100 thoughts on “We Try Chalk Eating ASMR (Expectation vs. Reality)

  1. I love all yall do is SO FUNNY and great content I just cant quit laughing at yalls great videos, one day it would be great to meet you guys in person and be able to be in a vid with you guys

  2. You need to have pica to eat chalk. It is an eating disorder, then people eat non-food items like chalk, dirt, paper, ice or something else.
    Ps.: this disorder is pretty dangerous, so it's not a joke.

  3. I like the way you crumble
    no diggity, I got to bag it up
    I like the way you crumble,
    no diggity, I got to bag it up . . . .

  4. I’m crying. I cannot keep watching y’all at work. 😹😹 Can I become a part of this because I need it in my life 👏🏼

  5. Okay, I couldn't help myself. When I was a kid, my childhood best friend and I used to make "chalk dust" like we were mad scientists and one of the things we would always do was carve the colored ones over water like that! I always think back to that and think "Man we were weird kids," but now I don't feel as weird. Still weird though lol.

  6. Rhett: There's a reason that no one who makes these videos says, "Do you like that?"
    Link: Right cuz it's-
    Rhett: But I can't help it! I'm a salesman!

  7. Link : " Oh that's sharp, it'll go right through your eye." Puts tool toward Rhett's eye
    Rhett's mind : well that just happened

  8. Every once and awhile I accidentally ask myself “why do they do the things they do”, but then I remember that is a silly and futile inquiry.

  9. Some chemistry in the chalk today. Chalk is a coumpound of CaCO3. Why you break chalk and it become fuzzy in water because CaCO3 react with water and create Ca(OH)2 and CO2 and water. CO2 is the main reason why chalk break fuzzy in the water.

    Chemical equation
    CaCO3 + H20 -> Ca(OH)2 + H20 + CO2

  10. I can’t “when the laxative properties start kicking in” and that look they gave each other 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Watching this has me re-evaluating my whole obsession with chalk crumbling asmr’s I literally watch chalk crumbling 4 hrs a day 😔😂

  12. I love how Link is not allowed any sharp objects even a pointy sticks too much for him lol. They have to protect him from himself. It makes me smile 😁

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