White prismacolor pencil technique “ID” Industrial Design sketch on black paper tutorial

White prismacolor pencil technique “ID” Industrial Design sketch on black paper tutorial

my name is Eric’s Strebel welcome to
another video of mine about industrial design I’m going to show you how to do
an old-school pencil sketch using a white colored pencil on a black piece of
paper this technique was made famous by a lot of the original industrial design
pioneers like Raymond Loewy and Henry Dreyfuss and still used today by some of
the other legends like Kalani I don’t use it a lot but sometimes great effect
and you don’t see it very much anymore so I thought I’d do a demo showing you
how basic technique works I started by drawing a simple perspective line down
the middle of the page so I could orientate where my bottle is going to be
located from there I started drawing a series of ellipses and I used my ellipse
guide to sort of nail them down because getting the perspective right is pretty
important otherwise the whole sketch is pointless if you don’t get the ellipses
right I started off with a fairly tight ellipse at the top about 35 degrees work
my way down the ellipse at the bottom of the page is about 60 degree angle and if
you noticed I always made sure that the short axis of my ellipse went along with
the original guideline that I drew so everything lined up really good now I’m
just shading in the form since I’m using a white pencil it’s really allowing me
the luxury of drawing all the highlights versus if I had a white piece of paper I
can’t do that so the other great thing about using a white pencil on a piece of
black paper is that in this case I’m drawing a glass bottle and I’m drawing
the highlights which is something that’s really hard to do when you’re using
a white piece of paper and it lets say a black pencil or a pen so allowing me to
get some really punchy contrast and show the glass and the transparency in a
different kind of way that really makes the drawing unique
I’m using the pencil to shade around the outside of the bottle and that’s
creating some form just using some shading to contrast the actual bottle
it’s helping me define my object while drawing outside of the object and
drawing much ground plane shadow at the same time to really anchor the bottle on
the ground just doing that last details basically the backside of the bottle
given that a little bit of punch and showing the form and how it wraps since
it is a cylinder you also notice they never really draw
anything at the bottom of the bottle I really kind of just let that fade away
almost like it’s out of focus if it was a photograph because I want the viewer
to focus on the top of the bottle on the screw cap of the bottle because that’s
really the important part of the drawing for me is designing the top of the
bottle and getting the most out of the contrast in that area if I was going to
take this drawing to the next level I would add some gouache to some of the
highlights of course you can just do that in Photoshop today but I just
wanted to leave it simple I hope you liked the video if you have any requests
for any specific industrial design type video leave them in the comments I’ll
see what I can do

53 thoughts on “White prismacolor pencil technique “ID” Industrial Design sketch on black paper tutorial

  1. Could you tell me where I can research some more techniques on these sort of white pencil drawings? I am really interested in working more with this, especially with portraiture! Is there a specific name for this? Please and thank you, this video is great!

  2. Sometimes they are called canson renderings because of the paper that they are often drawn on. Just do some googling around to see what you can find. Glad you like the video, more soon.

  3. You should be able to buy it at any art store, or even try a piece of construction paper to test with.
    Good luck and have fun.

  4. They are called ellipse templates. You should be able to get them at a good art supply store or on line, they are not cheap to get a full set, but well worth the money. They are quite handy.
    Good luck!

  5. I love Prismacolor pencils. The colors are so rich. I always use black illustration board for my finished drawings. It's easier for me to envision how the colors are going to build against black. I still have a bit of difficulty rendering reflective and transparent surfaces. Demonstrations like this help. Thank you. I'll have to check out some more.

  6. Hey i saw your industrial design videos. Im still a art student thinking of doing my major in industrial design. Could you tell me more about the job prospect of industrial design in the near future. I'd really appreciate it.

  7. Did you use a special pencil becose ,when I trieed to do stuff I did not secces ,I just get the punch in a peper no color 🙁

  8. Prismacolor are nice and soft, great for shading, they need to be sharpened a lot, but you get nice line weights.

  9. You can go to an art store and buy just one (or a few colors) instead of buiyng the entire set. The Caran d'Ache ones are pretty good too, and you can find a set of 12 for about 15.00USD.

  10. They are called ellipse templates. You should be able to get them at a good art supply store or on line, they are not cheap to get a full set, but well worth the money. They are quite handy.

    Good luck!

  11. Just google it, you should be able find them anywhere as well as most brick and mortar art stores. They are quite common here in the US. Prismacolor pc938 White.
    I can't add a link in the comments.

  12. i can't understand the lights… i was trying to get a realy mysterius drawing of a cat with your advices… and how do you erase the lines without getting the drawing messed up

  13. I shared your video on my Facebook site, Prismacolor Pencils Blog at 
    https://www.facebook.com/PrismacolorPencilsBlog.  Please feel free to post your videos to our site.  

  14. Thank you for this simple tutorial! I was really struggling on finding the proper perspective to draw a product

  15. I find your videos and techniques so amazing, please make a video on fabric and textures i would like to see what is your view and how you apply your expertise on it I am a fashion designer, but designer videos i saw are all same and not that brilliant . THANKS for an amazing job you are doing sharing your ART. greetings from Miami.

  16. Hey Eric, love the casual commentary and music. Plus this is a great sketch! Do you have any tutorials using markers to shade typical Industrial design objects?

  17. I really like the effect of this Eric and love this technique in my own artwork,I find it great for on site sketches that can be worked up into other drawings,try adding gouche colour too its really exciting,love your work,your tips and thank you for sharing your passion.

  18. I´m happy to see designers my age who are still teaching wonderful analog skills like color paper. Thanks a lot for sharing your skills. Your channel rocks!

  19. Why did this style fall out of favor? I much prefer the old industrial design style of drawing, rather than the modern one. It was so simple, got the point across, end of story. Now a days, you need to color it with near photo realism, show it from 700 different views, etc etc.

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