Welcome to Jeremy Shafer Origami Channel!

Welcome to Jeremy Shafer Origami Channel!

Hi, welcome to my origami channel where
you can learn how to fold crazy pop-up cards OW! Ninja stars, ninja darts, ninja
blow darts, boomerangs, boomerang airplanes, rings, flashers, origami that
spins, bounces, and explodes! I make a new video every Wednesday so if you want to make sure you get my latest videos then click the subscribe button.
Welcome to the endlessly expanding universe of origami. I’m your guide
Jeremy Shafer. Come on let’s fold!

100 thoughts on “Welcome to Jeremy Shafer Origami Channel!

  1. I am 9 years old, I started origami when I was 7, I began by watching your videos and kept on going along by watching you and rob's world's videos. Now that I am subscribed to you, I love ALL your videos!

  2. Hey man I just found your awesome channel. You just inspired the he** out of me.
    I am searching for a way to fold a Cone shaped from interlocking origami . something like this.https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/00/82/7a/00827aebf3d72a89c149615caadf7a87.jpg

    im lost at the moment . Any chance you could point me in the right direction.

    thank you

  3. you are an
    ORIGAMI GENIUS!!! how do you come up with all these models which are so cool!!! i love your vids so much!!

  4. Dear Jeremy,

    How do you do? My son Sahil from India is a big big fan of yours. He is studying in 5th standard and learning a lot by watching your youtube videos.He has my son made magic ball,origami gears and wakataki.Many people have asked from where he has learned this origami. We always tell that my son have learned from the famous origamist Mr. Jeremy Shafer.
    In future whenever you visit India, he wants to meet you personally and will be glad to meet you.
    This is my son's dream.
    He would be so happy if you write back! I think you are like an idol for him!


  5. You inspire me to do better in life
    I love you and everything you stand for, and your fashion choices are beautiful. thank you for being such an inspiration in every aspect of my life. you will end cancer

  6. YAY! You're on YouTube!
    This is so awesome. We didn't know you did this (not origami… YouTube).
    I just started my channel with Capt Jack's help. It's crazy so far.
    I hope we run into you out on the road!
    Hope you have lots of fun and loads of bananas.

  7. I’m a teenager now , but when I was younger I just found your channel but when I was younger I used u everyday thank you man Jeremy never stop with this origami I loved it you helped me soo much when I was bored

  8. My son is a huge fan of you ..Very disappointed on Amazon.com for not making my son gift arrive for Xmas .. is there anything you can do Jeremy ?

  9. You have no match…dominate with.. ORIGAMI 80 percent
    ..20 percent for rest zone if any you believe exists

  10. Wonderful I love this video 👌👌💖 just joined hope you Back support 👍👍👌💖 really looks supper 🙏🙏💐🤷‍♀️😍

  11. Hi, can you give me origami ooh la la? i dont have visa or mastercard because i'm just 10 years old so … ok I'm your huge fan

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