What’s Your Craft – Jewellery Design, Music and Art with Stööki

What’s Your Craft – Jewellery Design, Music and Art with Stööki

I feel like our work appeals to people because we are who we are, we’re authentic and I think that shows in our work. My name’s Luke Hippolyte, and I’m co-founder of Stööki. Stööki is a life style brand and we have three elements sound, vision, and play which translates into music, art, and fashion. Stööki started in 2011, I met Quincey Williams
and Nadia Abbas we were part of another art collective and we decided to team up together to form our own brand. I’m Nadia Abbas I’m a jewellery technologist for Stööki. I went to Uni in London I graduated in 2009 and I studied jewellery
silversmithing and related art. After I graduated I did try to get a job in the jewellery industry but it was pretty much closed doors. So that kind of pushed me to create my own
thing, create my own opportunities. In 2014, unfortunately Quincey passed away so we had to take a little bit of a hiatus with the brand. After a bit of time we decided that we’ve come too far now to just throw it
all away and start again. That’s when me and Luke came back together,
Bosola came onboard as well. So last year, 2017, was when we released our
first collection in a few years. Going forward I feel like we just want
to continue it in Quincey’s name but also for ourselves too. We’re just pleased with the way things are going,
and it’s great to be able to expand the team. The first starting point for us is always a lot of research I’ll start to compile mood boards just a lot of references that I then share
with the rest of the team Cos we all have different opinions and different points of view that sparks different things from each of us so we all like to bring it together and that’s when I can start developing it into actual pieces of jewellery. I produce and DJ as well I’m one half of Stööki sound which is
an extension of the Stööki movement I’m lucky enough to travel a lot, I get a lot of inspiration from other countries, other creatives
that I meet along the way and it just feeds back into the brand and that’s why we refer to Stööki as a movement because it relies on engaging with our audience. My favourite part of the whole job is actually creating. Being a business owner
sometimes you get lost in all the other roles of owning a business. Whenever I get that chance to actually sit at my jewellery bench and start cutting things
out and soldering things together I think that’s where I’m most happy. I love it all, in general, but that’s where I need to be. We’ve worked previously with Topman. They actually turned up to our first official launch in 2011 I think that just proves that you don’t
have to be some massive brand with buzz and that just gave us the motivation to be like; “yes, we can do this, we can succeed”. Definitely lead on to a lot more collaborations that we’ve done with V&A, Tate, Adidas. I think that was the start of many. I think Stööki is just going to grow
from strength to strength people can hear about us from and get involved through lots of different avenues, some
people might come to a gig or they might come to one of our workshops at Tate Modern and get involved with the brand that way. We try and be as 360 and as accessible as possible. I’m Nadia Abbas. I’m Luke Hippolyte. I’m Bosola Ajenifuja. We are Stööki.

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  1. I love how Stööki Jewellery isn't a brand but a movement! Fascinating to be able to see behind the scenes and see the skill, passion and determination behind these amazing creative businesses!

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