We Wedged our narrowboat in a lock (HEED OUR SAFETY WARNING)

We Wedged our narrowboat in a lock (HEED OUR SAFETY WARNING)

hello and welcome to the Narrowboat
experience today we are going to take a short cruise along the Staffordshire and
Worcestershire canal from Kidderminster towards stourport we’ve got a couple of
locks to do and then we are mooring up at stourport because the next time you see
us after this episode we’re going on the river Severn which I’m not looking forward to – your
Kath has done it before she’s fine I’m super nervous but today is all
about the locks and the mooring up and we have to steal some water there were one lock down today we’ve
done that lock it was beautiful that had this gorgeous
cathedral in the background Good bye Kidderminster and hello Stourport.
today we unmoored from Kidderminster cast off
it was lovely there we stayed definitely stayed our five days and would have
stayed longer because we’re lazy I thought it was lovely we were right
next to Sainsbury’s I used it as the fridge
and the toilet and then there’s this giant retail park
that we didn’t even get to that has Tesco
Tesco, TK max Frankie and Benny’s restaurant
Sports Direct for all your narrow boating trouser requirements. we were walking down here the other day
and a lady did call out from one of the apartments I can’t remember which was
awesome so hello lady and we are now cruising past your street your Canal
Street we’re a little bit nervous about getting water because it’s my favorite
thing to do but it’s private moorings but the water point is
on this CRT website so we’re not a hundred percent sure if somebody’s gonna
kick us off the water point I hope they don’t because we have no water however
as you know our water tank is quite small so it shouldn’t take too long to
fill up yeah ready with my hose attachment we’re
such rule followers were really nervous Such rule followers don’t look at that I feel really bad but you
guys know we usually follow all the rules but we have no water we’re
stopping at Stourpoint from Kidderminster We’ve been at Kidderminster
for five days we didn’t fill up for several days before that and then we’re
going to go on the Severn and we cannot find a water point so we’re just gonna
stay here until someone tells us to go it’s on the canal and river trust
website as a water point but it’s not on my canal map no and it’s not an open canal map yeah stressed mission accomplished
if we did do the wrong thing we apologize
it’s hard to it’s hard to be sad about it when you’ve got a full water tank and a couple of loads of washing [Music with lyrics] just going on to set a lock I’m walking
under the Severn Valley Railway and then there’s this cute little bridge which is
called the falling sands bridge bridge number 11
it’s a gorgeous view so we just went under falling sand viaduct
and did you see what happen the steam train came at the same time makes me
think that it might have been the same train that we caught when we went
through the heads on Wednesday so if you haven’t already seen that that vlog then
click over we’ll put a card up for through the hedge when we went on the Severn
Valleys steam railway it was awesome I have also been so inspired by trains on
this last visit in Kidderminster I’ve produced a really awesome watercolour
I’ll show it to you guys we are coming up to falling sands lock
and I don’t want to surprise you guys too much but Kath might get off and do
this lock see her face she’s like I do what? Been such a long time since Kath’s done a
lock she’s forgot where the paddles are Are these one? So we’re going to call that the stupidest
thing we’ve ever done Absolutely stupid. Can not believe it. I’ve said so much about lock safety
so incredibly embarrassed It could have been much worse. oh my god could have been so much worse we ‘um-ed and ar-ed’ about whether or not to
share this with you guys but I think is important for you to see
it we just got a reminder lesson of why you don’t cruise with your fenders down. So cross, are you cross? so luckily the fender at the front
was tied on just on the grab rail on the roof so I was able to untie it and pull the fender out when the boat moved slightly. and the issue really is cause not
because of the thin rubber fenders that we have but because of the big beefy
rope ones the fact that they’re also tied on with
rubber fenders for some reason so the two of them got wedged together we were lucky that nothing worse happened we were really lucky
we just want to share that with you guys because we do present everything edited obviously you don’t want to spend the whole 12 hours with us today and we
do try to show you like really pretty trees and swans and
and we try to show you the locks and some of the things that you do at locks
like talk about being really safe and we
think it’s important that you see that a little bit of overconfidence
a lot of blase about our fenders got us in trouble really we put our
hands up to that and it could have been a lot worse and we’re fully aware of how
bad it could have been did you see yeah
no free wood gathering for us this year except for the one bit that I’ve already
got she’s got some carving wood in the gas locker and she thinks that I know
about [Music- Lyrics] as we’ve said before they are very
suburban cats and we’re right next to somebody’s backyard and the first thing
what she did was yay a backyard I think I might find some friends so we have moored
up it’s not ideal and it is what it is I’m gonna go do some cat wrangling

100 thoughts on “We Wedged our narrowboat in a lock (HEED OUR SAFETY WARNING)

  1. You said it could have been a lot worse. What is the worse that could happen when your fenders get stuck in a lock?

  2. Please include cats in all your vids – part of the new format: scenery, canally stuff, artwork and cats – essential ingredients of your videos.

    The incident is only serious if the cats complain about it 🙂

  3. NOOOOO! A Pizza Hut along the canals…..makes me sad…the invasion of American chains…..😠😠😠. Part of the reason I enjoy the canal videos are the quaint towns and the beautiful country side that is England to me….I was born and raised in the US but hate the demise of small towns and local shop owners…😭 Seeing Starbucks the other month was bad enough but…..

  4. I'm impressed with how well Y'all maneuver your boat when meeting other boats in tight turns. A very enjoyable video and I adore Anna's painting of the narrowboat and steam train.

  5. Nice video and nice art. Steam locos are difficult to capture but think you nailed it with 43106, (an Ivatt class 4 by the way, arrived at the Severn Valley in 1968 and was their third steam engine) I have boated under that viaduct must be 30 plus times and never seen a train!

  6. I wondered about putting a rope along the bottom of all the fenders. Then you could pull each side out at a time. I am quite lucky in that I seldom need fenders. When folk see me coming they tend to pull their boats out of the water.


  8. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes so good of you to share it a lesson to be learnt by all of those cruising the canals, another great Vlog and take care. 🙂

  9. Nice boat u have there, I cant help thinking I've seen it somewhere before…
    I'm always around Kidderminster/stourport so them waters your on are very familiar.

  10. So looking forward to your Sunday uploads. We wouldn't mind a video like CC's not a vlog long-form real-time canal series. We've used them as sleep aids at night, and a de-stressor after work in the evening. We're working our way through your archive. Makes us so sad and frustrated we have let most of our canal systems rot away here in the United States.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your mishap in the lock. It's really important to be aware of the risks and dangers of canal cruising, as well as the pleasures (which are more than the risks!). Love your watercolour of the steam engine, Annamarie. And Kidderminster looks at lot better than it did when I lived there in the early 1970s!

  12. Never be embarrassed by making a mistake! Those that claim they've never made one a total liars, and while it is embarrassing to admit to, it's not the end of the world!

    The number of times I've driven my lorry with insecure back doors, or loads not strapped down, or the legs still down, or something else amiss, must run into a weekly thing!

    And to see your artwork is wonderful! I could do you a technical drawing of a gearbox, an oil pump or a rotary engine, but these are drawn with straightedges, or compasses! I can do nothing like your work!

    Best of all though, seeing your beautiful smiles, and sharing your happiness! Great video girls, see you soon! 🙂

  13. That was absolutely wonderful as always. Thank you for sharing the fender incident. I love how Annamarie was cross and asked Kath is she was cross and Kath just 🤷🏻‍♀️ xx the painting at the end is stunning Annamarie xx

  14. Liked the steam train painting very much 🙂 Not so keen on moggies roaming peoples yards, we all know what cats do in others yards.

  15. Glad your all ok, like you said could have been a lot worse, good on you both for sharing it as a warning to others and showing both sides of this life. 🤗

  16. Two taps that look well maintained that's highly suspicious 8–) I think just about everyone has forgotten to pull up their fenders from time to time.

  17. hi ladys can you please can you give me a link to the song we live on borrowed time as it made me cry ! the one in your video as i lost my mum 2 years ago thanks kind regards paul

  18. Could you not have let more water back into the lock & removed the fender when you were free again – then empty the lock again.

  19. 6:16 shaking the reins will not make the boat go faster ya know 🙂 So if you roam the canals stealing water, does that make you water rustlers? 8:35 has "PAINT ME" written all over it. lol, nvm. Say, we need more Bob Ross like videos.

  20. i so appreciate your artistic skills lovely …please incorporate more into your content …thanks for sharing Loved it wow….from a fellow artist in Montana…

  21. Absolutely glorious, girls!
    I'm afraid that I am one of your 'sofa, wannabe' boat people!
    I just found the whole vlog amazing, as usual, but really respect you for sharing your 'slight mishap', that could give other boaters a tad more information!
    All love and best wishes, Claire, Sally and Lucy, Berlin 😘😘😘

  22. I was wondering if it was possible to close the gates again and refill the lock? Wouldn't your boat float up and be free again? While of course being in close contact to the one operating the lock? I'm probably incorrect, but maybe some of your more knowledgeable and experienced would know the answer to this. 🤔🙃

  23. Pizza Hut and McDonald's. What more can I say is Sorry. Not the best things to export. Could be worse I guess, Please tell me you didn't get Taco Bell also. (meat granules)

  24. Great video. Love the Steam train overhead. Love the painting, I took a photo of the video when the train went over to use as wallpaper.

  25. Hey it happens and you are wiser for it, no harm no foul. I am sure it wont happen again. The scenery is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing…Vic

  26. I'm really glad nothing super bad happened you guys! The boats looking beautiful and I was so happy to see the cats!!
    Please be safe and kiss the cats! Oh and Anna that painting with the train is beautiful! It has been so fun to see how you just keep getting better and better!! My little girl is on my Ipad lock screen and it's so nice to be able to see her everyday.

  27. I think y'all handled getting stuck very well. I think I would have freaked out. Also, I think the water fill up was perfectly legit, I think it ment no long time mooring, like hours. Stopping for no more than the few minutes it took to fill your tank, especially since no work boats were there, was reasonable. I imagine even if there had been working boats there, if you had just asked nicely they would have said "No problem!" 😁

  28. Yes, me thinks a wee bit of incarceration will cure you of the carelessness! I hereby find you GUILTY of being lackadaisical  in your maritime responsibilities, and by the power vested in me (and my Cat named "Weasel Baby") I sentence you to find a canal near any active prison facility, head that way and snap a "cell" phone picture of it. Then, once each day for 30 days, toot your horn, look at the picture and say, "That could be our home someday, IF we don't WORK to get SQUARED AWAY!"  If you don't carry out this punishment within 90 days, your case will be forwarded DIRECTLY to The Minister of Silly Walks!  Just imagine doing a "Silly Walk Off The PLANK" while transiting the Scare Castle Tunnel!  YIKES!! Double YIKES! and some shivers, too…

  29. Loved your paintings, especially the last one. So well done. Looking forward to seeing Kath's carving. Thanks for sharing. Such beautiful scenery.

  30. You live you learn.
    You took one on the chin, but learned a valuable lesson.
    Better still, you shared it with others.
    My old man always says: “Smart people learn from their mistakes, really smart people learn from the mistakes of others”.
    I think we’re all a little smarter from you guys being willing to share.
    Thank you.

  31. Why didn't you just let water back into the lock? Then you would have just floated the fenders off. Problem is that the lock sides aren't vertical.

  32. Possibly your edgiest drama filled Vlog yet. You ladies carry on like that and you'll end up PG rated lol – Thanks for Sharing

  33. Noooo, I've spent the last 3 weeks binge watching Narrowboat Experience from beginning to now and loved it all – now I have to wait a week for the next one.

  34. AnnaMarie I was wondering if you are related to Warren and June Wadw? Warren was a long time friend of mine and he passed away after I moved to live in Malaysia. Just curious, not intruding best regard, Peter. P.S. Love the vlog.

  35. That's the first time I have seen a "fender jam" on a YouTube channel. Are some of the locks so narrow that the fenders would fill the clearance space completely? No wonder some of the boats get nicked up a bit going in and out.
    But, no need to feel ashamed because you got yourselves out of the problem quite easily. The real embarrassment would have been if you had needed to call in a couple of (gasp!) men to help… (you just know they would blab about it forever – having to save a couple of lasses who were in over their heads in a canal lock.) 😕

  36. Wow. Glad you are OK. As you say, that could have been a LOT worse. I am not sure what we will do with our cats when we get our boat. My daughter (who considers the cats hers anyway) will probably stay with them in our house. But, if she moves somewhere not suitable for them? We have four; two male and two female. I cannot see how we would wrangle them all up when it is time to cast off. A dog, yes. We have a friend who came back to her boat one day to find her cat dead, floating in the water. Granted it was old and had recently been ill, but it was such a loss for her. I could not cope with that.

  37. Ladies, I am a narrow boat and a steam rail fan from the US. The shot of the boat, canal and the steam locomotive all together was (to steal a phrase from David) "absolutely magnificent".
    Thank you for sharing.

  38. All is well that ends well. Whenever I move my camper (AKA caravan), I always forget to do something. I see Alice is looking for "second suppers".

  39. I used to work within walking distance of that stretch of that canal and we would walk down there in a lunch time ( a bit further down from where the video finishes and it was so peaceful and with fantastic bird watching opportunities.
    ( The job was lousy but the lunch times were OK ) .

    Regards from Redruth


  40. Not familiar with narrowboats… by "it could have been worse" do you mean it could have wedged while the water was draining and you'd have a boat wedged in mid-air? Or someone's leg wedged in there? Not arguing that it couldn't have been worse, because yes I can think of LOTS of ways it could have been, but you seemed particularly worried about a specific (unstated) scenario. Never been on a narrowboat nor seen a lock so it's a bit difficult for me to picture. 🙂

  41. The reason the words like “accident” are in the dictionary. Thankfully no injuries or dented pride. Thank you for sharing with us 👍

  42. Friends, I have been in boats a very long time, and I do, occasionally, "miss" something. Also, the measure of sailors is really not what we get ourselves into – but rather how we tackle the problem and get ourselves out. You wonderful ladies scored 100% perfect! Love you both, and love your videos. Keep on boating!

  43. I picture this as the getaway and chase scene should you have been caught using the questionable water point:

  44. Thanks for the timely reminder, we have been getting careless with our fenders of late, so after seeing your mishao we will be pulling up our fenders when we set off. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Ouch! Like getting your finger jammed in a door, but on a much larger scale! … could you refill the lock and float a bit if you hadn't been able to get unstuck? … beautiful 'train-art', and how cool was the 'live' steam train? 🙂 … another great adventure, done well. 🙂

  46. love the watercolor of the train passing over the canal. And what we want ladies is warts'n'all. 🙂 at least you learned a valuable lesson vis-a-vis boat fenders.

  47. Apropos nothing to do with narrowboats. And may be of interest on the technical side of vlogging.

    Ref the video recording in a gale scenario. Fwiw if you take a squint at the "Rode" microphones site they have a freebie d/l on recording sound in tricky conditions.

    Obviously it's an ad but useful info nevertheless.

  48. Good on you both for choosing to be open and transparent. I'm sure lots of people will learn from your narrowboat experience.

  49. Annamarie and Kath you have to get water wherever you can and considering that watering hole is on the CRT Web site then you've done nothing wrong, think the sign just referred to no domestic mooring considering it only said reserved mooring for maintenance craft and had a pic of a rope and mooring post crossed out not of a water tap crossed out if you know what I mean by that

  50. wow what a timing to get a steamer going across the falling sands bridge and in the same frame as you going along the canal a piece history of the old days there with train v canal great shot you couldn't have timed it any better especially not knowing the train was due to pass and thats what makes that piece of film even better

  51. your not the first square shaped boat to get stuck in that lock due to fenders, and the CRT should put a sign up telling/warning owners of square shape boats to remove fenders before entering the lock, at least you'll know for next time to remove the fenders

  52. Annamarie and Kath remember me telling you we lost our second cat to cancer well now we have 2 new kittens which are black this time one boy and one girl they are brother and sister called Simba and Elsa after the Lioness in born free they are 5mths old and went free to a good home and the owner had to get rid of them because their dog kept going for them and the owners friend said that if they dont go by yesterday that he was going to release them into a field , which I thought was nasty and cruel especially even more so that the weather as now turned colder and they wouldn't survive the very cold winter thats been forecasted for the entire uk, so we've not only given them a good loving home we've kind of saved their lives, also our dog gets on very well with them and vice versa the male cat took to the dog within 24hrs while it took the female another 2 days now they all sleep together,

  53. It’s nice to see old ladies doing something for themselves. Good for you. The problem is life isn’t the same as you remember in the 1970’s. Always take a tape measure.

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