We Built the Fortnite Llama out of 13,000 Magnets!

We Built the Fortnite Llama out of 13,000 Magnets!

(playful music) Neoballs are small magnetic spheres that let you do amazing things. The neodymium balls easily join together so you can construct metallic shapes or just let your fingers freely fidget. They connect with a satisfying clack that will become music to your ears. You’ll figure out that
magnets can be pretty awesome without hearing it from this lady. – Oh magnets are dope all right. Let me drop some bars for you. Magnets are awesome, magnets are cool, we’re learning about them today at school. – [Man] You suck! – You suck! – [Narrator] Use neoballs
to create your own magnetic decor, make a new desk toy or build something more ambitious. – I’m here with Anthony who
is a master neoball builder. What are you gonna be making for us today? – I’m gonna be making a Fortnite llama out of 13,000 neoballs. – That sounds like that
could take a while, so please stick around to the end to see how the neoball llama turns out but first check out these other cool magnetic products from Vat19. – [Narrator] Pennies that you can stack. Is this magic? Almost. It’s science magic AKA magnetism. The Magic Penny Magnetic
Kit teaches you to create desktop marvels using two magnet bases and 32 British coins. – Across the pond our pennies are made of copper plated steel
and we call them pence. – Can you get out of here? – We also have a word for you. (blows raspberry) – [Narrator] The instructions
teach magnetic principles using 44 unique sculptures and activities like a levitating pyramid, rolling gears or just see
how fast you can spin them. Add other magnets or objects
to create custom fun. Buy the Magic Penny Magnetic Kit and shop for hundreds more gifts at Vat19.com. This is Klask, a frenzied
magnetic skill game. To win, strike the ball
into your opponent’s goal while defending your
own using just one pawn. Control your striker with a magnetic wand from under-the-table. Victory in Klask takes skill. You need to watch where you’re moving without getting bogged down by little obstacles or losing control. Just like in life. – He has toys all over, and oh! (toddler chuckles) – [Narrator] So master the magnet, manage your striker and
take home the prize. For a frenzy of fun, buy Klask and shop for hundreds more gifts at Vat19.com. They say idle hands are
the devil’s playthings. (man yawning) – [Man] Oh, what do we have here? Facebook message to ex-girlfriend, ha-ha! Inappropriate work emails. (chuckles) Now let’s max out a credit card. Ah dang, I need a thumbprint
for this purchase. Hey look who’s come crawling back? – [Narrator] Keep your hands hard at play when you pick up micro magnets. These two and a half
millimeters spherical magnets are big fun on a small scale. The included viewing card shows
you hidden magnetic fields and it doubles as a tool
to separate the magnets helping you make simple shapes
and form more complex ones. Master your magnetic manipulation to complete intricate designs or just fidget to create
infinite distractions. The tiny balls are a tactile treat, it’s like a massage for your fingers. – Oh feeling very tense? Doing a lot of texting? – [Man] Oh we’ve been busy! – [Narrator] Buy Micro Magnets and shop hundreds more gifts at Vat19.com Introducing the Levitron Revolution. Isaac Newton just pooped his pants. The Levitron displays collectibles in a high-tech elegant way, by slowly rotating them on a
floating magnetic platform. A stunning piece of decor
for your desk at home, at the office or even in the classroom. The Levitron can float most
small objects up to 12 ounces. First, levitate the small magnetic disk using the four LED lights as guides. When all four are illuminated, you’ll feel it grabbed and you can let go. Carefully place an object
on the magnetic disk. The Levitron is even
smart enough to adjust to weight changes, auto-magically. And just in case your
mind isn’t blown yet, you can even flip it on its side, not exactly practical but
definitely impressive. Finally a display worthy of
your most prized possession, the Levitron Revolution. Buy it now at Vat19.com Introducing Tegu, a system
of beautiful wooden blocks with embedded magnets. Tegu takes the wonderful unstructured play of blocks one step further. Magnetic blocks enable
kids to build things that would be impossible
with ordinary blocks. Each blocks magnetic
field can be manipulated to move them. And every one is beautifully finished with non-toxic water-based dyes. Tegu blocks form a building system based on a measured grid,
so everything just fits as your child explores and creates. But of course Tegu’s
structures play nicely with other toys and with
the right imagination, you can build something
with just a few blocks or use several dozen to make
a whole scene come alive. Tegu brings good to the world by creating fair wage jobs
in the developing world, planting trees, sending kids to school, all while encouraging a new and stimulating way to play. Each Tegu set includes a
windmill, a giraffe, a heart and limitless other custom creations. Help build your child’s creative spirit with Tegu blocks, buy
them now at Vat19.com. The coolest substance on
earth just got way cooler. Incredible Ferrofluid in a Bottle now comes in two mesmerizing– (club music) – Colors! Ah, ha. – [Narrator] Yes, colors. Ferrofluid is a fascinating liquid that contains magnetically
attracted particles. So if you place the
included rare earth magnet against the glass. – Wow. – [Narrator] You will be amazed. Experiment with placing the magnets at different distances from the glass. We call this one the Tina Turner. Use two magnets to
bridge it back and forth or throw it, pulse it and attract it. Colorful Ferrofluid will
be very hard to put down so be careful. (man clears throat) – Ah, Doc. – Oh sorry what I was saying was we mixed up your arms in surgery. – Ah, that sucks. Can I see that thing? (grunts) – [Narrator] Mesmerize
yourself with the incredible colorful Ferrofluid,
buy it now at Vat19.com. (subtle music) The Sun is rising on a
different kind of globe. Mova globes are models
of our planet that spin on their own without batteries and without plugging them in. These ingenious and
beautiful decorative objects display your tastes and the finer things with beautifully rendered maps that rotate with the help of the sun. – Oh, hey cool globe. You know I’ve always wanted to visit here. Ah, here, Iceland. It’s spinning. Okay. – [Narrator] Available
in a variety of sizes and styles including
otherworldly celestial bodies and classic artwork displayed
in a striking new way. Shop the collection and find hundreds more gifts at Vat19.com. This is a bunch of magnets
and this is Magination. A set that harnesses magnetism to help you learn and create, featuring dozens of plastic
pieces in a handful of shapes, each with embedded rare earth magnets. You can explore strange
magnetic properties, invent new ways to play with magnets and see what else can happen. Round up a friend to channel the power into a multiplayer game. Magination turns
whiteboards into game boards and curves into coliseums. Plus Magination does this thing. Sweet! So grab Magination and become
a true master of magnetism. – [Announcer] Last magnet battle, it’s the 10th time champion,
the prince of polarity, the master of magnetism versus some guy. (man coughs) (eerie sound) (magnets rustling) (crowd cheering) – All hail the new master of magnetism. (grunts) I’ll give you my pony as tribute. (crowd cheering) – [Narrator] Latch on to
your own Magination tool set and discover hundreds more gifts curated for you at Vat19.com. (keys rustling) – [Man] Ah yes, the elusive American Husky once returned to their natural habitat, the keys can begin the great migration. This mysterious creature traverses great distances to find the perfect hiding spot. Oh look, the keys have encountered a rare left sock. They agreed to split up to
create maximum confusion. This daily ritual will. (feet tapping) Having pooled the predator, the keys can now hide in safety. Their journey is complete. – [Narrator] Your keys
have a way of hiding, but they’re easy to wrangle with KeyCatch. This clever screw replaces the screw in your light switch cover with a magnetic one that
holds up to three pounds. To install simply remove
your existing screw, replace it with KeyCatch and start living a more organized life. Buy the cleverly
convenient KeyCatch 2-Pack and shop for hundreds of other curiously awesome gifts at Vat19.com. (electronic music) – Anthony this is pretty amazing. – Thank you. – And the detail you
got the saddle in there and his wonky eyes and the
wonky ears and everything. How long did this take you? – It took me around nine hours. – Wow, okay so we won’t
just break it right now. (Anthony chuckles) All right. Ah, thanks for watching everyone. We will not break this and
we’ll see you next time! We’re totally gonna break it later. (eerie music) – [Man] Cut! (upbeat music)

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