Weeding Intricate Designs with Adhesive Vinyl

Weeding Intricate Designs with Adhesive Vinyl

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Edie
with ExpressionsVinyl.com. And, today I’m gonna go over how to weed intricate designs. And I am a beginner at vinyl. And so weeding is still
something that’s new to me. So I’ve learned a couple
of tricks and tips. A couple of tricks and tips
that I’m gonna go over today to help you successfully weed your design. So I was wanting to go
over with this design. This is a design that I liked. And you can see that it has
very small pieces in it. And that was gonna be the hard part. So the first thing that I did was to try reverse weeding. And this is how it turned out. It did a really good job at taking out the main parts of it. However, it still had the
little pieces attached to it. But that’s okay because it’s just gonna make it easier for me to just weed it our manually. So, I love using the Caesar weeding tool. And I’m just gonna go over how I went about weeding this. So I’m just gonna take
out this little part right here. And it’s just a square. And the neat thing about weeding it with the transfer tape on is that it helps the vinyl adhere to it so you’re better able to just take out some of the pieces. And, that’s an example, and that’s
one way that you can do it. The other way is the traditional way where you cut out your design and then you just start weeding away. But some of the things to keep in mind is the lighting, make sure that
you have really good lighting. You can use a head lamp, you can use just one of the lamps
that go on your desk. You can use a light box to help better see where the where the cut lines are to better weed your project. Another thing to keep in
mind are the settings, that’s really key to
weeding intricate designs. You want to slow down your settings a little bit more like the speed is just so you get a perfect cut. And that’s what I did with
this, with this design is cut down my settings. I’m just gonna go ahead
and show an example of how to weed this one. I started right here,
this is a little flower so I’ll get the flower next to that. And just take out a little piece. Just like that. And then we’ll get a
little bit on the inside so you can also it helps kind of move the vinyl, you need
it to catch the light. And there’s a piece right there. So those are just a couple
of things to keep in mind when you are weeding
your intricate designs. Your settings, and make sure
that you have proper lighting. And also, just to make
sure to go slow and easy. It’s not a race, although it’s tempting you just want to weed it
out as fast as you can. But, the more time you take, the better you’re project will end up being. So, if you like this post make sure to share, like and comment. And we’ll talk to you next time, thanks! Bye. (upbeat music)

7 thoughts on “Weeding Intricate Designs with Adhesive Vinyl

  1. Thanks for the video. Here's my 2 cents. I didn't find it helpful. The weeding was done too far away and I couldn't see the detail of what you were doing. We need a close up shot. Fast forwarding while you do the actual weeding would have helped so we could see it at the end. I have heard of reverse weeding but there was no info about what it actually is in the video. I also didn't understand what you meant about weeding with the other adhesive layer on. You probably need to show what you are talking about or explain it further. Hope that helps.

  2. If you could maybe take advantage of previous videos and link to them when you can with overlay box/text links in the video? I noticed that EV had produced a reverse weeding video just last year.

  3. I admit I'm new to weeding yet, sorry to say, I didn't understand half of what was said nor the purpose of this video. I still understand the difference in weeding??? The only difference I noticed were the colors — red and blue.

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