We Built A Snowman And A Sandcastle In The Same Day

We Built A Snowman And A Sandcastle In The Same Day

this is gonna be really tough it’s gonna be a lot harder than me haha alright I’m gonna put down the camera and help so we live here in Los Angeles like we had the mountains move right up the hill and then the beach right down the hill I’m gonna see if I can get two of my co-workers to drive up to Big Bear with me and then drive down to the beach and the same day to build a sandcastle and a snowman hopefully we can get up there make it happen and come back before sunset there we go we discussed our game plan over breakfast are you serious do we have rules Bertha let’s go man the snowmen should at least come up to our hit we have to make sure it has a carrot a hat and a little like scarf because we don’t want to get cold out there right obviously thank you features right face eyes eye is it a smile or just a melancholy life well let’s see the boom is Sonia okay [Music] Maggie’s over there making a great little base no shadow there’s a little body that I’m working on over here what time late it’s late okay bye we’re behind on time we should already be like Midway by now right because we got to leave in like half an hour all right I’m gonna put down the camera and help [Music] Harvey Oh Harvey Harvey smell me I honestly had low hopes for us but this is pretty great it’s only 1029 you finished with a minute to spare yeah one minute to spare yeah I’m gonna Boop him yeah let’s get out of it yeah yeah we gotta go [Music] like Herbie turned out better than I thought I miss her already so the rules for the Sandcastle are that we have to have an exterior wall and at least two tiers in the middle all before censored yeah perfect how hard could that be yeah I say those are famous last words if we finish this in under an hour I will run into the ocean we need to walk me through the plan here just look for it right like that put a shock to go from mountain to dance not give an engine [Music] [Applause] [Music] we did I thought they were going to be releasing really a really dinky fantastic but we figured out and what more than sunset how beautiful is that 3 2 1 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “We Built A Snowman And A Sandcastle In The Same Day

  1. Wha? I watch this video because i thought they would make a snowman from sand OR a sandcastle from snow!

    This is dissapointing.

  2. How weird that beaches still have sand in winter. All this time I just thought they turned into concrete in winter…

  3. I can make a sandcastle and a snowman in the same day in Indonesia…

    Minus the Snowman part

    And minus the same day part as well… Trafffiiiic

  4. Literally every single person who live in LA, do not know how to properly build a snowman. You have to start with a little ball of snow and then you roll it in snow and you can not make a real snowman unless you have packing snow… I’m just ranting because I’m Canadian

  5. I love living in Los Angeles. I have the beach 5 min away from my house. And i can go hiking in the mountains at PV in 25min. And go to the snow in around 1.5 hours

    I should be able to sled in my own neighborhood in winter
    I had to drive all the way to Mt Hood to sled for 1 hour

  7. Quit making videos like this! Los Angeles is already a very popular place to be. If you tell Buzzfeed's 18-million subscribers how wonderful it really and truly is, then they will move to LA and create bigger TRAFFIC JAMS.

  8. This reminds me of old school BuzzFeed. Back when they would do funny, silly wholesome videos. Hope they do more videos in that style.

  9. I live in Lebanon and over here in the winter you can go up to the mountains where there is snow and then go back down to the ocean and the trip takes not much than 2 hours on the road

  10. I've gone surfing and snowboarding in the same day. That day was very fast-paced and I did not have much time for each sport but nonetheless, I did it. I got up at 5 a.m., went down to San Onofre till 10 a.m., then drove up to Big Bear, stayed there till 4, and finally left.

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