What If You Had No Fingerprints

What If You Had No Fingerprints

What role do fingerprints play in our lives? Yes, detective movies give a clear answer
to this question. But besides that, could fingerprints determine
your character? I’ll get into that a bit later. First, let’s imagine that one day you woke
up without them. –How about Gadgets? So, you wake up in your bed and immediately
pick up your phone. You notice that it somehow feels strange. You try to unlock it, but it doesn’t respond
to your finger. Ok, enter the password code. You scroll through the news feed, but you
do it ineptly, as if you’re using the touch screen for the first time. You’re trying to reply to a message, but
the text is poorly typed and constantly gets messed up. This isn’t exactly an emergency, but the
feeling is rather strange. You get out of bed and open your laptop, which
also won’t unlock without a fingerprint. You’ve been using a computer for many years
and have learned to type quickly; but this time, when you start to write a message, you
can’t feel your fingers interacting with the buttons. It’s difficult to determine where one key
ends and another begins, so you often press two at once. Your typing speed drops noticeably. Scientists have only recently found out that
fingerprints serve a person as the main mechanism of touch. Without them, it’d be difficult for you to
read information and interact with whatever you’re touching or holding in your hands. -Temperature
Next, you come to the kitchen to make breakfast. You try to break the eggs for an omelet, but
do it clumsily and the whole yolk spreads. Everything is falling out of your hands. When taking a pinch of salt, you take too
much and make your breakfast inedible. It seems like the burner isn’t heated enough,
because your fingers don’t feel the warmth above it. You touch it and burn yourself a bit. Yep, the day isn’t getting off to a great
start. A very sensitive temperature sensor is located
on our palms. Remember that when you’re sitting at a campfire
in nature, you’re constantly stretching out your hands in its direction. Also in cold weather, you feel your hands
freeze faster than the rest of your body. -Sensitivity
After an unsuccessful breakfast, you go to the store to buy new shoes. You’ve chosen the ones you want, but you can’t
figure out what they feel like – either polyester, rubber, or faux leather. All these materials feel the same. Without prints, you can’t fully enjoy the
smoothness of silk, the rustling of wool, the softness of cotton. Then, when you try to pay for the sneakers,
you can’t use PayPal on the phone, because it doesn’t read your fingerprint. So you decide to pay in cash, but it takes
forever to get the money from your wallet, and you awkwardly count the required amount. Papillary patterns on the fingers play a very
important role in the fine motor skills of the hands. Thanks to them, we can easily separate thin
pages of paper from each other, type on a keyboard, get cards and money from our wallets,
play the piano, guitar, etc. Try to do one of these with leather gloves. You’ll notice the difference. –Identification and uniqueness
Let’s say you work in a large modern company, where the pass to the office is carried out
using a fingerprint. Of course, no identification scanner will
recognize you and you’ll be late for work. You’ll need to prove to the guard that you
really work here, and after that, you’ll have to listen to a rebuke from the boss for
running late. The fact is that every print of every person
is unique. The probability that you’ll meet someone with
the same finger pattern as yours is 1 in 64 million. Even for twins with the same DNA, the prints
vary. In the modern world, without fingerprints,
you won’t be able to obtain a passport, travel outside the borders of your country, and in
some cases, get to work. Dactylography, a way of identifying a person
by fingerprints, is used in many areas of life, not just in investigations. In supermarkets, you can use your finger to
pay for purchases. Fingerprint scanners are installed instead
of ordinary locks on houses, cars, and gadgets. In many secret government organizations, access
to sensitive information can only be obtained through fingerprint scanning. Interestingly, humanity has known about the
uniqueness of fingerprints for a long time: in Ancient Babylon, about 2000 BCE, people
left prints on clay tablets as a signature. Then, in the 5-7 centuries, they were used
in China for the same purpose. But fingerprinting wasn’t used for police
investigations until 1902 in the UK. Simply put, fingerprints are the ID that nature
has given you. Their pattern is formed in the womb and will
never change throughout your life. Despite this, scientists have recorded rare
cases when a person was born with absolutely smooth fingers, void of prints. Such cases in medicine are considered a manifestation
of a rare genetic tendency. These people don’t experience any health problems,
but they have problems with records. In addition to fingerprints, people also have
unique prints on their tongue and feet. And with cats and dogs, nose prints are unique. But the most interesting discovery regarding
fingerprints has happened recently. Scientists have found that on objects touched
by a specific person, there are special bacteria. And guess what, they’re also unique! That is, a unique bacterium is born within
each fingerprint. These bacteria live for several weeks, and
with the analysis of their DNA, you can determine the identity of a person. But, back to the hero of our story. -Let’s talk about Touch
After your bad day, you go to meet a loved one. And only now do you understand the full value
of your prints. Without them, you’re deprived of a very important
connection with other people – a tactile connection. People read each other not only through sight,
smell and hearing. Touch plays a big role in building social
relationships. Remember, in early childhood, we held our
parents’ hands. When we get older, we touch the people we
meet and love. And after that, we’ll hold the hand of our
own children. Without an effective tangible connection,
a person will feel quite lonely. The patterns on our fingers can also be an
additional tool for reading information. An excellent testimony of this is massage
therapists. Their fingers are like real scanners that
can detect the slightest disturbances and changes in the patient’s body. So, the day is drawing to a close, but the
problems don’t end there. You return home and find small calluses on
your fingers. That’s because normally, the patterned ribbed
structure of the surface of the fingers doesn’t allow fluid to accumulate, and therefore reduces
the risk of blisters. So now you understand how valuable and important
your fingerprint is. But let’s go a little deeper into palmistry
and try to determine the character of a person using the patterns on their fingers. Each fingerprint is unique, but nevertheless,
there are only three main types of patterns for them: an arch, loops, and a whorl. You can leave fingerprints on a white sheet
of paper, or carefully examine each finger. Usually, there are 2 or 3 types of prints
on a person. It’s very rare for all fingers to have only
one type. Count which patterns you have more of. The first type is the arch. People with these prints are very responsible,
calm and balanced. They don’t get mad easily. They’re excellent strategic and team players. Hardworking and reliable, they make friends
easily and are family-oriented. The next type is the loop. People with this pattern on their fingers
put self-expression and self-development in first place, even if it doesn’t bring material
benefits. Prone to mental work and risk, they’re very
energetic and creative people. And the last type is the whorl. The predominance of whorls speaks of well-developed
logical and analytical thinking. People with this pattern are better at learning
new languages and math. If all your fingers have whorls, you can consider
yourself a genius. Such prints are mainly found among genius
inventors and scientists. Finally about the person born with no fingerprints,
sometimes you can hear them singing hopefully: “Someday my prints will come…” No I made that up. Just can’t help myself. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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