What to Do in Mui Ne, Vietnam 🇻🇳

What to Do in Mui Ne, Vietnam 🇻🇳

you I hadn’t heard of my name before I
arrived in Vietnam but once I arrived in this country, the name just kept popping
up in conversation and now I know why Monet is one-of-a-kind it’s located in
South Vietnam a six-hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City after getting here I
spend my time on a scooter riding past miles of red and white sands Hills wind
in my hair as I cruise along the sea I past hundred circular boats that look
more like cheap plastic bowls with fishermen making their living. about 10 kilometer right outside of town
I stopped at the white sand dunes where jeeps take tourists out for the ride of
their lives for a hefty price but my friends and I opted for the free version
a walk straight into the desert a stark contrast to the scene from earlier my
skin gets burned with a minute and I feel as though I now know what it might
be like to get stranded in the desert I wouldn’t last long we’re in the desert – our next stop is the red sand dunes
where instead of going by Jeep tourists get around by local form of
transportation a plastic map yes my dog it must be the main form of
entertainment for the locals here because every night there are literally
thousands sliding down these hills look it’s a matter for free no local price
and for inert ice ah you now is this the white sand dunes weren’t
pretty enough and the red dunes weren’t entertaining enough and the scooter ride
wasn’t fun enough I arrived to the last place on my list of things to see in
Moyne a and I rediscover yet again that Monet is a land of stark contrasts this
is very stream as you do with entering houses and temples all around Southeast
Asia we take off our shoes to enter this place we walk along the stream for what
seems like miles I think that maybe it seemed that we could walk so slowly
taking the beauty of it my feet barely get in
and the water which see who continued at a height of two or three inches – the
whole time with the exception of a couple spots or after bowl of lectures
we wind our way through bamboo forests red sand cliffs and huge rock boulders
at points one kind of strange dense bamboo jungle the type of the amount of
room for while compete away on the other side it’s ready and equipped by the way
mean to the best ever. has to be one of the most memorable I
stay in and you’re not or maybe in all Southeast Asia
you need to come here.

21 thoughts on “What to Do in Mui Ne, Vietnam 🇻🇳

  1. Check out this video from The Philippines. People seem to like it.

  2. I loved everything, from the new intro to the desert & jungle & river & rocks. Your footage are absolutely beautiful.

  3. I love Mui Ne and the Fairy Stream. Just a reminder to visitors, have funs and respect the nature. I hate to see a few people climbed and destroyed the sandstones formations there. It is beautiful to walk the Yellow Sand Dunes in late afternoon, and the Fairy Stream in early afternoon when it is hot and less crowded.

  4. Hi, what company did you use in sleepingbus? Found one, but I cant find nowhere where is main stop/pick-up location.. Going Saigon-Muine-NhaTrang in march so it would be nice to know 🙂 Thank you for videos.

  5. If i remember well. it sucks for nice beaches even more if one need a beach good to enjoy au natural. Phu quoc Island is better but not for long. Chinese will scrap it soon….like they did with sihanouxville.

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