What Are the Chances of Reblockage Within a Coronary Stent?

– When we identify a blockage in one of the coronary arteries, we may do a procedure called
a cardiac catheterization in which we’re able to
open up that blockage, and typically, we’ll put
a device called a stent, which is a small,
cylindrical piece of metal that helps keep the vessel open. Once a coronary stent is
implanted in a proper fashion, the rate of restenosis or
re-narrowing of that stent can be quite low if the patient
is taking their medications. But it is still important for a patient to continue with other medical therapies to prevent disease from
developing in other parts of the heart vessels. So even though we can
open up one blockage, the focus should really
be on medical therapy, having a patient watch
their blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes,
having them exercise and watch their weight
so to prevent development of disease in other places.

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