What is Earl Grey Tea?  अर्ल ग्रे चाय | Flavoured Tea |  Recipe for Flavoured Tea | Everyday Life

What is Earl Grey Tea? अर्ल ग्रे चाय | Flavoured Tea | Recipe for Flavoured Tea | Everyday Life

Welcome to our YouTube Channel “Everyday Life”. Our today’s interesting information is on Earl Grey Tea and how this tea is different than other tea. So, let’s start. Here, this tea in this cup is Earl Grey Tea. This is kind of blended tea; light but, very aromatic tea. This blended tea contains more than 90% of black tea and remaining part with bergamot flavour. Bergamot flavour is being achieved with the rind of bergamot and its edible fragrant oil. This kind of description is mentioned in various books. However, the original recipe is secret of the tea companies. This bergamot is a fragrant fruit from the citrus family. This has a very relaxing and stress-free effect on the body. This is how this Earl Grey tea becomes light yet fragrant tea, in which you get fragrant tea without any sourness of citrus. This Earl Grey tea is available in the market for almost 170 years. The recipe of this tea had been shared by the Chinese elite as a thank you gift to British noble person, Charles Grey for saving the life of his son. Charles grey later became Prime Minister of Britain He had shared recipe of that blended tea with tea companies. Ever since this blended tea is popular among tea-lovers and elites. Here, we have Twining tea. But, other brands do make this Earl Grey tea. This tea is very easy to make – Put tea leaves or bag in a mug and pour hot water. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Later consume the tea as it is or with little milk or cream. This tea is available in the form of tea leaves and bags in the departmental stores and online stores. Here, this brand – Cost of this Twining starts from Rs 285/- for 25 tea bags. The Earl Grey tea is also used in cake and desserts to impart additional flavour. And if you want to make fragrant tea similar to Earl Grey at home – Then dry the rinds of fragrant lemon or oranges from your surrounding and mix them in your tea container. And enjoy a flavourful tea. And we hope today’s information will be useful in your everyday life. Thanks for watching and keep enjoying our everyday life.

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