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  1. Oh! Emma! I have a necklace just like yours! X3 but instead of multi-colored stones mine in Smokey quarts X3

  2. Emma I really hope you read my comment, I NEED MORE MERMAID CUSHIONS ASMR FROM YOU!!!!!
    Also, you saved me from my sleep paralysis. Greetings from South America, Argentina. #WhispersRedASMR

  3. The whispersred challenge: find a single frame of this video that would make a bad thumbnail picture.

    I've tried, i don't think it can be done! Every single bit of this looks so pretty and scenic!

  4. As a child I would always feel so calm when I had a teacher or anyone whisper or talk softly and when I found out that ASMR existed I can only ever watch you😂 your passion is so inspiring, and so is your story. God bless!!

  5. Oh Emma you are my saviour in a world of stress…. I'm moving house out of my parents on my own for the first time so this was great 😊 please do another video like this one it is truly perfect ❤😍❤

  6. I was just freaking out about an exam I'm writing tomorrow and this video immediately put me at ease. I'm able to study now because of you. Thank you, Emma <3 <3

  7. You're incredible in every way. Including your taste in curtains! Where do I find the silver ones and the gray with silver dots?! They would be perfect in my room

  8. Honestly, I didn’t know being good at asmr was a talent… then I was introduced to Whispersred and Gentlewhispering

  9. Hi Emma you are by far the bet ASMR channel I’ve come across after searching for a long time. Sleep is now a normal occurrence thanks to you. Keep up the amazing thing you do 😵

  10. I love this one. You seem like such a sweet person 🙂 your so creative and so polite when showing off all your amazing decorations.
    Oh my gosh I LOve mermaid pillows I finally had to buy one myself

  11. Hi Emma can you make a video with these mermaid cushions like writing, drawing stuff on them and then erasing them etc. It is sooo relaxing, both in sound and visually.

  12. I'm amusing myself I'm at a lose end!! I spent 3 months in acute mental wards and 7 in a mental health recovery unit. I'm now in supported accommodation for two years or until I recover. The staff know exactly how to treat me as I have told them my life story. I am recovering and getting stronger. When I was young I was an outgoing artist. After being bullied as a child I was an introvert engineer. A few months ago I found I could draw again I am sensitive but have been mistreated a lot I'm still a bit unsure of who I should be but I know one thing I'm straight and I love women they're wonderful. I hope I didn't hurt you lots of love Ian!!

  13. I was saying to my recovery worker I'd like to be John Pertwee with a Yorkshire accent – not sure I could be but I'm too old for sports!!

  14. Generally, I don't love Emma's videos, they just aren't what I enjoy. They're always beautiful and I can accept and appreciate how much hard work and effort she puts in and I absolutely adore how dedicated she is. But this video might be one of my all time favorites..😍😍

  15. Emma's beauty from the inside radiates right to the outside. Her smile, her voice and the way she moves are just to name a few of the many relaxing qualities about her. I'm in the darkest point of my life right now and she comforts and soothes my soul like no other. The impact she makes on people's lives is phenomenal. You don't need psychotherapy or drugs – You need Emma – You need ASMR. We thank you for your lovely existence – You have graced the world with your presence, Emma. ❤🙏 P.S. Love the interior design video – And your hair play videos are my fave!!! 😊

  16. Put on a video for myself and my year old son started watching too—he loved it. Found your children’s channel and I’ll have to check it out too.

  17. love the theme of this video. i'd love to see more kinds of items in a follow up part 2 type video.. like candles or decorative items like potpourri bowls or vases or dishes or anything really. it's so relaxing and homey.

  18. ASMR Queen yass we love ur videos i love you and your videos 🤗 edit: i mean your like good at ASMR that's why i said ASMR Queen

  19. Hi emma, this is probably not requested and you wont even see it but i thought id give it a try; PLEASE make a video with just the mermaid pillows while you can, while talking

  20. Please make another one of these videos the tone of your voice and the sound of the different fabrics puts me to SLEEP

  21. Love them pillows those reverse type sequins I was at wyevale garden centre the other day in Hereford , England and wrote my name in one , I’m 38 but it still felt cool haha

  22. I’m actually re-doing my room and I thought this was a very relaxing and amazing idea, but at the same time, since I was relaxed, I was able to think of some things I would like in the room! Thank you again, Emma! I truly enjoy your channel and the variety of different kinds of ASMR you have for me to enjoy! Once again, marvelous video.

  23. I keep coming back to this video and I'm instantly inspired to go and buy curtains, cushions and to start redecorating the whole house 😬

  24. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if ASMR were to disappear. Thank you for the love and care and beautiful energy you put into these videos.

  25. Honestly, this video have me goosebumps and tingles galore!! One of my new favorites! Thank you Emma. I enjoy hearing your magical voice

  26. I hate that her videos are so tingly cuz I watch asmr to relax not go all the way to sleep 😂I get frustrated when I get sleepy because I can't watch any more

  27. This is divine Emma. I've had it on repeat for like 3 days while I work. I love how you leave a couple of minutes at the end to just kind of rummage. Absolutely brilliant.

  28. Your necklace is beautiful, Emma! It looks like a tree of life necklace – I have one but rather than in a heart, mine is in a circle. They're so pretty! <3

  29. This video is sooo good but I am determined to get to the end of it lol. The tingles are amazing and I always fall asleep before we get to the pillows!

  30. I watch this and I love it… but if I was actually looking in to interior design and the consultant behaved this way I'd feel really weird 🤣

  31. This is only my gazillionth time watching this one video. It’s obvs my fave ASMR video haha. 😄 Intense tingles for me throughout 💆🏼‍♀️🤤 Thanks as always Emma!

  32. You remind me so much of my grandmother you are so pretty and you have her accent just a little bit love 💗 u so much your amazing

  33. I've been watching asmr for about two years and I follow about a handful of channels. For some reason this video is still my favorite by which to go to sleep. (as I awkwardly trying to avoid that prepositional phrase). Thanks for all the tingles!

  34. Ok so I was sick I had to take naps bc my docter said to so I thought let me listen to whisperred asmr so I did I fell asleep 1 min later

  35. I'm so into asmr but I can not fall asleep when I am sleeping I wake up with two minutes later and I watch you my sister even watches you she falls like right to sleep like she cannot even stay up 2 minutes so thank you cuz she never goes to bed

  36. Thank you Emma once again an other brilliant video.
    You really do think about the content you put in your videos.
    Thank you so much.xx

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