We Try Soap Cutting

( music playing )Predicting the next trend
on the Internet is just about impossible. Case in point, people are now cutting soap and cleaning up with hundreds
of thousands of views. Yeah, apparently watching
people cut soap tickles the same part
of the brain as ASMR videos and those
“visually satisfying” videos. – Uh-huh.
– We’ve talked
about those before. This is one video from
the “soapstagram” community. Link:
So it’s just soap and hands.
That’s it.
– And a knife.
– And a knife.
But I can already see–
– ( soap plops )Ooh, there’s some sound.It is satisfying to watch.Yeah, the way it just–it just travels
right through it.
Gotta be careful.
Gotta be so careful.
Those blue nails are like
safety devices, I guess. We didn’t paint our nails,
but we do have soap, and we do have utility knives. And if you keep watching, she just cuts through
the whole bar of glycerin soap, just like what we have here. Gonna try that out. If you do it in person,
like at a live show, you also can add
the smell factor. Are you talking
about a 4D experience? Yes!
Now, we’re gonna try this, and I’ve been given clearance
to use– ooh!– this knife… Oh, gosh. …while also using
these gloves. – All right, here I go.
– Where are your gloves? Well, famous last words, where I’m going,
I don’t need gloves. Oh, the way you’re cutting,
too, seems… Ooh, look how smooth. Oh, yes.
Can I touch that? Well, you have your own. You can lick it.
You wanna lick it? No, it’s soap.
I’m not that easily fooled. But we have to one-up
these videos. This has got to go viral, man. “Have you seen
the soap licking channel?” ( imitating Valley girl )
“Soap licking. They cut it
and then they lick it. It’s crazy.
Like, they were cutting it. And I was like,
‘That’s so satisfying.’ And then the next thing I know, they started licking it. You gotta see it.
It’s so smooth.” I’m glad I had a glove on. Did you just hit yourself? Now, the thing is,
I’m noticing that the more deliberate
and slow and steady you are, the more satisfying
that it is to me. And I think it’s
satisfying to watch because you know
how satisfying it
would be to do it. Look. Look what I’m doing.
Look what I’m doing. Oh, yeah,
it’s like bread slices. It’s like,
welcome to the bakery. Welcome to Rhett’s bakery. He serves soap. You do find yourself
wanting to eat it, but I’m not going to. Look how smooth
it is on both sides. Just give it a lick.
Just give it a lick.
Get the views. Give it a lick. It’s so smooth. It’s not bad either. It’s pretty good. It’s a good-tasting soap. – It’s ’cause of
the smoothness.
– Yeah. Let’s keep going.
The soap cutting game, it turns out,
has many layers. We give you cube cutting.See, this is precut in,like,
a crisscross fashion.
oh, oh, oh, oh.
Ooh, that’s nice.Looks like soap bars
for Stewart Little.
It does look like little cheese
for a little mouse. Now, this is how–
I don’t know if you ever
watched me do this, but I can do an avocado
like that because Miss Alison Fishman– Remember her?
Back– Way back. – The voice of mashed potatoes.
– The voice of mashed potatoes. – Yeah.
– Taught us how to do that. So, I do the scoring
of my avocados. Do it.
So it’s pre-scored. Oh, yeah. And, look, if you’ve got
any very small babies
that need to be cleaned, they can line up and you can
give them a little–
a little touch of soap. This is for the very frugal–
like you– very frugal dad. He’s like,
“Take a cube of soap. This is all you get, kids.” I’ve been cleared
to use this knife with this thoroughly scored
piece of soap. Your bar has been scored
every which a way. But loose. All right, so I’m gonna… Oh, that’s the tip
of my thumb. I’m okay.
Uh, why don’t you take over? I have a knife.
I have a knife. – Okay–
– I will lick it
when you’re done. I may not do any better
than you, but let’s see. Yeah, I did better than you. Oh, yeah, there it is. It really looks like cheese.
It makes you hungry. All right, everybody–
everybody gather around. Take a cube.
Put it in your mouth. Pop it like a pill. Ugh, how did this become
part of it? This is like
some Tyler Durden situation. Not good. People are also getting
their ASMR on – via vegetable peeler.
– Okay.There it is.Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.It just looks
like coconut heaven
coming off of there.
Ah, I totally get this. – Yes.
– Totally get it. ( imitating scraping ) You can imagine
yourself doing it, but we already
could just do it. You don’t have to imagine it,
Link. Just do it. – Look at that right there.
– Show us how it’s done. I got a couple of them here. With your little
sailboat soap. Now, she was going towards. I don’t like going
towards myself. Well, you’ve got a glove on. Do whatever makes you–
Do whatever floats your boat. Ooh, look at how pristine
that color is. There–
whatever floats my boat? – That’s why I said it.
– Oh, I thought you were… Thought I was onto something. Does your soap float? “Soap Floats” is one of my
favorite parody movies. Look at it, guys. That is pretty cool
right there, what you’ve created
right there. It is so happy-making. Oh, it smells good. You wanna know
the key to happiness? I just can’t help
put things in my mouth.
I’m sorry. Slicing soap is
the frickin’ key to happiness. Well, Link, I love
what you’re doing over there, but I kind of feel like
you can take it
a couple steps further. Oh, wow. You going
Jersey Mike’s on me? Yeah, I am. Oh, wow. Here we go.
“What’ll it be?” “Soap.” Ooh, nope. Uh-oh. You already messed it up? Watch your fingers now. Slowly. Aww, yeah. There it is. I gotta say, man,
the blunt force trauma of what you’re doing is not
as satisfying as this. Pay no attention to the man
with the deli slicer. I actually think
all the cameras on on you. Look at that.
Look at those slabs
I’m creating. Oh, that’s nice.
Now you’re getting it. Take yourself a slab.
Put it in your mouth. It’s like sliced cheese. Ugh. I can make you an SLT. ( slicer squealing ) Ooh, all right. That’s good. – It’s thoroughly clean.
– Look at this. Turn it off
before I accidentally put an appendage in there. Look how many slices. I tell you,
if you took your soap and you sliced it like this and you distribute it amongst
your family members, think about how long
this would last. You’d be like,
“You get this. One week. You get this. Two weeks.” Think about how much money
you would save if you just sliced
your soap up before you
put it on your body. I’m sorry,
I wasn’t listening to you because I was
in a satisfied zone. – Okay, I totally get
this trend.
– Yeah. You know what I’m gonna be
doing the rest of the day. I do think
they should add licking
to the agenda. I’m sure that’s– What I just did right there?
700 more views. – Yeah?
– 700 more. You’re welcome.
And thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hi, my name is Eric, and I’m from Garner,
North Carolina. This is a bar of soap carved
to look like a Teddy bear, and, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Lick it, man.
He didn’t lick the soap. He did make a bear, though.
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