100 thoughts on “What’s In MrMobile’s Bag? [Everyday Carry 2020]

  1. Michael Fisher: I carry a 16" MacBook Pro everywhere (it fits in my bag)
    Marques Brownlee: Hold my iPad Pro; I travel with it everywhere (YES – I do that to myself)
    Me: O_o

  2. This is slightly comical. How many people watching this would even consider/be able to buy a 6 grand laptop. Who does he think his audience is?

  3. It would be very funny and cool at the same time if MrMobile will, out of nowhere, pull a Glock 19 and includes it in his “everyday carry” list, lol

  4. The items in that bag alone, if i'm guessing correctly, cost about 15k, and its years worth of savings in the context of where I'm live in.

  5. I usually carry the sony WH-1000XM3s, still can't get over the awesome noise cancelling, I also carry a OnePlus 6t and a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

  6. Yes… I'll watch all of your videos. I carry an s10+ and the original tic watch pro. FYI… To get the most of your tic watch pro, turn off animations.

  7. Production-wise, this might be your best video of all time. I can't afford most of the list, but you bet your ass I'm buying a Space Pen from the affiliate link.

  8. Those ROAV glasses are totally worthless! Straight into the garbage after a few month of use.
    Try finding a pair of glasses with gorilla glass 6 instead.

  9. Goddamn. Maybe you should get the whole thing insured….. Just thinking of the total cost of your setup…. Yikes.

    Great video as always though.

  10. All I am getting from videos like these is “here’s a bunch of shit that 85% of you probably will never be able to afford.”

  11. I knew the owner of Fisher Space Ben. Paul Fisher, when I was 18 he came into the Jack in the Box and order a Sourdough Grilled Chicken 2-3x a week. His warehouse is out in Boulder City, right by Vegas. Very nice guy, I got one of his pens from him as a gift.

  12. Over 20 years not to realise how good the Fisher ink cartridge is!

    I was given a gold tone Papermate two heart ball point for my 21st. Saddly I lost it and am on the third replacement. The cartridges also allowed writing upside down. The G1 is the compatible cartridge, but none have the two heart pump action.

    I have a Fisher space 'bullet' pen and bought a set of 5 different coloured pens with the same coloured ink in them for my daughter when see started secondary school (aged 11). I prefer the Parker jotter mechanism – clicky – and so use the Fisher ink cartridge with adapter to fit.

    The latest bullet pens have a stylus tip for use on tablets and mobile phones. Not worth the upgrade not when you can boast that your pen is over 20 years old and has the same cartridge in it!

  13. To make you bag stand out use something like RiutBands (a UK based back pack company) . Simply colour code the handle or straps. Same applies when flying. You bag may be unique on the flight but among hundreds of similar shaped and coloured bags a simple brightly coloured tag makes it easier to spot.

  14. I can imagine how much pain your shoulders have to endure with so many heavy metals in the bag , yet , you haven't count a bottle water yet .

  15. I'm surely hoping that Apple pushes down their 16" form factor and options to the 13" – I need that machine. And super jealous of the new navy blue v2 Peak Everyday Backpack! My v1 in grey is still going strong though.

  16. Just bought 3 pairs of those sunglasses. That triple fold thing is sweet. Got the Maverick and the Franklin for me and the Jett for the Mrs.

  17. If fan Michael. Your vids always top rate. But do you really carry all this stuff every day? Is it really necessary to have top of the range Apple and Android phones and how many laptops? I know new stuff and the reviews of such pay the bills but back in the real world what I – and I suspect many others – want to know is which ONE is the ONE to buy – because that’s what we can afford.

  18. Hey MrMobile. Nice video. I was wondering why don't you have a razer blade or and hp spectre x360? As they are more powerful and portable. Nice video as always

  19. I have a question. If you have a pen on your backpack, why you are not carryng a notebook or something like that? You have a creative job and you actually carry a backpack.

  20. He loves his iPad, but he said don’t like iOS. Sounds contradictory, I think Mr. Mobile loves his iPhone, but too much android fans in the channel.

  21. WHy doesn't MrMobile carry a second power bank? A person is legally allowed to bring 2 <=100Wh batteries on a plane.

  22. Just got my Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD and it's been pretty amazing. Only my Pixel 3 has wireless charging. I'm discovering how much I need Qi. The new Razr won't have it. Dang.

  23. to be honest,i am not a very busy person at all but even I don't find time to use more than three gadgets in a day, it's usually just my phone,my PlayStation,and my laptop

  24. The fact you use a Mac book and then say "it's $6000 because I have 8TBs and monster specs" NO ITS $6000 BECAUSE ITS A BRAND. I can get an 8TB hard drive for $200, I can get a laptop with equal or better specs for close to $1800, it's a $4000 markup rate for the fruit on the fucking lid.

  25. Are you still using the Samsung Note 10+ phone as your daily driver? I watched your YouTube review on that awhile back.

  26. Looking forward to your reviews of the new Garmin watches, they tend to get left out of wearable comparisons and I would love to hear some takes on this compared to things like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the Fitbit Versa 2, and the 5th Gen Wear OS watches from Fossil.

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