When Jinhwa’s husband found the hat from her ex boyfriend [Happy Together/2020.02.20]

Is it true that Wonhyo gets jealous easily? What’s this about him nearly burning a fur hat? Well, Wonhyo is a jealous man. – Really? / – He’s the type to give everything when it comes to love. One day, we were cleaning out our walk-in closet. This is already making me feel nervous. (Hyunmoo knows that an absurd anecdote is coming.) We were sorting out the items there. One of them turned out to be a hat that most likely had a matching piece. But Wonhyo didn’t have it? No. Wonhyo’s quick at assessing situations, so he said he’d burn it. That was the fur hat. Jealousy is only for those who are in love. – He gets super jealous. / – Do you get jealous too? Do you get jealous too? – Jealous? / – Yes. Of course. If Bongwon looks at another woman… – That’s for real then. / – If he steps out on me, – I’ll kill him. / – It’s intriguing. (I’ll kill him.) What about Bongwon then? – What about Bongwon? / – Are you just saying that? – No. / – That worked well. I don’t know if Bongwon gets jealous though. Ever since I got married, no one has tried to flirt with me or ask me out. – After marriage? / – Who’d ask you out? It happens in TV series. That’s because it’s fiction! – You’re living a real life. / – It’s only fictional. So sometimes… (Like this?) (She dreams of a romance in her middle years.) (She finally meets the man she’s destined to be with.) Why are you even with me? (The woman wavers tragically at the deadly temptation.) “Why are you already someone else’s woman?” “I’m sorry, but I can’t help who my heart beats for.” That’s what I wanted to hear, – but it never happened. / – I blame the movies. – She watches too many movies. / – That never happened. Also, everyone knows that I adore K-pop idols. – That’s right. / – Still, Bongwon doesn’t care. He must not get jealous at all. I doubt it. – He probably doesn’t show it. / – It’s only natural. Do men get jealous too? – Well… / – He’s letting out his frustration by climbing. – Right? / – That could be it. – Really? / – Jihye, you and your husband

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