What’s the best paper choice for Spectrum Noir & other alcohol markers? – Inktoberfest Day 20

What’s the best paper choice for Spectrum Noir & other alcohol markers? – Inktoberfest Day 20

I rewind welcome back to hedgehog hollow
today we are back talking about alcohol markers and the papers you can use them
on so here I have these classic spectrum noir markers we talked last week about
the illustrator version this is the classic selection so I have industrial
and I have hues so we’re going to grab both of those out the pen shape is the
same you’ll notice the difference is the color of the pen for the illustrator was
a beige pencil memory and these are a black pen and the difference being
please have a chisel and a brush nib the illustrator I think had the the two
different nibs so they has the brush so these have a chisel define the others
had the brush and the fine but one thing I really want you to cover off with you
stain lots of you love the idea of creating that background technique we’re
gonna be having more of those techniques as well and if you join our craft
challenge which I’m gonna add links the video description for or you can go to
the craft challenge calm and we talk a lot more about alcohol markers how to
use them the different papers and lots of tips becoming a an expert color as
well in just fourteen eight and you don’t ever have to have picked up a
marker before but I think we talked a lot about techniques we talked a lot of
happy inks we use we don’t talk a lot about the papers we use so I’m gonna be
using these amazing pens here and they really are nice look at this industrial
collection I love that they added some of those like great blues in there we’ve
got our neutrals we have a nice selection of Grey’s love doing one a
chromatic coloring if you’re interested in that being next week’s video let me
know and I’ll show you how to do some monochromatic coloring and we’ve also
got the hues here and here you can see there’s a really nice bright color so I
think I’m going to use these ones this week and I am giving a set of each of
these pens away as well so if you want to find out how you can win those go
check out of course the blog post underneath or go to the Hedgehog holo
calm and you can find out the information on how to win a certain
where we’re going to be giving those away
so I heard ton of different papers here I have spectrin was own paper over piece
of the tonic ultra smooth white which I really
I have express it Copic paper and I have a few other papers as well I’m also
going to grab just a couple of different shades out of here I’m gonna grab the
three ice grays this and what I want to show you is why the paper is so
important um and you can see here I’ve got a ton of different papers now my
personal preference favorite is the tonic ultra smooth white and one thing
you’re going to notice about a lot of these papers is they do vary in color
some of them are more yellow the Express it white is ultra ultra white it’s been
bleached we grabbed out a sheet of the spectrum noir paper as well I have here so really your paper choice is gonna
affect a lot of things and it might you know the ton of culture Smith is my
favorite but sometimes I’m going to use those other papers for various reasons so it comes in a pod of 30 and of course
this is their recommended paper to get the best results from their pen so let’s
start with this one first of all Judah notice is a semi pretty matte surface
but it does have a sheen to it and when you feel it it feels really smooth and
that’s important we’re using markers because it allows our marker to glide
over the paper so you can see you just get that nice glide you’re not getting
any catching and he’s scratching which you’re going to get with some papers and
I’m gonna go on the other side here you’re gonna see it absorbs the ink
nicely as well now I need a second apiece to put underneath so I’m just
gonna ground myself you want to think porous underneath and I’m just gonna do
a brief blend so this is my three I’m gonna go chisel first just because I
want to cover up area so whenever I’m doing a blend my first
thing is I want to lay down lots of color to the point where I can see that
same area on the reverse and what you’ll notice is when I’ve got to that point
this side of the paper my right side also looks really nice and smooth I’m
pretty much there apart from the middle work you can also see it looks a little
bit lighter so I’m gonna lay more ink down in the middle and of course once
the paper is saturated it needs somewhere to go and that’s how we have
this underneath and this could just be regular printer paper it doesn’t have to
be a piece of cardstock and again if you want to find out all the details and all
of my tips for this you can join the crafts challenge at the next
presentation I’m gonna add normally I spend a lot more time doing my blend but
I kind of just want to do one and show you how this blends out so this is super
duck I mean if I was actually blending myself I probably wouldn’t have chosen
three colors quite as dark what I’m doing here is because I have that nice
saturation of eight underneath I can make sure I’m blending out nicely I’m
trying to get a nice ombre as best as I can quickly whoops that would be why my
color didn’t blend properly because I used them in the wrong order see even if
you craft full-time all the time you sometimes still use the wrong colors but
you can still see my darkest at the top this is my mid shade in the middle here
and now I’m fading it out to my lightest that’s not bad there’s a little bit of
the line in there I’d like to cut rid of but I’m not gonna worry about that too
much so you can see how nicely fades and you should be able to see a nice
representation on the side I lay down a little bit too much color it wouldn’t
normally get this amount of leading but this is a pretty porous paper
it’s crafters companions obviously recommended paper my
favorite is the tonic ultra-smooth white and the reason I like this is it doesn’t
take me long to saturate the paper so if I have an area I’m working with like
this you can see my saturation is already occurring
these plastic markers are refillable as well so you can refill as necessary GOC
I’m already getting a really nice amount through and it gives me a really nice
smooth blend so if I’m doing this there is really no drag on the paper I’m
getting a nice smooth lay down of my color with my pen it’s a very tactile
experience it’s very hard to show in a video when you have something so tactile
I’m gonna try to get gold over the top and see how we get on blending not
really how you meant to blend but I just kind of want to show you that if you
change your mind you pan and you can see that I just got that really nice smooth
blend look how kind of ombre that comes out so you can see and if I worked on
that blend I could smooth out this little bit here chalak on the reverse
you can see the pace works blended really nicely I have the saturation in
the paper and the place down the bottom here that isn’t there so nicely it don’t
have that saturation and I don’t get as much leakage through either so that’s
particularly why I like the tonic ultra smooth white now your other mainstream
option before we get onto some my others is the Express it paper so this is a
paper that Copic recommend it is really really nice again I’m gonna do the same
thing and I’m gonna start with my yellow like I should so this one is ultra ultra
white it’s very bleached and it really doesn’t have any Drive at
all it’s super smooth when you feel it it almost feel a bit like you poke the
reason I don’t like it as much a its the ultra white and it shows everything else
up but just feel it’s as smooth as it is I still feel that my pen drags in some
way it catches somewhere I’m not entirely sure how or where that kind of
occurs but to me it’s just and you’ll find a paper that you really
like and it’ll be your personal preference so I’m just blending this out actually don’t order to you can see
there again I’ve got that really nice he is going on I’ve got some good
saturation in the back lots and lots of things there so they’re kind of your
three mainstream options so you have the crafters companion spectrum noir paper
you have the toilet ultra smooth white and you have the Copic Xpress it my
favorite is the tonic ultra smooth and I’ll add some links for you as well plus
we have a paper coupon this month a chocolate so if you don’t want to try it
out and stock up while you’re maybe doing a marker challenge and you want to
try it out we do have a coupon a few to be able to try that paper out now a few
more kind of off-the-wall ideas for you so you can of course use your markers on
you poem you could use them on manga paper there is a specific comic manga
paper and all of these alcohol markers are designed for manga use so again this
is gonna have really nice saturation so your markers going to go on there I’m
using the chisel in just because it lays down more ink quickly you’re gonna feel
more dragging but when you actually start to color and you can see how
quickly this filled in its gonna saturate a lot quicker she says having
only a couple of times but it does saturate a lot quicker it doesn’t have a
coating on it like the other papers so you’re gonna saturate much much quickly
you see how smooth that looks already and I’ve really not done much coloring
already and that’s the advantage with the comic manga paper it is a little bit
creamier so it’s more into those yellows I don’t like that as much and I find if
you are a new alcohol marker colorist that coating gives you a little bit more
time on those smoother card stocks to do your blends and they’re gonna give you
an easier blend as well it can be a bit disheartening when you’re blending and
you don’t get that perfect blend straightaway so same with mixed media
paper the difference really between the two from a colouring perspective I find
expedia paper is only a 98-pound comic mangas 150 pound and so you can find out
if you want to know the difference between all these different pounds
and GSM I do have a course with a download it can’t be linked in the video
description for you you can check it out and Kohinoor bristol smooth that’ll
behave in the same kind of way as comic manga paper or perfectly good papers if
you have any of these papers they’re gonna work really well for you but they
don’t have that coating and you just might get a little bit frustrated that’s
the only difference and same with something like the
Stonehenge colors absolutely works but not my favorite however a couple of
off-the-wall ideas for you we have the Tim Holtz alcoholic cardstock and we
have some Ranger yupo paper now both of which might not be things you actually
thought about using your alcohol markers on but you totally can now if I do it
here so this is my this is like the glossy cardstock this is the alcohol ink
cardstock you can do this you could add blender solution over the top you can
add isopropyl alcohol over the top you can do some really cool things and you
can create backgrounds with your markers and your marker refills and you can see
here like look how much time because this is it is actually porous alcohol
marker cardstock this is one of the most porous card stocks in your craft room
but you see how cool and how nicely does that blend
I mean you’ve gone from light to dark to light and you could keep blending you
could make a background you could stamp on top of it lots and lots of options
and this is going to dry because it dries with alcoholics it’s exactly the
same thing so another option for you of course you could take your blender pen
and then bleach some back out again lots of options in there for you and
then one other one we have is a yupo again you can stamp and color on here
great for practicing on too and you can also do the same with some other
substrates that we cover in at the challenge but you know I can lay it down
on here and something underneath it of course my paper piece that tells me what
it is I’m like something’s rubbing because I can feel it but you can see
you can lay your color down you could a blending solution you can isopropyl
alcohol it you couldn’t do just like the swatches of color by me what I mean is
like do like this and then put another splash next to it
like this you know do those kind of backgrounds and then spritz it with
alcohol that’s gonna move that color around and you couldn’t wait some really
cool background so you can try those kinds of things out as well so there’s
some off-the-wall ideas for you but they’re my top three as well I hope
you’ve enjoyed today’s video as always don’t forget to hit subscribe and I will
see you again tomorrow with another awesome tip I’ll see you then bye

8 thoughts on “What’s the best paper choice for Spectrum Noir & other alcohol markers? – Inktoberfest Day 20

  1. great video. I have the single color Spectrum Noir markers and love them I use Neenah 110 lb index from Target and really like it. Will try the tonic ultra smooth you like the best.

  2. Can you tell where can I find that Tonic Ultra smooth white? And what is the exact name for it? Or maybe it's not available in the US? The link to Tonic studio US is not working. I found something maybe at Simon says stamp, but it's only 5 sheets in a pack. Tonic crafter ultra smooth white card, is that it? Haven't found it anywhere else

  3. Thank you for this video. The information on the paper choices and what to look for will help me when choosing my next paper package and also which paper to use when coloring with alcohol markers.

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