu dan ong ngheo kho ca doi.Truoc khi chet thi an het cay di cho do phi.Ghommmm

  9. my mom really good at growing up Bonsai, I still remember when I was young, we also rely some of our finances from selling it.

  10. Can obstructing growth for animals be considered an art-form? Like keeping their movements restricted and tying them to chains? Plants have life too, just they cannot express.

  11. Oh, I thought they were just naturally occurring small trees that people like to cut the leaves off of for therapeutic and art reasons. But it turns out, they just deformed trees….

  12. So basically they say their professionals or artists for which natures does itself and they dont control anything lmao dumbest shit I've heard

  13. Bonsai is honestly one of those luxury items that I can accept the price of it because it’s something that takes very extreme stretches of time, patience, and skill. Which are three things that I am lacking in so I’m willing to pay

  14. I hope this stupid "tradition" dies out, because it's moronic to even think about. You're basically deforming trees here, expending enormous amount of effort, water and soil and for what? For some rich guy to have it as a "trophy"………
    I sure hope Youtube's mentally challenged algorithm censors me about this, because I don't even want to get any replies on this subject..

  15. They literally only have that value because insane people are buying these tiny trees. I could easily manage this with a Walmart starter pot and a pair if Kraft safety scissors lol

  16. Of all Japan making normal things expensive. this is the most worth of the money. i mean its not easy at takes a lot of time. unlike those expensive ass tunas, melon, beef etc being auctioned too

  17. I just hope that this art form can stay alive for many more centuries to come…it's so beautiful and just requires so much patience. The hard work and specialised skills of these people should just never be forgotten.

  18. i just purchased my bonsai plant at Walmart for 12.99, I really was happy with this purchase. Don't purchase it on-line The prices are outrageous and a scam.

  19. Long ago there was a bonsai place at Balestier road in Singapore. My mother placed two beautiful bonsai there for maintenance like soil replacement. A few months later the bonsai place suddenly disappeared along with my mother's plant. They effectively stole my mum's plants.

  20. People ask me why I charge thousands for a painting and get really upset if they can't afford one of my works…. I tell them. you aren't spending it just on this specific painting. You are spending the money on the countless studies and years of training, plus the countless paintings that dont make it into the galleries or aren't quite good enough to sell. Americans tend to be such ignorant morons in this regard.

  21. A sudden sense of calmness came to me as I watched this. Timelessness? The enduring reassertion of nature, despite mankind's abuse of everything else?

  22. It takes 5 years to grow good stock, another 20 to make it into something. Even those "mallsai" you see that are priced at 15-25 dollars and have about a pencil to a thumb's thickness and aren't really that amazing in terms of artistic crafting, because they're mass produced, even those mallsai took years of someone's life to make.

  23. the almost 1000 people who disliked this i mean how can you dislike a bonsai ? or a video about bonsai? what is there to dislike?

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