What if MARKERS were… BOTTLED? – Paletteful Pack Unboxing & Challenge

What if MARKERS were… BOTTLED? – Paletteful Pack Unboxing & Challenge

Hey you. Yeah you! What rhymes with artful hack? Its Paletteful pack! I don’t know why I did that. But hey, let me know in the comments what you would rhyme with paletteful pack. I’m not a poet. I’m an artist. Let’s get into unpacking this paletteful pack. Thank you so much too paletteful pack for sending me this box. I didn’t pre-cut it. I will be right back. Okay, but real quick, these little wormy doodles are trying to escape at every hole. Look at them. It’s like tentacles on Halloween. All right, let’s get into it. It’s paletteful pack. Let’s just go ahead and take some of this stuff out. Look at our our purple wormies. Whoa. And just like magic all of our art supplies are gone. So I’m going to take a peek at the list of supplies. So I can more accurately Talk about them. And look at that. We have an inktober list on the back. How terrifying. So it looks like our main supply is going to be these alcohol inks, and it looks like it has a rainbow color additive? I don’t know what that means but I’m excited to explore that. We’ve got “Cherry red”, “Lemon”, “Aqua green”, “Carribean”, “Turquoise”, “Magenta”, “Metallic Gold” and “Rainbow.” Whatever that means. I’m very curious to find out. So I’m actually really curious as to how these guys look.
So really quick and want us to watch these on our yupo paper pad 5×7. Okay, so I got this little thing I can put my inks in there and let’s just start clipping the tips off of these guys so we can- Oh gosh. These are gonna make a mess. I’m actually really scared. Okay. OH! Ink just went… everywhere. I don’t even know where the tip flew off to but it is out of this earth. So… Rip. Okay Wow. I’m terrified. Let’s just uh… of ink on- WHAAAAA! My scissors are going to be a rainbow explosion when I’m done with this. No! I honestly just don’t know the best way to open these. Is that tips on how to open these. Oh. Okay, alright, okay stop everybody, okay. All right, so You should probably read directions. Um, it says to open the bottle Puncture it with like a little a little fine point thing. It says “Do not cut the tips off unless a wide tip is desired.” Well, I- I desired a wide tip. Wide tip was so desired by me. Let’s just take an x-acto blade and just kind of… make an opening. Shall we? Look at that. Oh and it erupts. that’s fine. You know what? A lot safer than I was doing before. I am definitely a big idiot and I can accept I can accept that. These are so alcoholic smelling. I feel like I’m getting drunk off of the fumes. But anyways, let’s just go ahead and put some ink in here and see what’s up. Real quick. We’re actually going to be using these princeton brush golden Taklon set of four to swash our colors. And then later to do a finished full piece we’re going to be using this Mmasterpiece Alcohol ink panel 8 by 10 which is reversible. So it seems like you can work on both sides. That’s pretty cool. Okay, so let’s start swatching our colors and then I’ll go through with our shimmering effect and do that one too. I’m not really used to inks So this is going to be a bit of a new process. It definitely feels- I never know how to describe ink or this sort of sensation. It feels slimy. Is that correct? I don’t know probably not. It seems really difficult to get like a smooth… flat of color. This this reminds me of when I painted with my own blood. It’s like is that coagulating? Is that correct? What is happening? My brush just turned into this weird goopy. Yeah. I’m not sure how this works. This is definitely going to be a learning experience. If you have any ink tips, Let me know in the comments. It’s fine. We’ll figure it out. It’s cool. It’s great. We’re having fun. If you love the smell of straight alcohol in your face the whole time while you create art you have just the art supply for you. I don’t know how to wash my brush. I’m so confused. Okay. So am I an idiot? Because do you see how it’s becoming chunky. I’m trying to wash the brush off with water, but it’s becoming just this weird chunky stuff that’s hard and impossible to wash off. So I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong. But there’s that. It says to clean up spills of your ink to use and isopropyl Alcohol, but it doesn’t say to wash your brushes off with isopropyl alcohol. So, I’m really not sure what’s happening Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and add our shimmering agent to each of these colors because I’m really curious as to how that works and I have to say just puncturing this with this small hole It like gets clogged and it’s not coming out. So I’m not sure what’s happening. This seems to be a very Uh, not beginner-friendly box. So this is going to be really interesting. I hope you guys enjoy watching me struggle because that’s what this is going to be all about today. Okay. With my clumpy brush. Let’s see how our shimmering inks turn out. Looks very sparkly. I wonder if that’s why it kept getting clogged the nozzle because that nozzle is not cooperating. I don’t know what I’m doing. Do I need like straight alcohol to clean my brush? Because honestly, I don’t have that. I do have nail polish remover. I will be right back. Okay. Okay, so I used nail polish remover and it has cleaned my brush right up. Now that being said I’m a strong believer in that these boxes should give you everything that you need, but oh well. And as usual, that’s why I absolutely love working with these mystery art supply boxes because I get to experience and show you guys a variety of different art supplies and how not to use them you guys can learn from my mistakes. Now I’m actually really curious if I try to do like a gradient because it seems like they’re really hard to mix. So let’s just see what happens I’m not even going to wash my brush off between each one and we are seeing the mistake you get. You get Dookie browny. Look how shiny is it. It’s all sparkly. Shiny. Can you can you even tell what’s happening? No, you can’t that’s fine. So I’m just going to get another pad of paper here and I’m going to do some tests. I’m just going to take some alcohol, pray for me. Well, this isn’t alcohol. This is nail polish remover, which isn’t- Whoa! It’s not just alcohol. There’s no alcohol but whatever it works. It’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, so say we have this, okay. Oh my gosh. Say we have this big puddle of alcohol- Oh jeez. So I’m just going to spread this What am I what am I doing? Whatever is fine. Okay. So what if I just kind of got our ink bottles here? Oh, wow. Whoa Whoa, okay. I’m into it. That looks really cool. I’ll say that much. Have some yellow. May have put too much nail polish remover on the page for sure. It is- it is quite wet. But this looks really cool. You guys know if you’ve seen my recent videos that I’m getting into abstract art. So this is really fun. I’m actually- I’m into this. Ooh. Magenta with that blue. Oh my gosh. Look how bright and colorful that is. Hey red, you suck. We want that bright and colorful magenta. Look at this. Do I need to get my hair dryer? I’m scared. It is drying pretty quickly. Maybe I’ll just sit here and let it let it do its thing. Let’s just watch as the colors do whatever they’re doing. [Music] So. This side is still really wet and it’s been drying for a while now but I put way too much nail polish remover on this, so it was just way too wet. Lesson learned. Overall I think this is a really cool looking especially there’s really bright blue to magentas and it does make me want to work with the more limited color palette, so… Let’s do that. Okay. So I’m going to do the nail polish remover thing again just because I think that was… effective but I’m not gonna use quite as much obviously. Whoa!! It’s really hard to control, okay? Let’s do… Turquoise yellow and green over here and then over here we can do blue and magenta because I really liked the way the blue magenta interacted on the other piece. Whoa, sometimes it just explodes. Whoa! That’s just so crazy looking. It’s just so bright and colorful. Which is unusual for me to like I do really like this. Let’s just keep doing the rings and see what happens. Maybe we can even- Wow that just kind of flew out. Maybe we can get some Dookie green in here. I actually don’t think I want any blue just because- Well blue might be interesting because it can create a nice little yellow to green with blue in there. And this is a nice subtle blue. It’s not as bright as the other blue. It’s just really fun to watch the ink spread in itself. It just looks so cool. Wow, yeah, I do think that the blue and magenta is my favorite. It’s just so colorful and fun! Okay, so I had a lot of fun with these and they’re really colorful and really fun and unpredictable but I’ve actually been given inspiration from these so I have a really good idea of what to use our panel for. Let’s get into it!
All right. So here is the plan. Like I mentioned I was inspired by the previous arts that I did. So let’s just jump right in there and said I’m doing any sort of sketching or anything because we don’t have pencils and I think we’re just kind of working loosely and abstractly, I just kind of want to jump in there and just do the thing. So I will show you- Wow, that was interesting. I’m just going to show you guys what I plan on doing. We’re just gonna jump right into it. So we’ve got our, Oh my gosh, our nail polish remover because that’s how this our supply works. You use nail polish remover. You guys who know how to use this our supply are probably just cringing at what I’m doing, but… Hey. Like I said ,who wants to do research when you can just explore a new art supply and then look up afterwards and see how regretful your decisions were. It’s fun this way. It’s fun to be adventurous, right? Yes. Okay. So as you can see I wanted to put down a lot of the, what is it, nail polish remover to make sure that I got a more flat base. And it is a light color. Okay. So while the edges continue to dry I’m going to draw the thing now. You know. The thing. The subject of my art. Can you guess? Do you know what I’m doing yet? Have you figured it out? Yeah, I’m drawing fish. So I was really inspired by my previous little test and doodle the splotches kind of looked like water so then I thought I would do like fish and water. Those look like fish right? I hope. Okay. So now I’m going to… create water. Does make sense? You know like water? I’m not really sure how to explain it. Maybe you’ll see as I paint. Or am I inking?
‘Cause I’m using ink. I don’t know. [Music] I think the water is sort of reactivating the fish. So I think I have to work really quickly to avoid that [Music] I think these materials were meant for a more abstract approach with like spraying and dropping and just letting the inks do their thing. But you know me and my literal art. I gotta try to do something that looks like a thing. Okay. Um, there is our water. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. It’s whatever. You know? What do you say we put a few lily pads on this one just because I feel like it could use something more. So, there we go. Just jumping right in there. So I’m not really sure if I’m feeling this one. It just seems a little “There it is” and kind of boring…? Let’s flip it over to the other side. So again, I’m going to pour- Oh my god. And we’re just gonna do a few drops. Get a nice as even layer as I can of this light blue. Well, hold on. Let’s do something regretful. Shall we? More nail polish remover! Oh m god. This is pretty good, right? I’m gonna say this is as smooth as I’m probably gonna get it. Alright. So now I want to go in with our Caribbean and I’m going to do my best to make this- Yeah, this is definitely an abstract a version of that but that’s okay. I think it’s fun. It’s gonna be fun. Don’t worry about it! I’m going to add a couple more drops of blue here and they’re just too dark in a few areas because I think there is a little- The tones are very… It’s very medium heavy. So I do want some darker areas here and there. Okay, so we have our more abstract water situation here. I do like this a lot more. It’s a lot more fun. But I guess the question is how do I add something? that keeps it abstract, but kind of gives it a subject if that makes any sense. So I think I’m gonna start off just trying to do seaweed Or something that I can kind of make abstract so I can put down some nail polish remover, so professional, and then I’ll just plop some color on top of it and kind of still get that marble-y tie-dye look to it. I kind of ditched the marble thing and just drew it with green. Whoops. Okay, so we have some seaweed.
Now- Now what? I’m not really sure. Okay, what if I just threw some color down and see what it did? Oh, wait. What if I… Oh! I mean that’s ridiculous, but it’s kind of cool. I didn’t really mean to do that, but we’re doing it. Maybe I can actually come in… Like a pen and make these blobs in the fish I suppose. Hopefully they’re not too dark. I like the idea. I think that could be fun. Let me just throw more ink on the canvas. Okay. That that looks okay. Yeah? Sometimes you just have to do things and… not know what you’re doing. You know how it is. Alright, so I’m just going to take this micron pen and add some faces and little details to this. Look at him. He has- He’s just like a body. Maybe he’s got like a fin on his head or something. He’s pretty goofy. All right, so this is also a weird one. I think I might like this one more than the other one just because the other one… I don’t know. It was whatever. So here it is. Here is our blobby fish… whatever this was and on the other side we have our pond fish and oh my goodness. Looks like we had a little leak. Uh-oh. Whoopsies. Uhh/ Yeah, there you go. Thank you so much to paletteful for sending me this box. If you want to have your own monthly paletteful box, check out the link in the description get your own box. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Stay golden! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [Music]

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  5. You can use alcohol inks pretty much like watercolors, just on non porous materials (glass, glossy cardstock, metal, etc.) and with isopropyl alcohol instead of water to dilute. That's why the colors are so vibrant, so they can be diluted a lot and last a really long time. They also sell alcohol ink blending solution, but isopropyl alcohol is much cheaper for essentially the same job.

    In my experience you want to mix what you need when you need it because the alcohol, especially in high concentrations, will evaporate and make the ink more concentrated again if you take too long. And if you paint on glass you have to seal it with a resin sealant to keep the colors from fading away or rubbing off over time.

  6. To 'water' down alcohol inks, you need to use isopropyl alcohol. It will also help to clean your brushes. 🙂 It's very odd that they didn't supply any. That seems very counter intuitive.

  7. They are alchohol inks that means instead of water you would use the alchohol. With watercolor inks you use water. Get what I mean?

  8. I kinda hate when people say “abstract art” when they are talking about non objective art, in fact most of Kasey’s art is abstract because it isn’t just like real life yet it resembles real life and we can tell what it is, realistic art is when something is the same as real life, and non objective is just as it sounds, it doesn’t resemble anything. Thank you for taking your time to learn

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  13. If you try to use these again, try doing it with regular rubbing alcohol and interspersing it with a little alcohol in between in drops- also depending on how it's used, the alcohol and whatever is in your nail polish remover can eat through the finish on the board if it's acrylic based

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  15. I don't do art stuff but maybe because they are alcohol base don't add water to them. They are not water colors so you can not treat them like water colors. You should probably use pure alcohol to dilute them and clean them. Pure alcohol like the one they recommend is 99% maybe even 96%, you can pick that up at any drug store. Accetone does not seem like a good idea unless you have every area protected because pure acetone will eat through surfaces, I mean it is meant to remove paint off you nails. Just seems like common sense to me.

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  18. sooooooooo nail polish remover is mostly stuff called acetone which is…. in no way alcohol. it's a solvent, it's super good at dissolving stuff, like glue, plastic, pigment, resin, paint, varnish, nail polish. that kind of thing. I'm not gonna tell you to NOT use it in your art, but you should be aware it dissolves A LOT of stuff and evaporates really quickly. also, "nail polish remover" includes a bunch of random non acetone stuff that you don't need, and will probably be more expensive than straight acetone, if that's something you can find. otherwise i'd recommend some kind of colourless, unscented nail polish remover for art uses, and probably dedicated brushes too, just in case.

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    I'm bothered by the bottles apparently not being resealable. Honestly guys, not cool.

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    I hope you are okay, because those fumes are not great for your health. 😨

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