What’s a Feltie and What Can I Do With It? | 18 In the Hoop Machine Embroidery Projects

Hey everybody! Have you ever seen or
heard about felties and wondered what they are and what they’re used for? Well,
you’ve come to the right place. So, what’s a feltie? A feltie is a small felt shape
usually made of felt and has embroidered details. It has a plain felt backing. The
entire feltie is made with an embroidery machine. You can use acrylic felt, wool
blend felt, even marine vinyl or glitter canvas. Usually tearaway stabilizer is
used unless the design has a lot of stitches such as this one. Felties
come in a variety of shapes and designs and themes: holidays, animals, food,
messages, travel, occupations, sports, and countless others. Felties are a great
beginner project, even for kids who can safely use an embroidery machine. They’re
easy and inexpensive to make. Craft projects using feltie are a fun
activity for kids, even teens, in my experience. So, what can you use them for?
While their uses are limited only by your imagination, I’ll show you examples
to get you started. One popular use of felties is for bookmarks. You can see
here I attached one on either side of a piece of ribbon. This bookmark uses fold
over elastic. These two use paper clips. This one is a larger paper clip which
gets glued onto the back, and this is a smaller paper clip. You can use these
paper clip sliders which are available from AKA Applique’s Facebook group, or you can just cut a slit in the back of the feltie, put the end of the paper clip
into it, and glue it in place. For these two, I added ribbon to make a zipper pull
and a bookmark. Felties are very popular as hair clips. You can glue them
to a partially lined alligator clip, a snap clip, a plastic barrette, or one of these metal
French barrettes. And this has an alligator clip with teeth and a bar pin
all in one. In addition to hair clips, you can use felties as a bow center, or add a
little piece of felt onto the back to glue a ponytail band in
place. Felties also make great embellishments for headbands.
This one is glued onto a slider from AKA Applique and placed onto a plastic
headband. And it’s removable! Here’s a stretchy headband using fold over
elastic. You can also use this as a bookmark. These peanut butter and jelly
felties would make great shoe clips. Here’s a little fish with ribbon
attached so you can put it on your zipper. Here’s a little seahorse on a piece of
fold over elastic that makes a bracelet. These make great party favors. This
little cactus made of glitter canvas has a bar pin on the back. If you have to wear
an ID badge for work, spice it up with a feltie! Make a
pencil topper with a feltie using a scrap of felt that’s glued to the back
to create a pocket for the pencil. This feltie is adorable. You add a little
pom-pom to it with some glue and put a magnet on the back and have a festive
decoration for your fridge. Here is a feltie with a push pin on the back so you
can decorate your bulletin board. You can even use felties to decorate your
table. I made this napkin ring out of one and a half inch wide grosgrain ribbon
and glued the feltie in place. If your kids like tic-tac-toe, you can use felties
as game pieces. Just make six of each color. You can even mix and match
different styles. Here’s a chore chart. Each child chooses a feltie design. Back it
with a magnet ,and you can place this on your fridge. Whatever chore the child is
assigned, you put their feltie right over it. You can add things such as
ribbon and elastic to felties right in the hoop. For this one, I did the
placement stitch, then taped the elastic ends in place, stitched the rest of the
feltie, and then added the felt to the back. It’s now a headband or bookmark.
When deciding whether to use felt or vinyl for your felties, consider the
item’s end use. For something such as this badge clip, it’s going to receive a lot
of daily wear. So, the vinyl was a good choice for this design because felt can
often get worn out and pilly. This magnet is going to live on a
refrigerator, so it’s not going to see a lot of wear. So, acrylic felt is just fine
for this application. Same for this napkin ring. It’s only going to be used
once or twice a year. For this headband, I liked the look of felt, but I needed
something more durable since it’s going to be worn by a child. So, I used a wool
blend felt, which is more durable. I’m going to include links in the
description below to all the supplies I used along with all the feltie designs. If
you have any questions, post them in the comments below, and let me know which
type of feltie project you’re going to try first! Thanks for watching!

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