What does a brick person look like? – Brick ART Compilation #1

What does a brick person look like? – Brick ART Compilation #1

North Carolina artist – Brad Spencer
creates extraordinary sculptures out of a most ordinary medium bricks. His work ranges from free-standing sculptures to relief sculptures. Some of his most striking works feature figures that appear to be seamlessly part of brick walls Giant Hands Emerge From a Venice Canal to Raise Climate Change Awareness The Shark became the most famous resident of Headington
when it landed in the roof of 2 New High Street in the early hours of Saturday 9 August 1986. This ordinary home suddenly became the centre of world attention,
and the headless shark still excites interest today The Brick House, situated amidst rural settlements in Wada, near Mumbai,India, is constructed using materials – bricks, stone, wood, bamboo and ferro-cement in their naked form,
giving an earthy feel to the built up space Low cost and eco-friendly technologies like rat-trap bonds for brickwork, filler slabs, brick jalis, built-in furniture allowed this 2500 square ft structure to be constructed in INR 12 lacs due to reduced requirement of steel, cement & bricks, use of locally available material and the rejection of unnecessary practices (like plastering) The positions and sizes of the openings are dictated by climatology
ensuring natural light, cross ventilation and passive cooling The house, entirely built of brick, blends in with its surroundings. It is a lively type of brick, in a sleek bond with emphatically horizontal joints. The contrastive interior was kept as austere and clean as possible
and features flawlessly plastered white surfaces Kitchen, cupboards and built-in appliances are completely white as well. The dining table with a draw-leaf was specially designed for this house With its flowing, tilting walls, the Marta in East Westphalia’s Herford
is one of the most unusual museum buildings in the world. For the façade the American star architect Frank Gehry chose dark red bricks Werner Tscholl – local architect – created a box-like brick distillery,
with a gridded pattern based on local barns. Puni distillery is 13 meters high. All the functions and the three stories of the building
are wrapped within al lattice of cement blocks colored with soft earth tones,
forming a modular scheme as used in farm buildings of the area. So the complex on the outside appears as a simple cube nuanced only by the gaps of the lattice. In May 2016, the Termeh office-commercial building
was unveiled, located in Hamedan, one of Iran’s historic cities. The wave-like form is designed to encourage the public to move around on the building. Since a long, straight boulevard runs parallel to one edge of the building, the decision was made to bring the roof sweeping down to meet the pavement,
making it accessible as a stair. The facade is a continuous system made from local bricks, patterned with local and traditional brick layering techniques to respect the local context Arc is a 26-storey, mixed-use residential tower located in central Sydney It combines old and new featuring a handcrafted brick podium
and an organic roof feature designed to add more character to the city The building has a solid, masonry character at its base and the tower above it has a finer,
lighter materiality The concept of the design is inspired by the proportions of arches
and materiality historically used in Sydney, an element that is greatly appreciated by Sydney residents Architecture, through the manipulation of Space,
creates a reality that only previously existed in the imagination The spherical entrance, the infamous rabbit hole,
crashes into the wall and creates ripples on the exterior façade Designed with computational scripting but constructed literally “as drawn”, 1:1 plots directed where each brick should be laid The façade has become juxtaposition between technology
and craftsmanship, linking modernity with tradition Orgarnicare is a showroom for the Vietnam traditional fish sauce and organic products The project is reformed from an old house which was built before 1975 They designed a consistent frame system combining brick and metal for the façade and the interior which is used for shelving and product display. The frame system is flexible as it can be altered and removed Local regulations required that this house be made out of bricks.
Its architect, Diego Arraigada, has used them to two different effects At the front, where the house meets the street, Arraigada has created a solid brick wall
covered in a patterned outer skin, which for all its decorativeness looks almost fortress-like At the back, where the perforated brickwork encloses a hollow volume containing a terrace it brickwork turns the building into a gleaming light box, casting its intricate pattern on the garden

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